What To Look for In A Cafe Table

One of the most important items of furniture for any cafe is the tables. After all, they’re pretty much a necessity, and since they take up much of your space, they’re often the first thing that customers notice. But if you’re seeking new cafe tables, then what should you be looking for? We’ve put together a check list to follow which will help you make up your mind.

  • Durability – Naturally if you’re splashing the cash on new cafe tables then you want ones that are going to last, since you don’t want to be changing them six months down the line. It may be stating the obvious, but it’s important that you choose cafe tables which are designed for commercial use. Yes, we know you can find cheaper ones for home use, but trust us, they’re not designed for frequent use on a daily basis.

  • Indoor/outdoor use – When choosing your new cafe tables it kind of makes sense to choose ones that can be used indoors and outside, that way all your bases are covered, and if a large party suddenly arrives that wants to sit outside, for example, and all the tables are full, you can always utilise any spare tables from inside.

  • Easy maintenance – when a cafe is busy then waiting staff need to be on the ball and quickly clearing and wiping tables for the next set of customers. Try and choose a table top that can be easily wiped down using something as simple as household cleanser and a damp cloth. In addition, a table top that is stain resistant and heatproof will also make life much easier for you.

  • Flexibility – Wouldn’t it be great if you could find the same design of table in an assortment of sizes, so that you could keep consistent styling throughout your venue but switch up table heights for different seating areas. Well the good news is that many of the top manufacturers in the hospitaliy industry do offer a choice of shapes and sizes in all of their table top designs, so keep an eye out for these.

  • Weather resistant – The chances are that if you have an outdoor terrace or pavement dining area you want to be able to leave your tables outside for the best part of the year, to make the most of passing trade. For this to be possible, it’s important to choose table tops that are weather resistant and UV stabilised. This means that despite the harsh Austraian climate, they won’t crack, splinter, or rot nor will they fade and lose their colour.

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Top Tips On Decorating Your Cafe With Pantone’s Colour Of The Year – Ultra Violet

We blogged a while back about cafe trends to expect for the year of 2018 but I’m not sure we touched on colour. We like to stay up to date not just on cafe furniture but colours too, and for a bit of fun like to check out Pantone’s colour of the year, which in this case is Ultra Violet.

There’s no doubt that this is a big bold colour and while yes, it’s dramatic, it’s not so dramatic or garish that you can’t incorporate it into your cafe or bistro for impact, even in small doses. Last year was a time when ‘neutral’ seemed to be a buzz word, so in a way it’s refreshing to see a lush colour that you can actually get excited about. This rich vibrant colour is a great alternative to those neutral tones and adds a warm and whimsical feeling. So, how can you use it in your cafe or bistro? Well here are a few suggestions:

Think about the room itself

Purple is a soothing colour and is perfect for creating a calm space. Why not consider using it in your cafe’s lounge area complete with a couple of squashy sofas and some tub chairs. Because it’s such a bold colour you can also try using it in rooms that aren’t intended for lingering. For example, if you have a foyer, try using it there just for impact on entry. So as to avoid purple lending a gloomy feel, match it with plenty of natural light and neutrals.

Consider the effect

The best thing about design is the lack of rules. If you want your purple to be clearly visible then add it to more of your public areas. If you’d rather it was a surprise then how about using it in your rest rooms. If you decide to paint an entire wall or the whole room, then pair it with light coloured furniture to accent the rest of your space. Alternatively if you choose neutral shades for your walls, then use the purple in your accessories to make your design pop.

Mix and match with other colours

While this bold colour looks great on its own it also looks good with other colours. For instance you could create a rich regal look by pairing it with lighter shades of blue, rich orange shades, and light wood finishes. Or you could layer it with other shades of purple and blue, to make a space seem intentionally intense.

Use it outdoors

Finally, how about incorporating purple into your outdoor dining areas. This fabulous colour is most likely to be found in polypropylene chairs which look wonderful paired with fresh, crisp white tops. Or how about using some purple plant pots brimming with flowers or greenery to add a pop of colour and attract the attention of passers by.

Sure, ultra violet is a bold colour hallenging colour but as suggested above, a little goes a long way and you can have fun planning how you too can incororate it into your interior space.