How To Successfully Avoid The 5 Most Common Problems Associated With Cafe Furniture

cafe furnitureAnyone who’s ever had to refurnish a cafe, restaurant, or bistro knows just how expensive that can be, so when you’re spending that kind of money on ‘quality’ commercial grade furniture you’d expect it to last. Although proper maintenance and cleaning is vital to retaining the longevity of your furniture, it won’t fix many of the common problems that often arise. Our hope is that by giving you this information, you’ll be thinking down the lines of prevention rather than cure.

Problem 1 – The metal legs on my stool/chair seem to be bending

In most cases damage to the legs of bar chairs and stools often occurs from improper use. Usually this occurs when customers lean back thus tilting the chair putting all their weight on the back legs. In instances like this vigilance is key. The chances are that the customer concerned might not know it’s a problem so you could always politely say to them that tilting the chair in that way is dangerous and that you wouldn’t want them to get hurt. This usually does the trick.

Problem 2 – My flooring is being scratched by my chairs and stools

The vast majority of commercial grade furniture comes with floor glides. These are pieces of hard plastic or rubber that are placed on the bottom of legs to prevent this very problem. Often when chairs are moved around a lot and through normal wear and tear floor glides can become loose and fall out. To pre-empt this it’s always wise to carry out periodic checks to make sure they’re secure. This way you can easily see which ones need replacing and, if and when they do, try to carry a small amount of stock so that you’re not caught short.

Problem 3 – I’ve got table tops that are peeling or cracking

If you have to buy table tops using totally natural materials such as wood, then they can be prone to peeling or cracking. In the main this is due to changes in temperature as the wood expands and contracts. To avoid this from happening keep natural materials away from direct heat. This could mean under a heating vent, direct sunlight from a window, or close to an open fire. In addition it’s wise not to place anything directly out of the oven onto the table surface. If you do need to place hot items on to a table it’s wise to invest in trivets, or protective surfaces that will stop the table from cracking.

Problem 4 – My bar stools/chairs have become wobbly

There are a number of reasons why cafe furniture becomes wobbly over time. Firstly it could be down to loose floor glides (see problem 2) or alternatively screws can easily work themselves loose over time. Therefore periodic checking (say once a month) to make sure that all screws and fixings are secure and tight should solve this problem. It might be worth keeping a supply of screws and fixings in stock because if any do go missing they can be replaced rather than render the chair unserviceable.

Problem 5 – My cafe furniture hasn’t lasted as long as I thought it might

Many people mistakenly think that because your furniture is commercial grade it’s fit for purpose both indoors and out. This might be true for some ranges, but for other’s… not so. Therefore if you’re purchasing furniture for an outside terrace area it really needs to be fit for outdoor use. In general terms this means that it’s been treated for protection against the elements including prolonged periods of strong sun and/or rain. The bottom line is to always check before you buy.

If you want to find out more about how to look after your cafe furniture for longer or are looking for a specific type of furniture for your venue then check out our website further at Alternatively if you need any advice on what chairs are best for you then you can speak to our knowledgeable team on 07 3205 1616.

Discovering The Real Benefits Of Plastic Chairs – They’re Not As Uninspiring As You Think!

Stephanie chair in greenInitially when we think of plastic chairs it immediately conjures up visions of those battleship grey monstrosities that we used to have to endure sitting on when we were at school. It might be fair to say then that plastic chairs are probably the last thing you’d consider putting in your cafe, restaurant, or bistro to give your customers a warm and friendly environment in which to drink, eat and relax. However with modern-day poly-propylene chairs that’s exactly what’s happening. Here’s why…

They’re durable

If they’re tough enough for a classroom of kids, they’re certainly good enough for a bustling cafe. The truth is that modern-day commercial quality polypropylene furniture is built to withstand spills, stains, oils, hot drinks, and greases, so they’re ideal for any venue as they really don’t take much looking after.

They’re incredibly practical

How many times have you had to move your furniture around to cater for busy periods? If the answer is “more times than you care to mention” then you’ll wish your furniture was lightweight. That’s exactly what you get with when you embrace polypropylene seating. Not only are they robust and easy to clean, they’re also lightweight. In fact many have carrying handles as a built in design function. In addition most polypropylene chairs are designed to be stackable, so they’re perfect for those with smaller storage areas.

Funky designs

If you think back to the plastic chairs of old, it’s fair to say that they were pretty uninspiring to look at, but not any more! Instead designers have really pushed the boat out in terms of funky designs. Now not only are they designed with comfort in mind but also they come in some great colours too. Burnt oranges, sunburst yellow and shocking pinks really can make for an interesting interior. While fabulous curves and sharp angles make for some eye-catching shapes.


Perhaps the most appealing aspect of polypropylene furniture is the cost. More often than not they’re considerably cheaper than other furniture composites and because of this, you can get a lot of bang for your buck. This is great news for any venue starting out or any one looking to refurb on a budget without losing that customer appeal.

So there you have it, the best that plastic chairs have to offer! If you’d like to find out more about embracing plastic in your venue then check out our website here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane. We have a wide range of polypropylene furniture to choose from, and at great prices too. Alternatively if you can’t find what you’re looking for then speak to our friendly team on 07 3205 1616 to find out more.

Make Wobbly Tables A Thing Of The Past With FLAT Technology

FLAT technologyImagine the situation…. you’ve got a cafe, restaurant or bistro with great outside space, but it isn’t exactly ‘bowling green’ flat. In fact every time you move a table to accommodate new guests you have to resort to the ‘folded-card-under-the-leg’ trick. As you can imagine it’s a time consuming action and one that takes members of staff away from the task in hand of looking after the customers’ needs. So what other options are there? How about embracing FLAT technology.

Invented back in 2004 as a way of eliminating wobbly tables once and for all, Australian Tony Pike was on to something when he developed a hydraulic system that naturally finds its level on any type of surface. Many years later after hefty investment and rigorous testing he rolled it out into the market place.

So how does it work?

A small hydraulic pump hidden inside the table base pumps fluid through a series of pipes also hidden within. Every time the ground surface changes, the hydraulic system inside either pulls up or pushes down the adjacent table leg until the table is perfectly flat and completely stable. Once the optimum level is reached it automatically locks in place. This process happens quickly (within a matter of seconds) and occurs each and every time the table is moved to a different uneven location.

What are the main advantages?

Firstly you no longer have to carry endless pieces of folded up card or beer mats in your pocket, or spend ten minutes levelling out a customer’s table. This means that the staff are then free to look after their guests as they know how.

Secondly it also means that multiple tables can be aligned quickly, so if you’re arranging tables at the start of the night, it becomes a quick and simple task. Also if it gets really busy, other tables can be brought in and made level quickly to accommodate waiting guests.

Finally, for any customer there’s nothing worse than sitting at a table only to find it wobbles. It’s both off-putting and infuriating, not to mention dangerous especially when hot food is involved. Conversely FLAT Technology gives customers peace-of-mind that even if they accidentally move the table it’s going to stay perfectly level.

If you want to find out more about how FLAT technology can benefit your business then contact Cafe Furniture Brisbane on 07 3205 1616. We’ve been supplying quality commercial cafe furniture for many years and have a good range of FLAT Technology table bases in stock.

What Is AFRDI Tested Furniture Anyhow?

AFRDI cafe furnitureWhen you’re searching for new commercial cafe furniture and looking online, there’s a pretty strong chance that sooner or later you’re going to come across an item that’s been ‘AFRDI tested’ but what exactly does this mean and more importantly how does it affect your purchasing choice?

Firstly the term AFRDI is an acronym for the Australian Furnishing Research and Development Institute and as the name suggests it’s an independent non-profit organisation which provides rigorous testing, product certification and research for both buyers and sellers of commercial and residential furniture. What this means is that any furniture (either commercial or for the home) that’s been AFRDI tested is going to be of a certain level of quality.

So why is this important for cafe owners?

When a cafe owner purchases commercial grade furniture that’s been AFRDI tested they can be guaranteed furniture which has been rigorously tested specifically for that environment. In other words it’s more likely to be built to last to last. It’s important to note however that high prices don’t always reflect quality. On the contrary, you can purchase commercial-grade cafe furniture at bargain prices that have the AFRDI seal of approval. As a result the term ‘you get what you pay for’ doesn’t always apply, just so long as it’s been AFRDI tested.

Okay so getting back to the point on why this is important to cafe owners – Purchasing large quantities of tables and chairs is one of the most expensive outlays that any cafe will have so it makes great sense to buy something that’s going to last. The only way you’re going to guarantee that is if your furniture matches a certain standard of testing, hence the blue tick (the AFRDI seal of approval).

What exactly does the institute test for?

Although they look for different factors in different furniture, in commercial cafe chairs they look for criteria such as

  • A high level of strength and durability – Is the cafe chair able to easily withstand the stresses and strains of a bustling cafe
  • Imperviousness – Can it withstand drink spills, hot liquids and greases without ruining the overall look of the furniture.
  • Protective abilities – Is the furniture likely to fade or rust

At Cafe Furniture Brisbane we have a wide range of indoor and outdoor commercial cafe furniture in stock many of which have been AFRDI tested. So if you’re looking for furniture that’s going to last then check out our website further. Alternatively if you can’t find what you’re looking for, then contact us on 07 3205 1616 and let our expert staff help you find the perfect cafe furniture for you.