Top Reasons To Consider Tub Chairs For Your Cafe

Tub chair charcoal 01Most of us are familiar with tub chairs as they’re frequently to be found in cafes and restaurants, hotel reception areas, and even in the home. They’re typically recognised by their curved shape which wraps itself around the user when they’re seated. No one knows for sure who actually invented the tub chair, but they are known to have been used by the royal courts in both France and England as far back the 16th century.

A traditional tub chair was typically made from leather and had arms which matched the height of the back of the chair. Over time, however, designers have introduced other materials and fabrics, added stud buttons, and changed the height and shape of the arms. However, the principle has always remained the same in that to be a tub chair, the back must curve around and ‘hug’ the user’s body.

The addition of a few tub chairs to your cafe is sure to enhance your decor and there are several reasons to consider choosing tub chairs:

  • Comfort – The design of the tub chair offers a generous space in which a person can sit and let their entire body relax in comfort. What’s more the arms give them somewhere to support their forearms and hands too.

  • Compact – There’s no wasted space with a tub chair since the style is compact and practical and far less cumbersome than many other styles of armchair in the market. If space is limited then tub chairs make an excellent choice.

  • Timeless – When you buy into an iconic piece of furniture such as a tub chair, you can be assured that it will never go out of fashion and you won’t find yourself in a couple of year’s time needing to replace them for the latest fad. A bit like the “little black dress” which is the staple of most women’s wardrobes, the black leather tub chair is simply timeless.

  • Strong and robust – Provided you buy a commercial grade of tub chair you can expect it to last for several years since it has been made to withstand regular, daily use. Manufactured from a choice of vinyl or PU leather, maintenance is minimal and requires little more than a wipe with a damp cloth to remove any spills and a quick buff with a dry cloth.

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10 Great Reasons Why Café’s and Freelancers Are A Match Made In Heaven

freelance writer in cafeIf anyone suggested to you ten years ago that people will be basing their offices in café’s you might be forgiven for thinking that they’d already started on the Christmas sherry. However, nowadays the term ‘work from home’ really means ‘working from your local cafe’ as more and more freelancers are choosing to base their businesses here. So just why are freelancers and café’s a match made in heaven? Here are 10 great reasons why?

Non stop coffee

If there’s one thing that gets the creative juices flowing and that’s coffee and lots of it. So what better place to get (hopefully great) coffee on tap than your local cafe.

Valuable thinking time

The walk, drive, cycle to your local cafe can give you valuable thinking time so that you can plan your day, plan your next article or business meeting, or if you’re really good, plan your next year ahead.

Ever changing environment

When you have continual changes going on around you eg, people coming and going, different music, snatches of conversation etc, it can really stimulate you to change your perspective on how you approach a task

Self reward

What better place to be where you can reward yourself with a double chocolate muffin after you’ve knuckled down and got stuff done.

Great for networking

You get all manner of folk in a cafe so if you are looking to make contacts, then there’s no better place to do it.

It’s warm and inviting

Café’s are warm, inviting, and friendly places to work. Most older offices offices are all magnolia walls and brown carpets. Enough said!

You don’t have to sit at the same workspace

If you love change, how depressing is it to sit at the same office desk every day. Well, in a cafe you don’t have to. Result!

Part of a community

Being a work from home freelancer can be a lonely business so it’s great to feel part of a community, even if that community is constantly changing.

Impromptu focus groups

If you ever need opinions on your work then what better place to put together a ready made focus group.

Great place for a business meeting

A cafe is a great place for a business meeting where people feel more relaxed and at ease.

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Discussing the Pros and Cons Of Resin Tables and Table Tops

1200 Isotop Shesman table topIf you’re in the market for cafe furniture then chances are that you don’t have to look very far before you come across resin. It’s no surprise then that resin remains one of the most popular choices of furniture materials amongst cafe owners and not without good reason. With this in mind, let’s take a look a the pros and cons of resin tables and table tops.

First the pros…

Wide variety of styles designs and colours

One of the best things about resin table tops are that they can be made to resemble just about any material. As such they can have that glossy sheen and rich wood appearance of say, cherry, maple, teak or oak, that tactile feel of say granite or marble, or the contemporary look and vibrant colour of polypropylene. Ultimately this means that you’re sure to find the right kind of table top to fit in with your style, colour scheme, design, or theme. Even if you can’t find the exact colour, style, or design you’re after, then there’s a good chance that it can be made to your specification.

Built to last

Resin tables such as those made by German manufacturer Werzalit are about as indestructible as tables and table tops get. They can withstand temperatures up to 160 degrees Celsius, they’re impact resistant, scratch proof, water proof and pretty much every other kind of proof that you need in a commercial grade piece of cafe furniture.

They’re easily maintained

Unlike solid wood furniture, laminate, or veneer table tops, resin furniture is easily maintained. You don’t need any expensive varnishes or specialist cleaning materials. Instead a cloth and a small amount of warm soapy water is sufficient to keep any resin table top looking clean. Buff off with some furniture polish and a soft rag for that continued shine and you’ll have a table that looks like new, whether it’s one, two, or 5 years old.

They’re lightweight

Compared to granite, marble, and solid wood table tops, resin table tops are very lightweight. Depending upon the size they can weigh anywhere between 9 and 13kgs, which isn’t overly heavy for a robust table of this nature. For this reason it can easily be moved around by a single person to suit the needs of your business.

And now for the Cons....

Not perfect for joining together

Many (not all) resin tables come with bevelled edges for safety purposes. This means that they aren’t ideal if you’re looking to place several smaller tables together to make one larger one. That said they do come in a wide variety of sizes too, so maybe this isn’t so much of a problem.

It’s not the proper material

Okay so even though resin tables and table tops can resemble materials such as wood, marble, and granite extremely well, it isn’t the real deal. However reflected in this is the fact that you aren’t paying ‘real deal’ wood, granite, and marble prices either. While it’s clear that resin tables aren’t going to suit every connoisseur, they do suit many restaurant, cafe, and bistro owners who know exactly what they want in a commercial grade table.

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3 Facts You Might Not Know About The Iconic Tolix Bar Stool

tall round black Tolix stoolIf you know anything about cafe furniture then you’re sure to have heard of the Tolix Stool. These galvanised creations were so popular when they were first introduced back in the 1930’s that they epitomised the essence of the cafe around this time. Strong, durable, and industrial they’re still a popular form of cafe furniture even today. While this is common knowledge, here are 3 interesting facts you might not know about the iconic Tolix bar stool.

Café’s weren’t the first choice for the Tolix Stool

In 1925 when Xavier Pauchard produced his first Tolix chair, its simplistic, robust design wasn’t considered stylish enough to grace Parisian café’s because it was never really intended to be for that purpose. Instead because of its lightness, compactness, and low manufacturing price, it became the perfect furniture for factories, offices, ships, hospitals, and even schools. It wasn’t until 1932, seven years after he produced the first Tolix chairs that the legendary ‘A’ chair became the seating of choice for many cafe owners. The chair went on to become a legend and is now proudly displayed in many design museums throughout the world. It really was industrial furniture at it’s best.

Tolix don’t just make chairs

Immediately after the First World War Pauchard found himself manufacturing many household items using a new-fangled galvanisation process. From lockers and storage units to shelving units and trestles these items were the mainstay of the company until the mass production of the Tolix stool took over. Now the company have revived these products and as well as Tolix stools and chairs you can also buy Tolix coffee tables, Tolix desks, and even Tolix galvanised umbrella holders. By the way, if you do happen to come across an original Tolix household item from that period just after the war, it could be worth quite a sum of money. For example an original Tolix table from about this period in good condition recently sold for €4500.

First form of mass production in the world

Aside from the Ford Motor Company the Tolix Stool was one of the first forms of mass production in the world. Because the chair only had eight component parts and around 15 processes, Pauchard developed a system that could churn out over 170 chairs per day. That’s nearly 60,000 per year. When you think that this was the early 1930’s when industrial scale manufacturing was in it’s infancy, that’s a tremendous feat.

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