What Are People Looking For In A Coffee Shop?

coffee and pan chocolatIf you’re considering starting up a coffee shop then it’s important to know what people want. Speaking from personal experience I want a café that is clean, staff that are friendly, and a place that has a great vibe about it.


Studies also show that the main reason people visit a particular café is for its location. People setting out for work naturally want a café that is on the way and doesn’t involve a detour. It has to be convenient. Location can’t always be changed but it pays to research your location with care and in some cases to pay over the odds just for the location itself.


Customers don’t like sitting down to a dirty table that is waiting to be cleared. Coffee shops need to be clean and this involves setting up a routine for your coffee shop which consists of cleaning on the job as well as after hours. Make sure you invest in café tables that are resistant to stains and quick and easy to wipe clean with little more than a damp cloth.

Friendly staff

Visiting a café is a treat, whether you’re meeting friends or clients, and café staff should respect this. A friendly welcome and being made to feel important, (because after all, you are!) goes a long way to making you return again.

Remembering customers

Taking the time to remember customers and their last drink, will put a big smile on their face and makes working in a coffee shop that much more fun. It’s also a good way to make new friends and relationships.

Good vibe

A good vibe is the result of friendly staff, the right sort of music playing, great décor, comfortable café furniture and so much more. An empty café could still have a good vibe provided you make your customer feel welcome.

Top notch drinks

You know how much fun it is to visit a cocktail bar and be wowed by the bar tender throwing in the ice and whirling the cocktail shaker around before pouring a colourful creation into decorative glass, well the same could happen in your café by using latte art. Patterns created from milk on top of an espresso look so pretty and make a customer feel they’re receiving something very special indeed. Why not look at getting some lessons in latte art?

Free WiFi

Finally, consider offering free WiFi to your customers. Not only is it a great way of encouraging them into your shop, but it will also make them linger longer and order an extra coffee, perhaps with a sandwich or cake on the side.

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Embracing The Flexibility Of The Humble Bar Stool

tolix bar stoolsOnce upon a time if you were asked to imagine a bar stool it probably conjured up visions of beer stained carpets, the smell of stale smoke and the odd drunk. Now however bar stools aren’t solely for the purpose of the propping up a bar. Instead they can also be used to great effect in many other ways.

In the home

Breakfast bars are coming full circle and once again the humble bar stool complements them perfectly. The good news is that they don’t have to be uncomfortable wooden ones in depressing shades of brown. Nowadays, bar stools come in a wide variety of materials such as chrome and leather, brushed steel and even plastic and are made in just about every colour under the sun. That means that if you’re looking for an electric blue stool with pink dots to match your décor then there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to find it. They can also help to create a relaxed and informal dining experience and let’s face it, kids just love sitting on them.

In the office

There’s also an increasing demand to put bar stools into office spaces. If you’ve got a dead area in your office layout, then why not enhance it with a selection of modern bar stools. It creates a relaxing area where people can communicate on a comfortable and probably informal level.

In a café

Bar stools also work really well on a pavement café Just imagine them scattered between a multitude of high tables to make for an informal and relaxing experience. The iconic Tolix bar stool for example comes in a rainbow of vibrant funky colours and when grouped together can certainly turn heads. Try mixing burnt oranges with deep purples and lime greens with sunburst yellow for that perfect ‘stand out’ look. Alternatively keep it simple with light beechwood tables and chrome bar stools for a Mediterranean feel.

As you can see the humble bar stool is as flexible as the colours and materials that it’s made from. So whether it’s for your home, office, or to ‘pimp up’ your café then with a little imagination, the bar stool is all that, and much more besides.

If you would like to embrace the barstool idea, then here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane, we have a wide range of café bar stools in stock ranging from funky and vibrant to modern contemporary. What’s more they’re all at great value-for-money prices. Check out our website at www.cafefurniturebrisbane.com.au or contact us on 07 3205 1616. Alternatively, if you’re passing, why not pop into our showroom and see for yourself.


Why It’s Time To Throw Out The New And Bring Back The Old

industrial style cafe furnitureIn case you hadn’t noticed the industrial theme has been taking Australia by storm in recent months with more and more cafés, bistros and restaurants beginning to embrace the industrial theme.

It’s a look that was first begun back in the 1930’s with the invention of the Tolix chair by French steelwork, Xavier Pauchard. It was designed to be a basic chair that was strong and robust and as a result not only was it used in the bars and night clubs of Paris but also became a common feature in hospitals and classrooms.

Today it’s seen a resurgence and is a look which is contemporary and chic, yet also provides a rustic feel which engages with customers. For a café owner looking to achieve this effect it’s all about getting the décor right. This means exposing brickwork on at least one wall and painting the other walls a plain strong colour, such as white or charcoal and using bare planks for your flooring. The brick work provides some interesting texture and the plain bold walls give a blank canvas to work with. To balance what could otherwise look quite dingy, you need to install glossy jet black counters and have an abundance of shiny stainless steel appliances on display.

It’s all about light

Finally it’s all about getting the lighting right or you could end up with a look that is drab and dark. Bright lights in your main areas using recessed spot lights in your ceiling will showcase your industrial theme but it’s nice to use warmer, softer light over the areas where customers are seated. Copper pendant lighting hanging down over individual tables will add a feeling of warmth plus a gentle glow to the dining areas. You could consider having dimmer switches on these lights so you can lower the lighting if necessary if you stay open in the evenings.

Here at Cafe Furniture we don’t sell lighting or appliances but we do have plenty of statement industrial furniture by way of our replica Tolix chairs and bar stools. Not only is this furniture aesthetically pleasing but it is strong and robust too. Offered in a wide range of colours from metallic sheens, to black and white, to vibrant fun colours, there’s plenty of scope to use your imagination and creativity when designing your setting. Some of our Tolix furniture has oiled timber seats and for others we can supply padded seat cushions.

Once you’ve chosen your chairs and/or tools you’ll need some strong, sturdy tables for customers to place their drinks and food on. We’d suggest choosing darker shades to match the industrial look such as our black Isotop tables which are low in maintenance and exceptionally practical too.

The industrial look is modern and edge and one which your customers will find both enticing and intriguing. Get the balance so it is warm and inviting and everything else will fall into place. Search our online store of visit our Brisbane showroom and see our industrial furniture for yourself so see what all the fuss is about.

5 Crucial Factors You Need To Know That Will Make Your Cafe Business A Success

how to make your cafe a successLet’s face it, running a successful café is hard work. As one café opens it seems that two are closing, so for yours to survive you’ve got to have a plan. You’ve got to be great at the very things that make your business both profitable and valuable. With this in mind, here are 5 crucial factors you really need to follow in order to make your business a success and stand out from the competition.

Plan your way to success

A simple defined plan of where you want to go with your café business and how you want to get there is vital if you’re going to be a success. A simple one-page plan with a clear defined goal and vision is all it takes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s written on a piece of card, paper or even a napkin just so long as it’s written down and you can refer to it from time to time to re-focus if you need to.

Implementation failure (IF)

Successful businesses have one thing in common and that is that they all take action. They don’t suffer from implementation failure. Sometimes you’ve just got to do it! It might not always work out, but you’ll never know unless you take action and that’s the key!

Make your premises stand out

You can’t afford to be a ‘so-so’ café in a world full of them. If you really want to be successful you’ve got to stand out. Whether this is through your bold, wacky or way-out funky design scheme, great home cooked food and coffee, or the very best customer service, by making your business positive, vibrant and active, there’s a good chance that your customers are going to want to stick around. Once they do that, then word will spread.

Keep pairing it back to basics

As you get caught up in the daily grind of service it’s all to easy to lose focus on the fundamental basics of your café Remember the very things that made you stand out from the crowd when you opened – Are they still carried out in the same way today? Is the service, quality and cleanliness still there?Are you still serving great coffee? Are your customers getting a good overall experience? By re-examining these factors and going back to basics you’ll have a solid platform from which you can grow.

Loyalty is key

Finally, it’s all well and good trying to grow your customer base, but it’s also imperative to keep existing customers coming back for more. Make all customers feel welcome but pay particular attention to your regulars. Develop some kind of loyalty program but make it enticing and make it different. Unfortunately the ‘Buy 10 coffee’s and get one free’ deal has been done to death, so you might want to think about other ways to keep your customers loyal. Engage with them on social media platforms, provide them with an assured certainty of experience or keep them informed with regular newsletters telling them of the latest promotions, products and upcoming events.

So there you have it, 5 ways to make your café business a success. If you’re looking to stand out in terms of design then we can help. At Cafe Furniture Brisbane we supply a wide variety of café furniture at great value-for-money prices. Why not pop into our Brendale showroom or alternatively, check out our website at www.cafefurniturebrisbane.com.au or call us on 07 3205 1616 today.