How To Bring A Touch Of The Mediterranean To Your Brisbane Cafe

aluminium chair with ash timber legsIf you’re looking to bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your Brisbane cafe, restaurant, or bistro it can be a hard look to master. Get it right and you’ll have a great looking establishment that stands out for all the right reasons, but get it wrong and it will look more like the Cotê de Ipswich rather than the Cotê d’Azur, So the question is where do you start? How about with your cafe furniture!

Mediterranean dining is all about al-fresco so having an outside terrace or pavement area where your customers can relax with a glass of something cold and watch the world go by is a must. The right cafe furniture for a contemporary Mediterranean look needs to be both light and fresh. A great example is a combination of aluminium and ash wood. The subtle light tones of the wood blend perfectly with the sleekness of the aluminium frame giving a light summery vibe. When it comes to cafe chairs, how about a light colour rattan blended with aluminium? Or alternatively, if you fancy something completely different, how about a sleek white drop chair to give a contemporary funky vibe.

When it comes to tables, the same rules as above apply. Keep it light, sleek and fresh. Square Isotop tables in sleek white with contrasting aluminium bases works particularly well, as do table tops in light beechwood. To really make your cafe seating stand out then contrast it with plain chrome tables which glint as they catch the sun.

Other décor

So you’ve got yourself a large (or small) terrace area and you’ve got your tables and chairs down. What now? You need greenery! No self respecting Mediterranean cafe would be seen dead without the obligatory foliage and we’re not talking fake vines here because….well.. that’s just plain tacky! Instead we’re talking box hedging. Just imagine rows of sleek tables and chairs glinting in the sun set against the deep green hues of some strategically placed box hedging. Now throw in some crisp white, perfectly laundered tablecloths and some tasteful candles and you’ve nailed it.

Okay so, when I say ‘nailed it’, that’s only half the story. Interiors should mirror the outdoor space with light colours, light wood, and lots of aluminium. Again don’t forget to add some strategically placed greenery but keep it tasteful otherwise it’ll look like a rainforest rather than a contemporary modern Mediterranean cafe. Finally a natural wood floor works well in light wood or how about a tiled floor with a simple crisp pattern.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a whole heap of cash to achieve what is ultimately a sophisticated look. Instead you need to be able to source the right products at the right price and have a little imagination. Thankfully you don’t need to look too far because at Cafe Furniture Brisbane we have a whole heap of commercial grade cafe furniture that not only fits perfectly with this theme, but is also great value for money.

Why not see for yourself by logging on to our website. Alternatively, if you’re in the Brendale area of Brisbane you can always pop into our showroom to take a closer look at the products we have to offer first hand. Finally is you still can’t find what you’re looking for, then our helpful, experienced team are on hand to assist, so give us a call on 07 3205 1616.

The Re-Emergence Of The Polypropylene Stacker Chair

premium chair in orangeI’m sure that anyone who has been to school in the last 40 years or so remembers the polypropylene stacker chair. They were generally one of two colours, either slate grey or a sludgy green, and to all intent and purposes were impossible to sit on for longer than 5 minutes without losing any feeling from the waist down. When the weather was hot you stuck to them like a limpet and when the weather was cold they sent a shock through your system when you sat on them, like stepping into a ice cold bath. All in all, not a very pleasant experience.

Move on 40 years and surprisingly the polypropylene stacking chair is having somewhat of a re-emergence. Now not only are they just found in schools, they’re also being used in some of the most funkiest cafe’s and eateries in the city. So why is this?

Firstly the polypropylene or PP chair is relatively cheap to produce. It can be moulded out of one piece of plastic which is pressed into position, so it’s also quick to produce. Polypropylene as a material is incredibly flexible, so it can easily be moulded into some amazing shapes and designs and finally, it can come in a multitude of colours from battleship grey through to sunburst yellow and burnt orange.

From a design viewpoint, it’s everything you would want in a chair with funky bold designs in some pretty amazing colours, but from a practical point of view the poly-prop stacking chair is even more special. As the name suggests they’re incredibly lightweight and are designed to stack one on top of each other. From a storage perspective or for those with limited storage space, this is ideal. They’re low maintenance in the fact that they simply need wiping down with a damp cloth to keep them looking as good as new, and they’re flexible in that they can be used both indoors and out. Just imagine how eye-catching a row of sunburst yellow chairs would be placed against sleek white tables on an outdoor patio or terrace area?

Flexibility in design

Because of their multitude of colours they provide complete flexibility in design. They look just as good complimenting a Moroccan inspired design with burnt oranges and terracotta’s as they would a classic monochrome theme with chairs in cool white or jet black. Finally how about really going to town and funking it up with vibrant chair collections in azure blues, pillar box reds, sunburst yellows, and shocking pinks?

As you can see the polypropylene stacking chair has come a long way since the school classrooms of the 70’s and 80’s and has gone from something that was uncomfortable and let’s face it… ugly, to the epitome of cutting-edge chic. Who would have thought it?

At Cafe Furniture Brisbane we stock a large range of polypropylene stacking cafe chairs in a wide range of colours, so why not log on and take a closer look. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need advice then contact our experienced team on 07 3205 1616 who are happy to assist. Alternatively if you’re passing the Brendale area of Brisbane then you can always pop into our showroom where you can see much of the furniture we have on offer first hand.

A Comfortable Truth – Your Cafe Seating Really Matters!

Tub chair in charcoalIn years gone by café’s and comfort didn’t really go hand in hand. In fact in many establishments the preferred seating of choice was something usually something along the lines of a 30 minute chair. This was so called because it looked great but you’d only want to be sitting in it for 30 minutes. After this time you wouldn’t be able to feel your backside. This was great for busy café’s who were looking to turn tables as quickly as possible.

Nowadays however comfort is really important to cafe goers. They want to be able to drink their skinny latte while checking their emails and sitting in a relaxing chair. If your seating is uncomfortable, then it doesn’t mater how good the coffee or service is, customers won’t be returning. That unfortunately is the cold hard truth.

Now for the good news..

Manufacturers realise this and now produce a wide range of comfortable commercial-grade cafe chairs. This means that yes, they’re practical, yes they’re built to last, but most importantly, they’re great to sit on. The issue is that you’ve got to find them.

Try before you buy

It’s unlikely that you’d buy a new mattress or bed without testing it out first. The same goes for your cafe furniture. After all it’s going to be one of your biggest purchases so it needs to be right. With this in mind, it’s worth spending some time going to showrooms and trying them out. Physically sit on them and see how they feel. If they check out okay for you, then chances are your customers will agree too. You don’t have to buy from the showroom if you don’t want to as you might find the same chairs cheaper online, but most definitely try before you buy.

Mix it up a little

You know the saying ‘You can’t please all of the people, all of the time‘ Well when it comes to cafe seating comfort, then maybe you can! How about ‘hedging your bets’ and mixing your cafe furniture up. It doesn’t all have to be neat rows of tables and chairs. On the contrary to provide a bit of interest, why not intersperse tables and chairs with sofas, tub chairs, and even booth seating. This way you stand a better chance of providing the right kind of seating for everyone.

At Cafe Furniture Brisbane we provide a wide range of comfortable commercial grade cafe seating for you to choose from. Not only are they robust and practical, they’re good to sit on too. Log onto our website to take a closer look. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need further help, then you can always contact us on 07 3205 1616 and talk to our experienced team. On behalf of the team, we look forward to helping you find the right cafe furniture for you.

How To Find Affordable Cafe Furniture

Cafe furnitureWhether you’re looking to furnish a new cafe venue or refurbish an existing one, the one thing you’ll be keeping a close eye on is the budget. Let’s face it, aside from the food and beverage costs, your cafe furniture is one of the biggest outlays that you’ll have to make, so it’s understandable that you would want something stylish, something that lasts, and inevitably something that offers value for money. So just how do you find affordable cafe furniture? Let’s take a closer look.

Shop around

One of the first rules of grabbing a bargain is never to buy the first thing you see. More often than not, when it comes to cafe furniture, if you see it in a bricks and mortar shop, you can find the exact same one cheaper online, so do shop around. Spend a few evenings trawling the internet for ideas and prices and find out if they do any special discounts for bulk buys etc. Some online cafe furniture stores such as the one here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane also have bricks and mortar warehouses where you can try before you buy. For this reason it’s worth checking it out if you’re passing.

Go replica/inspired

It wasn’t so long ago when cafe furniture was a little dull or a bit drab. Greys and browns were the order of the day and whether they were comfortable or not still remains to be seen. Thankfully, fast forward a decade or so and now you can really go to town with replica or inspired cafe furniture. Original Tolix, Thonet and Pierre Paulin cafe chairs which might set you back a lot of money can now be purchased for a fraction of the price when you buy replica or inspired pieces. What’s more they’re stronger, more durable, and often more practical than their designer counterparts.

Make sure it’s commercial-grade

Although finding affordable cafe furniture is all about getting it at a good price, affordability can also mean buying something that lasts. For this reason you should make sure that what you’re buying is commercial-grade. What’s more, you might want to make sure it’s AFRDI tested. This means that the furniture in question has undergone a multitude of strength, weight, heat, and drop tests and only the most durable carry the blue tick of approval. In essence you’re buying something that’s built to last and therefore won’t need replacing a few years down the line.

As you can see, finding affordable cafe furniture isn’t hard, it’s just that you have to know where to look. To help you find your ideal cafe furniture at the right price, why don’t you visit our online store at right now and start browsing.