Introducing Our Funky New Olive Chair

olive3Some things are indisputably beautiful as is our Olive chair. The latest arrival to our wide collection of cafe chairs, this one is shown in a glossy black finish that fits in well with a modern design. A replica of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s Vegetal Chair, it’s an exciting way to bring the feel of nature into your modern cafe design, with an elegant refined edge.Just imagine a couple of these stunning chairs sitting opposite a sumptuous black leather sofa, in the relaxing ambience of your cafe. Place these chairs centre stage wherever you want to draw attention to a particular area of your cafe space.

Stackable option

The Olive chair is an accurate replica of the Vegetal chair and uses nature for its inspiration as did the original Ronan and Erwan Bourloullec chair. Its plant like structure made of polypropylene throughout from just one piece of resin has an organic form and modern feel which makes a bold statement wherever you place it. Lightweight, it’s easy to move around from one one place to another and since it stacks, it’s also a good option for those with limited storage space. Easy to care for and low in maintenance, it’s also a chair that can be used indoors or out and its stunning design is sure to capture the attention of anyone passing by.

Get the look

Just imagine how good these olive chairs would look on your terrace placed around jet blacks with gleaming white parasols and planters full of green foliage and white blooms. Modern and trendy, it’s a place that people would want to enjoy and relax in. Or, imagine lining up these olive chairs on your pavement area sat behind gleaming chrome tables beneath large white canopies. They’d be sure to catch the attention of people passing by. They’d look equally as good inside your cafe grouped round large white tables with a glossy black tiled floor and slate lining the walls for a bold, contemporary feel. You could easily change the look from tie to time simply by swapping out accent colours in the form of napkins or condiments, or even picture frames or mirrors.

Here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane we’ve got a wide range of affordable care furniture in a myriad of styles, materials, and colours. We’re constantly adding to our range with the latest trends as well as keeping iconic favourites such as our Tolix and Bentwood range, close at hand. All of our furniture is designed for commercial use and much of it has passed AFRDI testing. Why not browse our online store or pop into our Brendale showroom to see our products for yourself. If you need any further information on any of our products then please don’t hesitate to call us on 07 3205 1616 and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.

How To Enrich Your Cafe’s Ambience With Texture

cafe-interior-designYou know when you walk into a room and something feels like it’s missing? All the right components are there – colour scheme, lighting, decorative items, but the entire room just feels flat. If this is something that you’ve come across perhaps in a cafe that you’ve visited, then the answer to what is missing is texture.

For some reason people often consider texture as an after thought when designing their interiors, but with our hints and tips, this is all about to change.

What’s so important about texture? It brings a room to life, makes it pop, and gives it ambience.

What do we mean by ‘texture’?

Basically texture is about how things feel. Imagine the feel of a soft cashmere sweater against your skin or imagine the texture of exposed brickwork. Or to make this more relevant to your cafe imagine the feeling of sinking into a comfy tub chair or sitting on a chair with a soft cushioned seat.

Adds visual weight

You probably already know how different colours can affect how a space feels. For example white makes a room look larger and lighter and also makes it feel fresh and clean. Well, texture works in a similar fashion. Rough textures can make your space feel more cosy and intimate whereas smooth surfaces bring more of a sleek, aloof tone to the room.

Placing a smooth texture next to a rough texture will also make the rough texture stand out and give it more visual weight than it if were spaced further apart.

Adds balance

Contrast is essential in design terms because it provides visual interest and keeps things balanced. The key thing here is not to go crazy and overdo things. Just stick to two or three distinct textures in different areas of your cafe. If you want people to see the space as a whole then opt for 3 textures and if you want to emphasise a particular focal point, then stick to two.

So how do you add texture to your cafe’s interior?

  • Architecture – If you happen to have beams in your cafe then why not paint them white and paint the ceiling a soft pastel colour. Or, if you have a brick wall then why not expose parts or all of the brickwork to show off its texture.

  • Furniture – Cafe furniture is one of the easiest ways to add texture and contrast. For example how about Tolix chairs with coffee bean cushions on them. Or how about using our cross back bentwood chairs with rattan cushions? Around your counter areas you could arrange metal bar stools with wooden seats or in your lounge area include a few tub chairs set around some metal coffee tables.

  • Floor coverings – A stripped wooden floor could benefit from a few carefully placed sisal rugs which will help protect the floor and add interesting texture.

  • Textiles – Finally, how about some throws over your sofas or some pillows in window seats to make the room pop.

Here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane we’ve got a great range of furniture which embraces a contrast of textiles to help you create ambience and replace what’s missing in your interior design. What’s more we’re having a summer bonanza sale where you can get between 5% and 70% of everything in store. So why not try out a few of our tips and save yourself some money too. To find find out ore check out the website or contact us on 07 3205 1616.

5 Easy Ways You Can Give Your Cafe A Summer Makeover On A Budget

cafe makeoverAs the temperature is hotting up and we’re slowly edging towards summer it’s a good time to give your cafe a summer refurb. It’s understandable that a well-maintained cafe will have a greater chance of attracting more customers, but just how do you do this when you have a very limited budget? Let’s take a closer look…

A lick of paint

While it might seem obvious, way too many cafe’s neglect their walls often leaving them chipped and worn. A lick of paint has the ability to freshen up any establishment and lighter shades of pastel colours can make a real summery difference while also creating a feeling of space.

Replace worn utensils and dishes

Chipped or shabby crockery or knives and forks that are tarnished don’t always make their way to the bin. Take a moment to sift through your crockery and utensils and get rid of the worst offenders. Replace them with shiny new crockery and cutlery for that ‘out with the old, in with the new‘ summery feel. The good news is that replacing your crockery doesn’t have to be expensive as there are plenty of websites that sell ex-restaurant stock at cheap prices. Alternatively restaurant supply stores will always do great discounts when you buy in bulk.

Replacing your cafe table tops

Replacing your cafe table tops is a cost effective way to get a completely different cafe look without spending a small fortune. Replace dark wood tables with something lighter, possibly light ash or white and you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes. For even bigger budget savings why not look online at companies that sell factory seconds. In many cases the damage is minimal (usually just a slight scratch) and you can pick these up for a song. Sometimes as much as 70% off RRP.

How are your windows?

Even something as simple as giving your windows a thorough clean can let more light into your cafe giving it an instant airy feel. It also means that passers-by can see in, giving you the perfect window of opportunity (pun intended) to attract more customers.

Don’t forget your floor

If you have a dark floor, you might want to consider painting it in lighter colours for the summer Just like your walls, floors are often neglected and a brighter floor colour can give a real sense of space, thus opening up the room area. Add a splash of colour in the form of planters and ornaments (again these can be bought from charity shops or flea markets) to complete the look.

At Cafe Furniture Brisbane we stock a wide range of affordable, commercial-grade cafe furniture for that summer look. What’s more, we’re having a summer bonanza sale where you can get between 5% and 70% of everything in store so why not take advantage of it and save yourself some money in the process. To find out more ether visit our website at or contact us on 07 3205 1616