4 Excellent Styles That Really Suit Tolix Stools And Chairs

Tolix cafe chairI’m sure if you’ve been in the cafe business for any length of time you would have heard about or even seen Tolix stools or chairs. Although they were first introduced in the 1930’s and epitomise French cafe chic they’re just as popular now as they were back in the day. If you love the simplistic styling of the Tolix stool or it’s equivalent replica and are wondering just how to include them into your venue then here are some great styles that suit the Tolix stool/chair down to a tea.


As you’ve probably guessed by looking around, industrial is all the rage right now. As a result more and more trendy café’s restaurants and bistro’s are embracing the theme. The almost workmanlike aluminium styling of the Tolix stool sits perfectly with exposed beans and brickwork that epitomise the industrial theme. Throw in a stainless steel or copper bar table and you’ll find you have a perfect match.

Rustic feel

Just as Tolix stools/chairs look simplistic but rugged in their design they also scream out rusticity. Therefore try pairing them with the odd oak barrel or two or taller wood tables for a modern take on a charmingly rustic feel.

Contemporary Mediterranean

Just imagine rows of gleaming aluminium tables coupled with stainless steel Tolix chairs all glistening in the sun. Alternatively how about a small pavement area with a selection of chrome tables and chairs where people can sit watching the world go by. Throw in some box hedging, a bowl or two of olives, and a glass of something cold and your customers could be forgiven for thinking that they’re in the Cotê d’Azur.

Fun and funky

Replica Tolix stools come in a wide variety of bright colours yet still maintain that iconic, simplistic design that we all know and love. As a result they’re ideal if you’re looking to ‘funk it up’ with some bright brushed steel colours. How about grouping colours of deep red, sunburst yellow, mint green and azure blue around a simple chrome table. Alternatively use the stools as accent colours against a crisp white background to create a contemporary contrast.

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Restaurant Furniture and Their Types Explained

restaurant furnitureIf you go into any cafe, bar, or restaurant, you’ll notice a variety of different tables and chairs adorning the venue. Usually this isn’t because the owner has amassed an eclectic mix of furniture that just happens to fit, but instead because it’s been cleverly designed to deliver the most amount of seating in the space provided, therefore maximising the owners return on investment. Therefore since different cafe’s require different seating arrangements it’s important to know the most suitable types for you.

Table separates

These are normally so called because they come in two separate parts (normally the table top and the table base). Both bases and tops come in a wide variety of materials, colours, and styles, such as wood laminate, pressed composite, granite, aluminium, iron and even polypropylene and both tops and bases can be interchanged to create an original look. This means that if ever you fancy a change then you can do it cheaper simply by replacing the table tops or the bases.

Family dining tables

Dining slabs are large family dining tables that usually seat 8-10 people. They’re ideal if you have a function room and hold celebrations and are usually either rectangular or round in shape. Most venues tend to integrate the occasional dining slab with smaller tables to maximise the space.

Intimate dining tables

As the name suggests intimate dining tables usually seat just two people and can be either square or round in shape. Ideally they’re best utilised in areas that have unusual nooks and coves where standard seating can’t be fitted and if lit correctly can create the perfect romantic table for two. They come in a wide variety of materials, finishes, and colours and are also good to use on outside pavement or terrace areas where space is tight.

Booth seating

If you want to create a unique dining experience for your guests and at the same time capitalise on space, booth seating is the perfect solution. They can be placed back to back, or into recesses or corners and are an ideal way to maximise the amount of customers into a smaller amount of space. In the main booth seating works best around a larger permanently fixed table, but can be adapted to suit your needs and requirements.

Outdoor furniture

This covers a wide remit and can often be used indoors too, but generally outdoor patio-style furniture has been treated so that it’s protected from the wind, rain, and the sun. This means it shouldn’t fade, warp, or rust in any way. Outdoor commercial grade, patio-style furniture comes in a wide variety of materials including aluminium for that contemporary Mediterranean look, marble for that classic feel and specially treated composite wood for a modern fresh vibe.

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5 Top Tips To Improve Your Cafe Furniture

commercial outdoor furnitureThere’s no getting away from the fact that owning a cafe is a competitive business and as such many cafe owners are doing what they can to stand out from the crowd and this means getting the right cafe furniture. After all it’s the first impression that people will have about your establishment even before they’ve tasted your food. If you want to get your furniture right, here are 5 sure fire ways that you can do this.

Mix it up a little

They say that variety is the spice of life and the same could be said of your furniture. Rows of standard square tables and chairs are so, well… last year, so instead why not offer your customers differing seating arrangements to suit their purpose. This might be a selection of bar stools and dry bar tables, a comfortable sofa where they can relax or alternatively an intimate nook in the form of booth seating. By mixing it up, you cover all the bases, plus it makes interesting use of your space.

Don’t go too radical

Commercial grade cafe furniture comes in a wide range of styles, designs and materials and of course there’s nothing wrong with funky bright colours so long as they’re in keeping with the rest of your design. However making your furniture stand out for the sake of it probably isn’t as cool as you think it is and might even put some diners off. So keep it contemporary and modern if you like, but make sure it ties in with the rest of your theme, whatever that may be.

Size matters

When it comes to tables, size definitely matters! In the main you’re looking to squeeze as many tables into your space as viable and comfortably possible. Therefore when it comes to awkward corners or recesses a round table might be better quipped to fill that role than a larger square table would. That said, if you’re looking to serve food, then you’ll need to make sure that the tables are of course large enough to house plates, cutlery and all the paraphernalia that goes with eating and drinking.

Make it comfortable

Okay, so it’s no good buying great value for money furniture if it just isn’t comfortable to sit on. So most definitely try before you buy. Many online retailers also have local warehouses where you can sample the goods so that you can make a fully informed purchasing decision. Remember comfort is key.

Buy the best that you can

Finally, with furniture you tend to get what you pay for so unless you’ve budgeted to change your furniture every two years, then buy the best that you can afford. Quality commercial grade furniture is generally built to last, so it should save you money in the long term.

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A Brief Look Into How To Choose The Right Bar Stool Height

dry bar stoolsBar stools and chairs are no longer the preserve of your local boozer and instead are becoming more and more popular in café’s and bistros throughout Australia. Why? Because they fall in with the whole ethos of a more social, less formal style of eating and drinking which is again becoming trendy. However, before you rush off to your nearest showroom and spend your hard-earned cash on some stylish looking creations it’s worth noting that bar stools come in a variety of heights, so you need to know which height best fits your needs. In order to help this article gives you a brief look at the different styles and what they’re best used for.

Table height bar stools

Table bar stools fall somewhere between 71 and 76 cm in height and as the name suggests are often used as alternatives to chairs at standard height tables. As a result they can make for a great industrial look when paired with chrome dry bar tables or alternatively a rustic feel when used in conjunction with a smaller bistro-style table.

Counter height bar stools

As the name suggests these stools are the perfect accompaniment to fit under a standard counter top or breakfast bar (100cms) and fall somewhere between 89 and 99cms in height. They come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and materials and can look particularly striking when mixed and matched in a variety of colours.

Bar Stools

On average, common or garden bar stools fall somewhere between 104 and 109cms in height and are designed to fit perfectly under a standard bar. Taller than your average dining chair they either come in their most basic guise with a simple wooden seat with four legs, or alternatively they can be more sophisticated and elegant with cushioned seating, a supportive back rest, a rotating seat and leg rests. If you really want to funk it up, then how about going for polypropylene bar seating in glorious multicolours of sunburst yellows, crimson reds, deep blues and burnt oranges.

Tall bar seating

One of the growing trends that’s hitting bars, restaurants and café’s right now is to make use of seating with differing heights. Tall bar seating certainly takes advantage of this. Usually somewhere between 112 and 120cms in height, tall bar furniture is great paired with old oak barrel tables and placed upon a small terrace area, or grouped together in a defined area of your inside space. They have the ability to give your customers a raised view of the dining space and it’s that bird’s eye view over the other diners and beyond that many customers strangely seem to love.

So there you have it, a brief but in depth insight into how to choose the right bar stool height for your needs. Of course if you’re on the lookout for some new bar furniture then here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane we have a wide selection in an array of styles and materials. What’s more, they’re all at great value for money prices. Why not check out our website further or if you need further assistance, contact us on 07 3205 1616 today.


Tips On Choosing The Best Materials For Your Indoor And Outdoor Cafe Furniture

outdoor cafe furnitureMaking the right choice of café furniture is extremely important in order to create both the look and the ambience that you’re seeking. The thing is, choosing a piece of furniture simply because you like it and without considering the implications of where it will be placed and how much use it is likely to get, can result in disappointment when it starts to show excessive signs of wear and tear and will also end up costing you far more than you bargained for.

Make sure you know and understand your materials so that your furniture will look good and last you a long time. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor furniture, will also have a great impact on your choice. Here’s a brief guide on the types of materials available and tips to consider when making your choice.

Indoor furniture

When it comes to indoor furniture then pretty much anything goes since your furniture won’t be facing the harsh elements of the Australian climate. You can also invest in cushions and fancy decorations without the worry of them blowing away. Steel furniture is very ‘en vogue’ since not only is it light to move around but even with frequent use, it actually looks even better and since it’s available in a wide range of powder coated shades, it’s a fun way to add personality to your interior.

Wood is another great choice for indoor furniture since it adds character and as it’s not facing the elements it won’t require as much care lavishing on it.

Outdoor furniture


Aluminium is a great choice if you’re looking to add a modern feel to your terrace. It’s lightweight and easy to move around, easy too clean, and can withstand exposure to all types of weather.


Wicker makes a good choice for indoor and outdoor furniture since it’s light and can be moved easily from one place to another plus it has a lovely rustic appeal. Wicker made from such materials as bamboo, cane or rattan is environmentally friendly too. You can also purchase synthetic wicker chairs in a variety of colours which are equally as appealing.


We’ve already mentioned steel as being suitable for indoor use and in many cases it also works outside. However, before investing in steel furniture it’s important to check its suitability for outdoor use as this can depend on the manufacturer and the finish.


Polypropylene or plastic chairs, are more funky and colourful than ever before and offer an economic way of furnishing your terrace or pavement area. Offered in a wide range of styles, and usually UV treated and waterproof, they can be used outside virtually all year round. In addition, they’re light and easy to move and usually stack for convenient storage.


Wood is another popular choice for exterior seating due to its versatility and natural looks. The advantages are that it is long lasting, relatively low in maintenance, and has natural oils which prevent it from rotting or deteriorating. Some popular wood choices include teak, cedar, ash and oak but they do need care to keep them looking pristine.

Here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane we’ve got a great range of indoor and outdoor café furniture to suit all tastes and budgets, so why not take a browse of our online store or download our catalogue and get inspired. If you need any further help please don’t hesitate to contact us direct on (07) 3205 1616.