Meet The Latest Additions To The Tolix Family

Replica black antique finish Tolix chairWho’d have ever thought that the humble Tolix chair, which was a staple piece of furniture when it was first introduced in France in the 1930’s, could prove to be so popular almost 80 years on. In fact it seems that people can’t get enough of them, and certainly our replica chairs and stools fly off the shelves almost as soon as they arrive.

As you know our replica Tolix chairs and stools are available in a gloss and matt finish in a wide range of glorious colours which meets the needs of most of our customers. However, we’ve always aimed to keep abreast of trends and changes, and so when we found these Tolix chairs and stools with an antique matte finish we just had to have them.

Create a softer look

Currently available in just black, sky blue, and white, these latest Tolix chairs and stools have a sort of shabby chic look to them which is perfect for those customers looking to step away from the industrial theme and instead create a look which is softer and more ‘farmhouse kitchen’. Personally, we love them. Please remember, however, that they are purely intended for indoor use, so don’t be tempted to leave them outside in the harsh weather.

Lightweight and stackable

Similar to all our Tolix range they’re made from the same powder coated steel which is strong and durable, and are designed to show signs of wear and tear in key areas where the top colour is coming off revealing the colour beneath. Of course, when they get a few scratches and dents in them, then they’ll look even better. The great thing about our replica Tolix range is that they really are easy to care for – just a wipe with a damp cloth will remove any spillage or debris. In addition they’re easy to pick up and move around, and they even stack for convenient storage. They’re a great way of adding a sense of history and warmth into your theme.

Mix it up

If you’re embracing the idea of communal dining as many cafes are, then you’ll find that these charming chairs and stools look fabulous sat around our slatted dark timber communal table and create a great contrast. They also look really good paired with our Werzalit and Isotop tables and since these come in a wide range of colours and sizes, you’re sure to find something to suit.

We hope you like these latest additions to the Tolix family as much as we do. If you’d like to see them for yourself then please call in to our showroom at Brendale. If you need any more information then please don’t hesitate to call us on 07 3205 1616.

The Importance Of Ambience In Your Cafe

CROWDED CAFEIf you look up the word ‘ambience in the dictionary it will tell you that it equates to “the character and/or feeling of a place”. While having a good ambience is great, can it really have a detrimental effect on your coffee business if it doesn’t exist? The answer is probably more than you realise? It’s one of the most important reasons that customers are likely to choose you over your competition and yes…that includes the coffee and food!

With this in mind, just how do you get it right?


The first steps if you have a design theme or style in mind is to ask others. Remember the ambience isn’t solely about the interior décor. Instead it’s about setting the whole scene. With this in mind you might want to get together a focus group or cross section of people from within your community and put your ideas to them. Explain to them using mood boards or drawings how your finished cafe is going to look, and ask for feedback. Listen to their feedback carefully and in doing so you’ll have a great idea of the direction you need to go on. Obviously you can choose to ignore it and plough ahead with your design, but remember that focus groups form the backbone of many a successful restaurant/cafe chain, so do so at your own peril.

Taking the opposite approach

Of course, another way to create a great ambience is to do the exact opposite of what some of the larger coffee and restaurant chains are doing. Inevitably by going against the grain, this makes you stand out from the crowd. As an example some café’s are going back to basics and doing away with sofas, comfortable furniture, and seating altogether, in favour of a hard-core espresso bar mentality. People enter, drink their coffee of choice and leave. That’s a long way away from the ‘linger-as-long-as-you-like’ mentality that many cafes portray, but it’s a popular concept that strangely seems to appeal.

Don’t alienate your potential customers

Because the above approach can be a bit of a gamble you may want to try and match the ambience of your cafe to appeal to as many potential customers as possible. Having a variety of cafe seating available for those who want to linger, or for those who come in alone, or for those who want to work, is a good idea and one that can be utilised by having various zones or seating areas throughout your cafe. However don’t forget it’s still important to put your own stamp on your establishment to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Lighting it up

Another factor to creating the perfect cafe ambience is getting your lighting right. Too bright and it will prevent people from relaxing, but too dark and it will have that seedy bar or night club feel that might just put many people off. The trick is to use different lighting in different areas. Create intimate areas of recess lighting next to couches and soft chairs. Alternatively look to place spot lights near reading areas or areas where freelancers may be working. By differentiating zones it creates areas of interest within your cafe, that if done right can deliver a great ambience.

Here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane we stock a wide range of commercial-grade cafe furniture designed to help you create that perfect ambience. From modern funky and contemporary, to classical, retro or rustic, we have the cafe furniture to suit your needs. Visit our website at or contact us on 07 3205 1616. Alternatively, if you’re in the Brendale area of Brisbane, why not check out our showroom where you can see a wide variety of furniture first hand.

Embracing The Art Deco Look In Your Cafe For 2016

Isotop mahogany timber top tableArt Deco as an interior design has proven and continues to be incredibly popular but surprisingly it hasn’t really filtered through to the cafe world. That is until now. It is yet to become mainstream, however in some of the trendier cafe cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney there are stirrings towards the Art Deco cafe style with clean lines, wood and metal finishes, and striking designs. So if you want to be ahead of the curve and embrace all things Art Deco, what should you be looking out for in your cafe? Let’s delve deeper.

Keep it simple

Art Deco is all about simplistic decadence and therefore fixings and furniture need to look great, but they also need to be non-fussy. Whether it’s a simple star burst mirror with gold inlay, or an Isotop bar table with aluminium or gold stand, the less fussy your fixtures and fittings are, the more authentic the look.

Second hand

There are a multitude of flea markets and antique shops all selling Art Deco stuff, much of which isn’t that expensive. The key though isn’t to fill it with tons of clutter, but instead, try to invest in several key pieces that accentuate the look. This may be an Art Deco fire screen that you can use as an ornamental piece or even some Art Deco style prints or pictures that you can hang on the wall. How about some authentic 1930’s style glasses for that all important Manhattan cocktail or a wooden style fire bucket converted into an ice bucket? Alternatively think about placing your cakes on a vintage inspired cake stand to complete the look.

Colours and textures

Wood and metals are definitely in, but in addition you might want to think about faux and real leather, particularly in shades of brown. They really pick up the bronze brass and copper detailing in your furniture and trinkets. Don’t forget your flooring either. For an authentic look opt for a classic black and white tile theme or how about jazzing up your bar front with blue or green tiling typical from the period. It’s sleek and smooth and screams Art Deco period.

So there you have it. The Art Deco look doesn’t have to be expensive to achieve in your cafe. Instead it takes a touch or know-how. A little imagination and some homework. Thankfully here are Cafe Furniture Brisbane we have a wide range of cafe furniture in stock that would fit right in with the Art Deco ethos. What’s more all our furniture is commercial grade and represents great value for money. Check out our website at or contact us on 07 3205 1616 to see how we can help.

Embrace Communal Dining With Large Cafe Tables

Communal dining has been in existence for as long as there has been chairs and tables. Would the last supper for example, have taken place without communal dining? The fact is that love it or loathe it, being sandwiched between strangers while eating your meal or drinking your espresso, alongside people you don’t even know remains popular. True, it mightn’t sit well with everyone but restaurant chains from Mcdonalds through to Red Rooster have embraced the ethos of communal dining in a big way.

It could be argued that having large shared tables in your cafe, bistro, or restaurant creates an amiable ‘welcome all’ policy which is undoubtedly inviting for many, but not only this – from a business perspective, communal dining allows you to maximise your seating potential and therefore boosts your profits.

The problem is that it’s a risky strategy because not only do you run the gauntlet of alienating those who just aren’t comfortable with the whole concept, but also you’re faced with the fact that large tables take up quite a lot of space, so that’s a lot of potential revenue lost in terms of space if you get it horribly wrong. So what do you do?

Do your homework

If you like the idea of communal tables then do your homework first. Why not run a quick survey on passers by and ask them what they think. Check out other café’s in the area and see what they’re doing; or better still, go and have a coffee and get chatting to individuals inside and ask their outright opinion. After all, they’re the ones you’re trying to entice into your establishment right?

Run an experiment

Rather than turn your whole cafe into a communal dining establishment why not dip your toe in the water and create a small communal section. Monitor it and watch how it goes. Get regular feedback and say after a couple of months, try and qualify the results. Based on this you might want to turn your whole cafe into a communal dining experience. If so, then you’ve also now got an edge. Why? Because your cafe is different and that means that you stand out from the crowd.

If you like the idea of larger tables for communal dining purposes then you should take a look at Cafe Furniture Brisbane. We stock a wide range of commercial grade cafe furniture including larger tables at great value for money prices. To find out more visit our site at or contact us directly on 07 3205 1616. Alternatively, if you’re passing the Brendale area of Brisbane the you can always pop into our warehouse and take a look for yourself.