Why Tolix Chairs Are So Popular

Tolix chairsIf you’re considering purchasing new chairs for your establishment then you might want to take a look at the Tolix Chair. It’s a great classic which is popular the world over and a very popular choice for cafés

A French steel worker named Xavier Pauchard discovered in 1907 that by dipping sheet metal in molten zinc or galvanising it, he could prevent the metal from rusting. He went on to set up a factory which specialised in making items from steel for the house and eventually he registered the trademark symbol as ‘Tolix’. It was in 1934 that he designed what is now a classic chair. Intended to be used outside as well as indoors, it had holes in the seat which were to drain away any rain that fell on it. French café owners complained however that the chair wouldn’t stack very well and Pauchard was forced to tweak his design to create a slimmer frame which could be stacked up to 25 high. In 1956 the Tolix chair had well and truly arrived.

They became so popular that they would grace all the bistros and cafés Paris and up until the 1970’s they were even given out by breweries to owners who stocked their beer. They were also in use throughout hospital, schools and factories.

Solid and reliable

Today this iconic chair is a popular as ever with café owners who have come to realise just how useful industrial style furniture can be. The Tolix chair is solid and reliable. It’s strong and durable and can be used indoors or out. In addition it comes in a wide range of funky colours as well as metallic finishes which are just divine.

Our Tolix chairs and stools are replica models and hence more affordable than the real thing. However they follow the original design and are constructed from steel with a powder coated finish. They work exceptionally well if you’re trying to tie in an industrial look in your café, and with neutral walls, exposed brickwork and stainless steel appliances, the look is just stunning. Our Tolix stools are also available in similar shades and different heights and work really well beneath counters or grouped around bar tables. Fun, quirky, and great value for money, there’s simply nothing not to like about a Tolix chair or stool.

Why not visit our showroom in Brisbane or take a look on our website for more details. You’ll get a designer look at the fraction of the cost and Tolix certainly makes for a great long term investment.

Why not experiment with mixing up the colours for a look that is totally unexpected. It always makes for a great talking point.

5 Important Things To Consider When Purchasing Café Furniture

cafe furnitureFor any café, having the perfect balance between style, design and ambience is key to having a busy establishment. Get it right and it’s likely to mean increased profits. Get it wrong and you could be just one of many cafés, restaurants, or bistros who fall by the way-side each and every year. Because of this, selecting the right café furniture is absolutely vital. With this in mind, here at 5 things you really need to consider.

Always choose quality furniture

This is s mistake that many establishments make. With a few exceptions, cheaply priced furniture often looks exactly that and in the world of café furniture, you invariably get what you pay for. Furniture that’s flimsy just won’t appeal to customers as much as a well-made piece of furniture would. On the other hand you’ll also have a realistic budget in mind and it’s sensible to keep within these confines. Some great ways of obtaining good quality furniture without the high price tags are to look for end of line stock, scour the papers for café closure sales in your area, or search the internet for websites that sell and ship directly to businesses.

Practicality is key

As with all café furniture, practicality is key. It needs to be strong, durable and if used outside, it must be able to withstand the harsh Australian climate and everything that goes with it. That said, practicality doesn’t necessarily have to mean dull. On the contrary companies such as Werzalit make eye-catching tables that are about as practical as you can get, so do your homework and ask around.

Theme, styling and design

It’s always best to have one distinct theme, style or design running throughout your café as it tends to tie everything in. This might be a colour pallet, a material or composite, a certain period (ie retro, modern-contemporary) or even texture, but whatever it is, always buy with this in mind.

Is it comfortable?

Probably the most vital ingredient in your search for great café furniture is comfort. The chairs you’ve got your eye on may fit perfectly with all the criteria listed above, but if they aren’t comfortable then your cafe-goers aren’t going to hang around for that second cup of espresso, that’s if the decide to hang around at all!. The motto of the story is to always ‘try before you buy‘!

Is it for commercial use?

Sounds silly I know, but always look for café furniture that’s designed specifically for commercial use. In many cases it’s obvious, but if in doubt, then ask. It would be horrible and indeed pretty costly to shell out a small fortune on top quality tables and chairs only to find out that they’re more for domestic usage rather than a commercial one.

At Cafe Furniture Brisbane we have a wide range of top quality commercial café furniture at seriously competitive prices. Why not check out our website at www.cafefurniturebrisbane.com.au or contact us on 07 3205 1616. Alternatively if you’re in the Brendale area of Brisbane, then why not pop into our showroom to see just what we have to offer.

Ladder-Back Chairs – Impress Your Friends With 5 Fun Facts You Might Not Know

Ladder back chairAs ladder-back chairs seem to be having somewhat of a renaissance of late, we thought that we’d take a slightly tongue-in-cheek look at 5 fun facts about this humble chair you might not know, or indeed probably ever use again.

It’s as old as the hills!

Well, not quite, but it does hold the world record for being the oldest chair still in production today. Reports of similar chairs were being made as early as the 12th century, but the ladderback chair as we know it today dates back to the 15th century. Queen Elizabeth I and the diarist Samuel Pepys were supposedly all great fans of the ladder-back chair. As Britain started to expand it’s empire in the 17th and 18th centuries it was exported globally to the Americas, India and beyond

It’s got an alias!

The ‘Ladder-back chair’ and the ‘Slat back chair’ are in fact one of the same. The strut like pieces of wood which make up the back (usually between 4 and 6) are obviously referred to as ‘slats’ hence the name.

It’s expensive!

Well again, not quite, as you can pick up a new ladder-back chair for less than $100. However old versions in good condition are some of the most expensive functional chairs ever sold at auction. This is because they were made to be used and exceptionally old examples are rare. A ladder-back chair thought to be made in Pennsylvania in the 1790’s fetched a whopping 34,000 USD a few years back. Similarly, a very simple looking (almost utilitarian) example made in 1903 and designed by Charles Remie Macintosh recently sold at Christies of London for £23,000.

It’s cheap to produce

In their heyday, ladder-back chairs were made in their thousands because they were very cheap to produce. Simply constructed they used far less wood than any other type of chair at the time. That said, they were also pretty durable and that’s why some rare examples have withstood the test of time.

It’s still made the same way

Funnily enough even though technology has moved on, the ladder- back Chair is still made with many of the same processes as it was back in the old days.

The humble ladder-back is the ideal chair for anyone looking to create a rustic style in their establishment and here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane we have a wide range to choose from. Why not browse our website at www.cafefurniturebrisbane.com.au and see what we have to offer. Alternatively if you’re in the Brisbane area, then come and visit our showroom in person.

How To Rock the ‘Knock-off’ Look with Great Quality Replica Café Furniture

black ribbon chairIf you’ve got a passion for designer ‘stuff’ and want to create the same look and feel for your café, restaurant or bistro, then it’s fair to say that you’d probably have to be selling a boat load of skinny lattes on a daily basis just to pay for it. That said, if you’re prepared to, and indeed, are unashamedly proud to ‘rock’ the knock-off look then you can get some great looking replica furniture. Still not convinced… then you might want to read on.

They look just as good as the real thing

Believe it or not if you buy good quality replica furniture then they really do look just as good as the real thing! Some for example are almost exact replicas and it can be very hard to tell the difference. Others like the Tolix inspired stool or chair and the Phillipe Starck inspired Ribbon Chair are exactly this…design inspired, but just like the real thing, they’re chairs that are going to turn heads.

Commercially friendly

Although a Phillipe Starck original Masters Chair is undoubtedly a thing of beauty with it’s jaw dropping elegance and clean flowing lines it probably wouldn’t last five minutes in a busy café, restaurant or bistro setting. On the other hand most replica or design-inspired café furniture is manufactured specifically for this purpose. This means that they’re strong, durable and functional. Many are also weatherproof, waterproof, UV proof and indeed any other kind of ‘proof’ that you can think of. On top of this they’re designed to be stackable and you probably wouldn’t want to do this with an Eames Chair. So from a practical point of view, design inspired replica furniture is a winner all round.

Great value-for-money

Okay so let’s do some maths… If you decided to opt for a Philippe Starck original then the cost is around $270. Okay, so not bad for a designer chair, but if you have 30-40 covers, that’s going to set you back over $8000. Alternatively if you opt for a Starck inspired ribbon chair then you can pick one up for around the $60 mark. That means that you can seat 30-40 guests for somewhere between $1800 and $2400, so around a quarter of the original designer chair. Not only does a design-inspired chair save you a ton of cash, it really looks the part as well…result!

If you’re wanting to ‘rock’ the designer look without paying the designer prices, then visit our website at www.cafefurniturebrisbane.com.au. We’ve got a multitude of replica café furniture all at fantastic prices. What’s more, we offer free shipping and delivery to certain customers as well as a popular VIP program where you can get even more money off your purchases. So go on, what are you waiting for? Start browsing today!