How to Make Red Work In Your Cafe

Whether you’re starting out from scratch or simply planning a makeover for your cafe, colour has a big part to play. It’s widely recognised that colour plays with our emotions, sets the ambience, and can even make us feel hungry. However, when it comes to red, not everyone is convinced that this is a colour for them to include in their décor, so let’s take a closer look at how red can be used to good effect in your cafe décor.

Warm ambience

If your cafe interior is large and imposing then mellow red walls can give it a greater feeling of depth and warmness. It’s perfect for creating a cosy, welcoming feel and when paired with rich tapestry fabrics and velvets looks chic and expensive. It’s important to use a variety of lighting with this colour scheme, however, otherwise it will seem too dark. Lighting can be separated into 3 categories: ambient, task, and accent. If you have the space then a showy chandelier looks simply gorgeous as ambient lighting and also makes a statement. Just imagine the sun catching the glass droplets sending rays of rainbow colours onto your walls. Task lighting can be used to shine light on to your cafe tables so that people can see what they’re eating and drinking. One way is to use recessed spotlights around the edges of your room, although we prefer pendant lights and Edison bulbs hanging in groups at varying heights. Finally, use accent lighting to show off any artwork or areas of architecture which are appealing.

Furniture that pops

While neutral colours are a good way to go for your décor and won’t offend anyone, it can make an interior look a little bland and one dimensional. Red chairs are a great way of injecting some warmth and colour into neutral spaces and can be found in all types of materials including plastic and metal. We particularly like red metal chairs such as our replica Tolix chairs and stools and our Hairpin stools which feature red metal legs combined with a wooden seat. Not only does this add contrast and texture but if you’ve got wooden table tops, then it ties in the look nicely.

Hunger cravings

Red is also known to increase a person’s appetite and is used in many fast food chains. It’s said to have the effect of making people feel hungry and eat fast, which could be a sneaky way of increasing your table turnover rate. Try printing your menu on to red laminate or serve food and drinks with red china mugs and plates.

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas for incorporating some red into your cafe décor. If you need some red furniture then we’ve got plenty for you to choose from.

4 Cafe Trends That Stand The Test Of Time

It seems that cafe trends just like any other trend come and go with the wind and what is the latest in design one day, quickly becomes dated. So if you’re looking to remodel your cafe, or starting out from scratch, what design trends are worth investing in that won’t be outdated in a few months time? We’ve put together 4 trends that in our opinion aren’t going anywhere fast. So let’s dive in and take a look:

#1 Classic Bentwood

The years roll by but still wherever you go you’ll see Bentwood chairs. In fact, this iconic brand has been embraced by cafes, bars, and restaurants all over the world for more than 100 years. When you take a closer look at the Bentwood design, this is hardly surprising, since the sensual curves bent by steam are easily identified and attractive and can be utilised in any establishment be it modern or traditional. Another reason for its popularity is that the chairs are lightweight and easy to move around and yet incredibly durable and hard wearing. Even better, the prices are very affordable.

#2 Solid wood tables

Tables are a necessity in eating establishments and one that continues to stand the test of time is the solid wood table. Natural materials are currently bang on trend and the solid wood table fits perfectly into this genre. Wood has a warmth to it which creates a welcoming ambience, is super durable, and looks amazing in any commercial space. Large communal tables, in particular, when made from solid wood help to create a more intimate sharing space which feels almost like sharing a family meal at home.

#3 Everything social media

Popular platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Yelp have shown that digital sharing within cafes, bars, and restaurants is here to stay. This means that it’s vital to design your cafe or restaurant with social media in mind. From unique murals, to neon signs and funky plaques, it’s important to consider how diners are viewing and sharing your hospitality space. By creating a space of your own that is memorable you’ll find it easier to grow your brand and engage with customers.

#4 Remain authentic

Although this post is about trends that stand the test of time, often the best cafe and restaurant designs don’t follow any type of trend. For a brand to be unique it deserves an interior that is unique and when you find a cafe, bar, or restaurant that goes against the grain and consistently remains authentic in its style, mission, and food, then that’s incredibly powerful and everlasting.