Exploring The Five Best Coffees In The World (well, probably)

best coffee in the worldJust like a bad wine, everybody remembers a bad cup of coffee, but surely this is all down to taste right? After all, one person’s bad cup of coffee just might be another’s favourite! Just as bad coffee can be a controversial subject, so too is what’s considered really good coffee. However unlike bad coffee we do know which coffees have been rated continually high in terms of taste, colour, and aroma by some of the best experts in the world and I guess that this is what makes them (probably) the best. Anyway, without further ado, let’s kick things off in no particular order.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee

Kona coffee is grown around 600 meters above sea level on the fertile slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano. Known for its light and delicate, yet surprisingly rich taste it has a complex aroma. Medium bodied it has buttery, spicy qualities which give it its very distinctive taste.

Sumatran Lingtong

With a low acidity Sumatran Lingtong is well known for its complex earthy tones with a hint of sweetness thrown in for good measure. The tropical lush climate of the Northern Lingtong region is said to give this coffee a real depth of flavour that few coffees can match.

Ethiopian Harrar

If you like your coffee wild and exotic then Ethiopian Harrar is the perfect match. Grown 1,500 to 2,500 metres above sea level the high elevations are said to produce an intense pungent, heady aroma that looks bright in the cup. Flavours of blackberries, cardamom, and jasmine sit comfortably with the bitterness of rich dark chocolate to make an edgy and bold cup of coffee.

Guatemalan Antigua Coffee

An exceptional premium coffee Guatemalan Antigua gives a pleasant rich smoky taste with hints of spice. This particular coffee bean works best when dark roasted to release the full force of the flavours.

St Helena South Atlantic

The tiny island of St Helena produces some of the finest coffee on the planet in the form of St Helena South Atlantic. Light and elegant with a hint of jasmine, it’s said to be processed using pure spring water that cascades down the Island’s Central Ridge peaks. Subtle but with layers of complex flavours this is the coffee for the real coffee connoisseur.

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Add A Touch Of French Charm To Your Establishment With The Parisian Chair

Parisian chairIf you’re looking to revamp your cafe furniture or are looking to purchase new furniture for a brand new venue then you’ve got to make the right choice. After all your cafe furniture (if used outside) is likely to be the first thing that any potential customers sees and ultimately is the factor that’s going to create either a good or bad first impression. For this reason you might want to consider the Parisian chair.

Upmarket Mediterranean feel

Used with the right tables and in the right setting it really is a chair that will turn heads. Just imagine a large terrace area on a balmy summer’s evening. Rows of aluminium tables with crisp white table cloths are surrounded by Parisian chairs. Strategically placed boxwood planting and the odd parasol completes the look of an upmarket Mediterranean bistro. All you need now is some smart and attentive staff and you have a wonderful atmosphere from which to sell your menu.

Practical and versatile

The chair itself is made to look charmingly old but its lightweight aluminium frame and attractive wicker back gives it that chic look. From a practical perspective it’s stackable, weatherproof, and incredibly easy to keep clean. In fact a wipe down with a damp cloth is all it takes to keep it looking as good as new. If you want to use them indoors then they’re perfect for maximising your floorspace and therefore your profit because they’re made without arms. Accompanied by a smaller table-for-two they can slot perfectly into awkward spaces giving customers plenty of elbow room, but equally can be placed around a much larger table for family-style dining.

On the whole the Parisian chair really is a versatile piece of furniture but one that looks the part too. For a head-turning chair it’s relatively cheap to buy and its strength and durability means that it’s likely to last longer than many other more-expensive chairs. So go on, add a touch of French charm to your cafe, restaurant, or bistro today.

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Getting Your Table Tops Right For Your Venue – The Pros and Cons

cafe table topsThere’s no doubting that purchasing table tops and bases separately can save you money especially if you’re looking to give your furniture a makeover. However with so many different types to choose from, how do you know you’ve got it right? Here’s a quick rundown on some of the most popular types along with their pros and cons.

Granite Table tops

There’s nothing more stylish than a natural granite table top. They’re pretty, durable and easily maintained. Good for indoor and outdoor use they present a functional option to restyling your cafe. On the negative side quality granite tables are considerably pricey and they’re also exceptionally heavy, so once in position, they can’t really be moved around to suit the needs of your guests.

Bamboo table tops

In terms of eco-friendly production, bamboo is about as green as it gets. It’s completely sustainable and quick growing and can usually be harvested within 5 years. They provide a naturally warm looking surface which is surprisingly durable, although they aren’t normally good for outdoor use as they can fade, crack, and warp in the weather. It’s also relatively expensive too.

Wood table tops

Real wood table tops can be seriously beautiful and there’s something particularly tactile about them too. Commercial grade real wood table tops are hard wearing although like granite they’re heavy to move around. They come in a wide range of colours from dark mahogany, walnut, and cherry woods through to lighter ash, beechwood and oak.

Laminate table tops

Laminate in one form or another has been around since the 1950’s and makes for a super strong material. Laminate table tops come in a wide variety of styles, colours, and designs many of which are made to resemble their natural counterparts. From wood and marble look-effect through to plastic there’s a multitude of choice. They’re surprisingly durable and cheaper than the natural varieties and are made to be used both inside and out. They’re light enough to be moved around and any spills can easily be wiped away using a damp cloth. On the negative side they aren’t natural products and anyone looking for exactly this may be a little disappointed. That said they can make a great and cost-effective addition to any establishment.

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What’s So Great About Modern Outdoor Furniture?

outdoor cafe furnitureIf you have a cafe, restaurant, or bistro with outside space then you’ll probably be aware that the right outside furniture can not only bring people into your establishment, but if it’s comfortable the chances are that they’ll stick around too. This is why it’s important to get a modern outdoor furniture that suits.


The durability factor

Purchasing outdoor furniture for your restaurant isn’t like purchasing outdoor furniture for your home. For instance you have to think about the durability factor. Sure it’s nice to get your garden furniture out when it’s sunny, but you’re probably not going to have it out all year. If you were then chances are that it would fade, warp, or crack. Cafe furniture on the other hand has to be able to withstand days of sun, wind, and rain. The good news is that modern day outdoor furniture can do exactly this! In fact with companies such as Isotop and Werzalit they pride themselves on manufacturing outdoor furniture that lasts. So whatever the elements throw at them, they’re designed especially to withstand it, leaving you with furniture that will stay looking great for many years to come.

Great choice of designs

In years gone by it’s fair to say that outdoor restaurant furniture was very limited and what there was, wasn’t particularly inspiring, Nowadays however modern day outdoor furniture gives venue owners a wide choice of materials, styles, designs, and sizes. From sleek timber and marble look-alike tables to vibrant funky seating. From combination chrome and wood seating for that Mediterranean feel through to rustic rattan for that colonial look, it’s all available to purchase.

Great prices

Speaking of purchasing, did you know you don’t have to pay a fortune to be able to purchase quality modern-day outdoor furniture that lasts? In actual fact many companies have online stores where they can pass the savings they make by having a virtual store-front directly onto the customer. This means that simply by checking out the internet you can pick up some fabulous deals.

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