Attract New Customers With Innovative Technology

AirchargeHow many times has a customer in your café asked you if they could use one of your plug sockets to charge their phone. Well okay, so at least they’ve had the decency to ask, but it does create a bit of a dilemma. You can either say yes and then worry about the fact that your customers are using free electricity, or you can say no and risk losing them as a customer. Either way, it’s not the best scenario. The good news is that a new and innovative wireless phone charging unit is making waves that just might stop this problem once and for all.

The Aircharge phone charger uses what’s known as QI wireless charging technology. A magnetic field built into the charger transfers power automatically to a receiver built into your phone. This means no wires, no cables and no plug sockets. What’s more the sleek, flat, round design means that they can be placed on café tables or even built into them without taking up too much valuable space. In addition, it’s inoffensive design allows it to blend in effortlessly with virtually any design, style or theme.

Isn’t it just a fad?

Well no, not exactly! McDonalds has already bought into the idea and has rolled it out in a few hundred of their restaurants throughout the world. In addition luxury German car manufacturer Mercedes Benz is already drawing up plans to incorporate it into its next set of vehicles. Just as free Wi-Fi in café’s is now available everywhere, it’s strongly believed that the Aircharge phone charger will give café owners the opportunity to offer their customers every comfort of home.

Of course from a customer’s point of view, just imagine that they’re walking past your establishment and they suddenly notice that their phone is running out of power. They see that you have an ‘aircharge’ sign up, so they call into your café to charge their phone. While they’re waiting for it to charge they order a cup of coffee and something to eat. That’s one customer you might not have expected, but by providing a combination of convenience and great tasting coffee, it makes your establishment stand out from the crowd.

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4 Weird and Wonderful Ways Of Using Coffee

ways to use coffeeI was killing time the other day as you do, surfing the internet, and just happened to come across a blog post describing different ways of using coffee. So as we often talk about coffee in the context of coffee shops, great furniture, ambience and all that sort of thing, we thought readers might be interested in a few of the ideas.


We’ve probably all read that sometime this century we’re likely to run out of oil and as a result scientists have been busy looking at alternative fuels. Some of the more common suggestions have been wind turbines and solar panels but now they’re suggesting something that usually gets tipped into the bin, used coffee.

This idea sounds a bit crazy, we know, and it’s not surprising that it’s originated from America. However, according to the University of Nevada it seems that left over coffee grounds can actually be used in the production of bio-diesel. Approximately 15% of coffee grounds is made up of oil, and this can be used in a similar way to the Palm Oil which is produced the world over. Coffee grounds provide an interesting alternative to what is currently the subject of much controversy about the de-forestation that is needed to grow the palm plant, and needs no plantations or additional farming. At a guess the scientists reckon that the world’s supply of coffee grounds could produce 340 million gallons of bio-diesel a year which would go a small way towards alleviating the crisis when it happens.

Adding flavour to food

More and more chefs are using this magical dark brew to lend deep flavour to both sweet and savoury dishes. Never before has it been so easy to get your coffee fix, and there’s a wide range of recipes to choose from. How about coffee toffee banana bread which contains half a cup of brewed coffee to give an added burst of flavour? Or what about Espresso scones? For lunch you could indulge yourself with a coffee-bacon sandwich which is an updated version of the classic BLT. Or for a cold winter evening then we’d recommend coffee and beef stew to warm you up.


Adding a small amount of coffee to your soil will release such nutrients as nitrogen into the soil, and this helps roses and carrots grow strong and healthy. You can also add coffee grounds to your compost heap which helps it break down more quickly. Another useful tip is to use coffee on the soil to stop your neighbour’s cat from digging up your plants, they’re said to hate the smell of coffee.

Get rid of headaches

Finally, did you know that drinking coffee can rid you of a headache? Apparently it reduces the swell of blood vessels in the brain and can lessen the pain or even get rid of the headache completely. Caffeine is so effective for pain relief that it’s in a lot of medication.

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So What Exactly Is Cafe Furniture Anyhow?

confused personSeems like an obvious question I know but it’s an important one especially when you’re looking to refurbish your existing café or starting from scratch. Cafe furniture is furniture that’s used specifically in bistros, restaurants, bars, and of course café’s It can also be used in the home. Domestic furniture on the other hand (or furniture that’s made specifically for the home) shouldn’t be used in a commercial setting and here-in lies the difference.

Cafe furniture is generally more compact than it’s domestic counterpart so that it can be slotted effortlessly into the space constraints that a busy café has. It’s also far more durable and resistant to spills that say your average kitchen table would be. This is simply because it gets far more daily use.

So what exactly is commercial grade café furniture made from?

Cafe furniture is made from a wide range of materials from wood and wood composites, through to metal and even plastic. However, they all have one thing in common in that they’re tough and easily able to handle the rigours of a busy establishment. Each type of material can be used to create a theme or enhance a design. For instance aluminium would work extremely well in an industrial setting complete with exposed brick work and steel beams, or in a Mediterranean theme on a terrace area. Or how about a retro theme with sleek red tables? Wood on the other hand might be used more in classic contemporary designs; and finally plastic (or polypropylene) seating and tables come in a wide range of striking colours so they might best enhance a funky design.

What about outdoor use?

The confusing thing is that not all café commercial furniture is designed for outdoor use, so if you plan to use it for this purpose, then you’ll need to make sure you don’t mistakenly purchase ‘indoor only’ furniture. Retailers and manufacturers should tell you this before you buy and if they don’t then ask the question. That said and just to confuse things further, most furniture designed for outdoor use is usually dual purpose, meaning that it can also be used indoors if you so wish.

So there you have it, the sometimes confusing world of café furniture!

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Fun Ways To Use Ottomans In Your Café

ottomans in a cafe settingOnce the intended purpose of an Ottoman was simply for people to rest their feet upon it when sitting in an armchair or on the sofa, but today’s Ottomans are being used in a variety of fun ways. So let’s take a look at just how you might incorporate one or two of these simple pieces into your café or restaurant.

Casual seating

Ottomans are a great choice of casual seating in an informal setting and as such they work really well in cafés or bistros. Why not try grouping a few Ottomans around some low tables in a tight corner where there’s not much space for chairs. They’re ideal for taking the weight off feet and for enjoying a cup of coffee with friends.

Child friendly seating

It can be difficult to accommodate younger children who are too big for a high chair and yet not grown up enough to sit on a full sized chair. Ottomans are a good idea for young children to sit on and if you provide a table with some Lego building bricks on it, then that will keep them amused whilst young mums catch up on the gossip and exchange news. Should the child slip off the Ottoman then there’s very little chance of them hurting themselves.

Visual interest

Various shapes and configurations of Ottomans can add visual interest to a corner of your café or bistro. Consider geometric Ottomans which push together to form a circle and can then be taken out in separate wedges to use as seating. Or alternatively you could make a simply flower shape with various colour combinations of simple round Ottomans.

Low coffee table

Place an Ottoman either side of a sofa and it can be used as a low coffee table for customers to put their drinks on while waiting to be seated.

Accent colour

Ottomans can also be used as an accent colour to bring a pop of colour into a neutral colour palette. Alternatively they can enhance the décor if matched with one of the colours in your wallpaper or artwork.

Show piece

Ottomans are, believe it or not, fast becoming the focal point of some rooms and simply serve a function as a “look at me” object. From rich velvet fabrics to smooth leather and from tassels to tapestry, Ottomans can look casual in a rustic setting and extravagant and lush in a more affluent setting.

Ottomans can be a conversation piece as well as a functional item, so why not introduce a few into your café and get inspired.

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Embrace The Café Culture With 3 Of the World’s Best Cities That Already Have

alfogatoThere’s no getting away from the fact that we live in a café culture world. So much so in fact that one major café chain have branded their café’s as ‘That third place‘ meaning a kind of area in between home life and work life where the two can comfortably mix. With this in mind, we thought that it would be a bit of fun to explore 3 of the world best cities that have truly embraced café culture.


Ah yes, the eternal city! Whether it’s a cappuccino or espresso, Rome is awash with top quality café’s and trattoria’s. Turn down a quiet alley way and you’re sure to find a bustling café bar, seemingly crammed into a tight space. If you love to people watch, there’s nothing better than sitting in one of the many piazzas or squares and partaking in an affogato (a strong espresso with a huge dollop of ice cream on top). It’s just pure heaven. The eternal city also has some of the best artisan coffee houses in the world. Yes, they really do take their coffee seriously here! Whether it’s a bustling café who roast their own coffee beans, or a bespoke establishment who hand select the finest coffee from around the world, Rome truly is a coffee lovers paradise.

New York

The Big Apple is awash with small chain and independent coffee shops, so much so in fact that they’re said to outnumber the coffee industry giants of Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts by almost 2:1 According to a report carried out by the New York Economic Development Corporation there are said to be around 1700 coffee shops located within just 5 main boroughs of the city, with Manhattan having the largest concentration. This means that for the visitors, residents and indeed coffee lovers of NYC, they’re spoilt for choice. Café’s in New York are rich and varied so you can take a trip to the Upper East Side where you’ll find more high-end bespoke café’s serving the finest coffee and cakes; or alternatively, head Down Town where you’ll still get great coffee, but with a more relaxed vibe and a budget-friendly menu to boot. For the city that never sleeps, a good ‘cup-of-Joe’ is vital


Dubbed the coffee capital of Australia it probably comes as no surprise that the first thing that most visitors will comment on is the amount of diverse café’s there are. Turn down any side street and huddled away is a bustling café serving great espresso. Visit the CBD first thing in the morning and you’ll find hundreds of busy workers scurrying down the cobblestone lane-ways to their favourite coffee haunt before they start their day. According to website Future there are around 150,000 seats to be had in cafés, restaurants and eating establishments in the city alone and when you consider that around 710,000 people come into the city for work on a typical weekday, then that’s 1 seat for every 4.7 people. Many café are inspired by themes such as music, art, people and countries and due to the all-year-round mild climate, alfresco eating and drinking is the order of the day. Great café’s are everywhere in Melbourne and are popping up in art galleries, shopping centres and even parks. in fact you don’t have to travel far to sense the fantastic aroma of rich dark espresso and for coffee lovers, it really doesn’t get any better than this!

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