A Brief But Fun Look Into The History Of The Humble Cafe

cup of coffeeYou don’t have to go far these days to find a cafe close to where you live or work. In fact, blink and there’s a good chance that yet another one has opened in your neighbourhood (well, that’s what’s happening where I live anyhow). Yet despite their close proximity to one another most seem to be doing enough to entice customers through the doors to survive. Maybe that’s because café’s have evolved over the years and are now places where you can socialise, do business, read the paper, catch up with friends on social media, oh and er…drink coffee. Anyway as I was sitting in my favourite cafe contemplating life it got me thinking about just how far the cafe has come and more importantly where did it all begin?

Turkey 1475

From as early as the 13th century Ethiopians were reported to be drinking a ‘strange bitter brew’ which somehow spread to the Middle East and eventually Europe. In fifteenth century Turkey, coffee was seen as such an important commodity that a law was passed where a ‘women could be divorced on the grounds that she couldn’t supply her husband with enough coffee’. It comes as no surprise then that the first documented coffee shop – the Kiva Han opened for business in Constantinople (now Istanbul) in 1475.

Vienna 1529

In Vienna around 1529 a Turkish immigrant decided to adapt the lethal brew which was reported to be ‘Black as hell and strong as death to European tastes by adding milk and sugar. Hey presto, the cafe-au lait’ was born.

1652 London

It wasn’t until 1652 that London developed a taste for coffee when in Cornhill, a Greek immigrant by the name of Pasque Rosee opened up the first coffee stall. As a servant to a rich Turkish coffee trader, Rosee developed a penchant for the newfangled brew and exported it to Britain. Within a short while his stall was so popular that it was selling up to 600 cups a day. Maybe that was because it was cleverly marketed as an antidote for everything from violence and drunkenness to lust! Within 10 years Londoners couldn’t get enough of it and by 1662 there were a reported 82 coffee houses in the old city alone, many of them becoming places where trades were struck and business was conducted.

1760 -1790 – Colonisation

When America and Australia became British colonies, coffee was quick to follow. The first recognised coffee house in the US called Tontines opened in 1792 and this became the site of the original New York Stock Exchange. The first coffee introduced to Australia was believed to have been transported on the ships of the First Fleet bound for Botany Bay in 1788

1946 – Milan Italy

For the last 600 years of so, coffee had been a very simple affair, you either had it black or white. However in 1946 that all changed when Italian company Gaggia made the world’s first Piston Espresso machine and unveiled it at the Gaggia coffee bar in Milan. Rumours have it however that at first it wasn’t very popular as the natural oils in the coffee formed a layer on top which many believed to be a ‘layer of scum‘. However after tasting they we’re hooked and the rest as they say….is history!

1971 and all that

Seattle in 1971 seemed a strange place to start what was to become the cafe revolution but it’s where the very first Starbucks opened. Some forty years later and the company now have over 8000 stores world-wide and have revolutionised the way we drink coffee.

So there you have it a glimpse into the world of the humble cafe. If you’re opening up a new cafe and are in need of quality commercial furniture then here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane we have a wide range of stock for you to choose from all at great prices. Why not check out our website further or contact us on 07 3205 1616 to see just what we have to offer.


What Makes A Great Piece Of Outdoor Cafe Furniture

outdoor furnitureLet’s face it more and more people are embracing the outdoor lifestyle so it pays for cafe owners to tap into this way of thinking and go ‘al-fresco’. Not only this, from a commercial perspective outdoor cafe furniture makes perfect economic sense as you have the opportunity to increase your seating capacity by using that corner pavement area or small outdoor terrace. Hopefully you’ve been persuaded to buy into what people want, so now you’re going to need to buy your seating and tables. But what makes a good piece of outdoor cafe furniture? Let’s take a look

Commercial quality

It may sound a little obvious that your furniture has to be commercial quality but you’d be surprised how many people think that the very same furniture they have in their back yard is perfect for the job. After all it’s comfortable, cheap and … well… it’s lasted a few years. The truth of the matter is that home furniture and commercial furniture are two different entities, so make sure you purchase the latter. That is, if you want it to last.


Chances are your outdoor furniture is going to be moved around a great deal to meet the needs and demands of your business. For this reason it pays to buy furniture that’s relatively lightweight. Cast iron furniture or heavy table bases might look striking, but you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be fed up with moving it after a couple of nights.


Unless you have a private terrace area with no outside access, then it’s likely for security reasons that you’re going to want to secure your furniture away at the end of the evening. With this in mind, cafe furniture that’s easily stackable is the way to go. Not only this, it’s also good for anyone that has a smaller storage area


The right commercial furniture also needs to be weather proof. Remember your outdoor furniture is going to have to survive all that nature can throw at it. This includes, intense heat, rain and even wind. With this in mind you’re looking for furniture that won’t fade and is impervious to spills.

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Setting The Scene With The Right Bar Stools And Bar Furniture

Detroit stoolWhether you’re a long-time restaurant owner or a café or bistro owner looking to restyle, you’re going to need to select new furniture for your premises at some point or other. The trouble is getting this part right is key to your overall business. The right furniture had the ability to set the ambience, bring in customers, and more importantly keep then coming back time after time. This being the case you might want to think about different styles of seating to please a wide variety of customers.

Mixing it up

As an example you could have a designated lounge area where customers can kick-back, relax and read the paper with a great cup of coffee. For those who prefer something to eat, then a standard table and chair setting might be in order. Finally for those who prefer to eat and drink in a more casual setting you might want to consider bar stools and dry bar furniture.

Great benefits too

Aside from pleasing the more casual diner, bar stools, and dry bar furniture have other benefits to. Firstly if positioned correctly they can ultimately put more money into your till. Why? Simply because it’s all about maximising your floor space and there’s no better way to do this than with a dry bar table and bar stools. Excellent for awkward recesses and corners where a standard table and chairs won’t fit, they have the ability to create an intimate yet friendly setting.

What about that small pavement area outside your front door? Standard tables and chairs might well be too big for the area but dry bar tables and bar chairs are the perfect solution. What’s more, what better way to attract passer’s-by that to have a bustling and fun atmosphere of jovial customers outside your front door.

It doesn’t have to be boring either!

Bar furniture doesn’t have to be bland either. Nowadays it comes in a wide variety of styles, colours and materials. From wood, to chrome to polypropylene, getting the right furniture to fit in with your theme, design or colour scheme isn’t really hard to do. It just takes a little searching and an eye for design.

The good news is that here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane, you really don’t have to look very far to find stylish bar furniture. We stock a wide range of affordable, commercial quality café furniture, so feel free to browse the website and order online. Alternatively you can contact us on 07 3205 1616 where our team will be happy to assist. Finally, if you’re near the Brendale area of Brisbane, then why not pop in to our showroom and see our great range of bar furniture first hand.

The Trendy Colour In Your Café For 2015 Is…….

Panatone colour of year MarsalaPantone the company best known for it’s colour matching system has just released its top colour for 2015 and that colour is Marsala. This shouldn’t be confused with the vivid orange hues of ‘masala’ sauce used in the ever popular chicken Tikka, but rather a robust earthy colour similar to that found in Marsala wine. The effect is a hue that’s duller than scarlet, but kind of moody like a good Burgundy. All that said, it’s undoubtedly a strange choice, so why have Pantone gone for Marsala as their colour of the year?

Firstly say the company, it’s a colour that appeals to both women and men alike. It has a warming tone that’s thought to encourage experimentation and creativity. When used in a room Marsala can be a naturally grounding colour but if used sparingly and in the right way it can also have a dramatic effect. In essence it seems that this trendy colour for 2015, appears cover a wide variety of bases.

So how can Marsala help your café?

Unless your aim is to create an all male or all female customer base, then you’re looking for a style and/or colour scheme that appeals to both genders. Usually this is pretty hard to achieve, but is seems that Marsala fits in with this perfectly. Clearly it isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea (or should that be Marsala) but it’s certainly inoffensive and isn’t going to shock people. That said, used sparingly as an accent colour it has enough vibrancy about it to create that all important wow factor that any establishment is looking for. Finally, it’s a colour than goes with a wide variety of other shades including taupe, pale blues, oatmeal and white as well as darker colours such as spice browns, sage greens and strangely enough, even black.

The key is to get creative

If you really do want to be bang on trend and are looking to add that perfect Marsala hue to your café interior, then the key is to be imaginative. We’ve already said that this particular colour is supposed to bring about creation, well how about getting truly creative with your colour scheme? Don’t just think about colour in terms of paint. Instead why not add colour in the form of contrasting textures and materials in order to add a touch of depth and contrast. For instance, a pair of Marsala-coloured heavy-draped curtains set against a taupe coloured wall, not only has the ability to bring the wall alive but can also help to add dimension. Alternatively, how about all white seating and tables, accented with Marsala coloured cushions. place settings, or picture frames?

So there you have it, the top colour for 2015! The question is, how are you going to utilise it?

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