3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Barstool For Your Cafe

cross back bentwood bar stoolSo you have a cafe venue that you’re looking to furnish or upgrade and are considering buying bar stools. The advantages of bar stools over cafe chairs are well documented. Firstly they’re versatile and can be utilised in a number of ways including seating around dry bar tables or under benches, or of course at a bar itself. Secondly they also give you the opportunity to maximise your seating capacity better than standard chairs because they don’t take up so much space. Finally bar stools are a great way for cafes to define a modern casual look where people can come in and grab a coffee in a non-formal environment.

Now you know the advantages of bar stools, let’s take a look at 3 important things to consider when buying them.


This is without doubt the number one factor you have to get right. Bar stools come in different sizes. Get it wrong and people will either be knocking their knees on the bar base, or alternatively they mightn’t be able to reach the bar comfortably. Just to confuse you more there are bar stools for different jobs. There are bench height bar stools, chair height bar stools, as well as commercial style full-scale bar stools, depending upon your needs. These start at 45cms for a chair height bar stool through to tall bar stools at 100cms plus. In order to get the right height you’ll need to leave between 25 and 30cms of space between the bar top and the seat. This gives sufficient space for people to sit comfortably.

Arm rests or not?

Although you might consider bar stools with arm rests to be more comfortable, the fact is that stools with armrests will take up more space so this is something you’ll need to consider. They won’t for instance tuck right in under counters and need to be pulled further away from the space. In other words if you’re considering comfort a top priority then think about stools with arm rests but if your main priority is optimising your floor space, then consider the wide variety or armless bar stools that are available.

Adjustable or static?

The final consideration (apart from the design of course) is whether you want adjustable or static bar stools. While adjustable stools give you the flexibility you need, they can be more expensive than static bar stools, plus there are more working parts that need on-going maintenance. Conversely static non-adjustable chairs may give you less scope for flexibility but they’re often cheaper and because there’s less that can go wrong, they tend to last longer.

So there you have it. 3 considerations you need to take into account when buying the right bar stool for your cafe. Here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane we have a wide variety of bar stools available in differing heights styles and designs. Why not take a look at our website or give us a call on 07 3205 1616 for more information. Alternatively if you’re in the Brendale area, why not pop into our showroom to take a look first hand.

What’s So Special About Replica Furniture?

ribbon chair in greenAt Cafe Furniture Brisbane much of the furniture that we stock are replicas of iconic chairs which were brought to the forefront of design at the time by famous furniture designers. Offering several styles, colours, materials, you’re sure to find one to suit your cafe, bar, or bistro.

Replica furniture has become widely popular in recent years as the interest in modern interior design has grown. However, aside from this replica furniture also offers many benefits, so let’s take a look at a few.

Well made

Our selection of replica furniture represents a collection of some of the best in sleek modern design and since it is constructed in a similar fashion to create the same level of durability as the originals, it means that you can be assured of alternative quality pieces to the originals, at far more affordable prices. In other words you can embrace the designer look without making a huge dent in your budget.

Take our ribbon chair, for example, this thought provoking chair is designed to keep the exact same integrity of the original Masters Chair created by Phillipe Starcke which incorporated three equally iconic chairs from designers Arne Jacobsen, Charles Eames, and Eero Saarinen. Available to buy from us in four fantastic colours, it make a real statement wherever you place it. Crafted from strong, resilient PP that has been UV treated, it can be used indoors or out.

Another popular replica are our Tolix chairs, which are made in the same way as the original chairs designed by Xavier Pauchard and which fit so well into contemporary and traditional spaces. Chairs such as these have remained popular throughout the years because of their design and durability and cafe owners in particular have cottoned on to the fact that not only are they amazingly strong, being made from steel, but they’re also lightweight and can be moved around easily. What’s more they have a unusual characteristic in the fact that a few bumps and dents actually improve their looks.


Replica furniture isn’t chosen purely for its looks. People also buy it knowing that the original was designed to be functional and was carefully planned to suit practically any space. This is the main reason that replica styles remain popular despite new styles coming on to the market.


When the Tolix chair was first introduced it was a basic staple used throughout Paris in schools, hospitals, and cafes, and was even at one time given away by breweries as an incentive for publicans to sell their beer, so relatively speaking it was a cheap as chips. These days, if you can even hunt down an original Tolix chair, it’s likely to have a far heftier price tag and the same goes for most of the iconic chairs which are widely replicated. Thanks to the affordability of replica furniture, you can create a designer look at a fraction of what you’d need to pay for original pieces.

Finding high quality cafe furniture at affordable prices can be challenging but here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane we make things easier by offering a great selection of replica furniture at extremely attractive prices. So if you’re interested to find out more about replica cafe furniture why not take a look in our online store or visit our showroom in Brisbane to see it first hand. Meanwhile if you have any questions you can always contact us on 07 3205 1616.

Introducing The Tall Hairpin Stool – The Only Hairpin You’re Unlikely To Lose!

Hairpin-TimberWhile it’s true that you want your cafe bar stools to have the practical necessities like strength, durability, and affordability, you also want them to look stylish, and to turn heads and attract comment. Well, the tall hairpin stool does all of these things and much more besides.

Cleverly designed to resemble a hairpin, this is one hairpin you aren’t likely to lose. Ideal for use at a long tapas-style bar area, or for seating around high dry-bar tables, this is one design that can give your cafe a contemporary edge over your competitors. Yes it’s space saving, stackable and comfortable to sit on, but none of that is important if it doesn’t look the part. One look at this and you’ll see that it does.

Crafted with a steel frame the hairpin stool is finished with a light or dark elm seat, The contrast of the starkness of the metal set against the warming richness of the wood brings out the best of a contemporary industrial setting complete with exposed brickwork and steel. Imagine the hairpin bar stool interspersed with a collection of gun-metal grey Tolix bar stools and wrought iron Detroit stools for an uber-cool contemporary look.

Alternatively the modernistic design of the tall hairpin stool wouldn’t look out of place in a rustic setting. The contrast between the contemporary slick design and a rough wooden floor or simple wooden tables for examples is the perfect match. Throw in some distressed furniture and colour-washed panelling and you have the ideal accompaniment for a great shabby-chic look.

Because it isn’t overly ornate or gaudy it has great design appeal. In fact the flexibility of this particular stool is one of its main assets and as such it fits perfectly in to a wide variety of differing styles and themes. For example, it would look just as good in a rustic corner cafe as it would in a high-end city bistro, or alternatively it would be the perfect enhancer for a minimalist look but at the same time it wouldn’t look out of place in an upmarket 70’s retro theme complete with lots of dark wood and splashes of sage green and taupe. That really is the beauty of it.

To find out more about this great looking bar stool visit our website at Cafe Furniture Brisbane. Here you can browse this, plus our entire collection of competitively-priced, commercial-grade cafe furniture at your leisure. In the meantime if you have any questions at all about any of our furniture, give us a call on 07 3205 1616 and talk to our experienced team who are more than happy to assist.

Make Your Cafe More Inviting With A Tub Chair Or Two

tub chair in PU leatherWhether it’s a doctor’s waiting room, a reception area, or a cafe, I’m sure you’ve come across and indeed sat in many a tub chair. They’re not your normal everyday ‘sit bolt upright‘ kind of chair and in cafe’s, restaurants, and bistro’s especially, they create a relaxing space that customers want to sit and chill in. As we’re celebrating this particular chair – well – writing about it anyway – it wouldn’t be right without mentioning a little bit of background history.

First of all, the name – Where did the word ‘tub’ come from?

There are in fact various theories on the origin of the word. One theory came from the fact that the shape of the chair resembles that of a bath tub, hence the name. However the term bath tub originates from the US and the original tub chairs were most definitely European.

The second and more probable theory is that the name was a derivation of the club chair because it was found mainly in Gentleman’s Clubs which were very popular all over England during the latter part of the 18th century. Even today, these chairs are still found in golf club houses all over the world.

Club or tub chairs started off life as early as the 17th century but only as wooden framed chairs without upholstery. They were considered a cheap but relatively comfortable chair that any household at the time afford. It wasn’t until the 18th century however when the top furniture makers of the day started using better, more costlier materials such as solid oak and hand-dyed leathers to make tub chairs that appealed to the great and the good of the time. These chairs were the finest of their time and sold for what today would be the equivalent of thousands of pounds.

Nowadays thankfully quality tub chairs can be purchased for a fraction of the price and are made using PU leather over pine wood, complete with comfortable padded seating. Because the most successful cafe’s are the ones that appeal to a wider customer base, tub chairs can easily create a more intimate, relaxing experience for a customer to sit in and enjoy their newspaper and a great cup of coffee. What’s more in order to create an inviting space you only need a handful of tub chairs so it won’t cost you the earth. So go on, what are you waiting for, make your cafe a relaxing space and let your customers enjoy your finest coffee in a tub chair or two.

At Cafe Furniture Brisbane we offer top of the range, commercial grade tub chairs at competitive prices. To find out more either visit our website or call us on 07 3205 1616.

Choosing Cafe Furniture – How To Get It Right

cafe furnitureWhile designing the interior of a cafe involves many lengthy and important processes, many business owners tend to concentrate more on the aesthetics of a venue rather than focus on the customer experience. Although the look and feel of a place is what may first attract customers in, what happens from thereon in determines whether they’ll come back. For this reason getting the basics right such as choosing the right cafe furniture is crucial. So how do you get it right? Let’s take a closer look…

Getting the most out of your space

A balance needs to be struck between making sufficient profit and making sure the customer is comfortable and this is why it’s really important to plan your seating space. By all means make sure that space in fully maximised by squeezing in as many tables as possible, but not at the detriment to both service and customer comfort. When you plan table seating ask yourself the following question. Is there sufficient space between tables so that….

  • Customers can be seated and leave without having to squeeze past a myriad of tables

  • Staff can serve easily without knocking chairs

  • People and staff can have easy access to toilets and kitchens respectively

  • Anyone with wheelchairs or pushchairs can be seated easily

If you can get the customer flow part right, then you’re halfway there.

Quality vs quantity

When it comes to the quality vs quantity debate of buying cafe furniture, quality should win every time. It’s no good for instance buying a job lot of cheap tables and chairs if your customers aren’t going to be comfortable sitting in and around them. The issue is that no matter how good your coffee, home made cakes, or service is, if a customer experiences uncomfortable seating or tables that are just too close together, they’ll only come in once. Yes comfort really is that important! Instead what you should be looking to do is to buy the highest quality cafe furniture that you can with your budget. In addition to bricks and mortar stores, many commercial cafe furniture retailers who choose to do their business online now have showrooms where you can take a look and try before you buy. Therefore in this day and age there really is no excuse for buying uncomfortable cafe furniture

Catering for everyone

Finally successful café’s don’t alienate their clientele. Therefore you’ll want to choose seating that appeals to a whole gamut of people. For example, corner seating consisting of cosy tables-for-two will cater for those looking for a little privacy, while booth seating will cater for larger groups and families. Alternatively comfy recliners or sofas might appeal to those freelancers looking for a workspace (that’s as long as they buy a coffee or two throughout the day) or those seeking to take the weight off their feet for an hour or so.

If you can take these 3 points on board and nail your cafe furniture choice then you’re halfway towards a cafe that will be talked about for all the right reasons.

At Cafe Furniture Brisbane we have a wide selection of top quality, commercial-grade cafe furniture available for you to browse and buy. If you need assistance the you can always contact us on 07 3205 1616. Alternatively if you’re in the Brendale area of Brisbane, then why not pop into our showroom to take a closer look at what we have to offer, first hand.