5 Things To Look For In Top Quality Cafe Furniture

While cafe furniture varies in style and size there are some universal features that you should look for and it’s these that you should focus your attention on to ensure that you’re making a good investment for your cafe. So with that in mind, let’s take a closer look.


All cafe and bistro furniture should be strong with a high assembly build. While this is important for any type of furniture, it’s even more important for cafe furniture which needs to be able to withstand all the daily rigours of a busy environment. To ensure your cafe furniture lasts for several years always buy commercial furniture which is intended for the hospitality industry and purchase from a reputable retailer.

Good quality

Another thing to bear in mind is the design of your cafe furniture. While you may serve the best coffee in town, if your furniture is looking old and battered, then customers are likely to go elsewhere. As well as replacing any worn out furniture make sure that your table and chair sets look up to date and inviting in their appearance.

Complements your interior

With so many designs it can be difficult to know which to choose and what would fit well into the interior of your cafe. The best advice we can give you in this respect is to focus first on what type of material you want your furniture to be made from. If for instance, your cafe has a traditional look about it with a classic unpretentious style, then we’d suggest you stick to wooden furniture or laminate. Classic styles like bentwood and ladderback work well together with timber table tops. If you’re trying to create a modern, light and airy ambience then consider Parisian chairs with stainless steel tabletops, which can be used indoor and outside to create a seamless flow from one area to another.

High quality and good finish

When shopping for wooden or MDF furniture make sure that it’s good quality and well finished. If you’re using it outside then ensure that it’s waterproof and UV resistant. Our Isotop table tops are a good alternative to solid timber since they’re constructed from an innovative material which combines plantation wood chip with resin and wax which are precisely moulded together and given a durable laminate surface which looks just like timber only it’s way more durable and effective for cafe use. Waterproof, UV resistant, and heat and stain resistant too, they’re suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be wiped clean just with a damp cloth.

Affordable cost

While you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of your cafe furniture it doesn’t mean that you can’t look around for furniture with an affordable price tag. Online retailers typically offer a better selection of furniture together with cheaper prices and this is because they deal direct with the manufacturers and don’t have the high costs associated with a brick and mortar business.

Here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane, we stock a wide range of quality commercial cafe furniture to suit all tastes and budgets. You can browse our online store or better still why not visit our showroom in Brendale to try out the products for yourself?

Tips For Choosing The Right Cafe Table Tops

Since cafe tables take up the most space in your cafe and are one of the first things that customers see when they come through your doors it’s important to make the right choice. But how do you choose a cafe table? What should you be looking for? We’ve put together a quick guide to assist you when choosing new cafe table tops for your venue.


It makes sense that before considering the material and colour of your table tops that you determine what size you’re looking for. Most ranges come in a variety of sizes which is always helpful if you want to mix and match sizes for different seating areas.

The size of top you choose depends on how much space you have to work with, the type of food that you’re serving, and the amount of customers you want to be able to cater for. For most cafes, a table size of 700 mm should be more than large enough although you might want to include some 600mm table for two sizes, to fill any awkward gaps or recesses.

Square or rectangular tables are usually the best choice because they can be pushed together to make larger tables for groups. Of course, if you have the space, you can always include a communal table for groups.


First of all, can we just say that besides choosing which material you want for your tabletops the most important thing is to only buy those that are intended for commercial use since domestic table tops will not withstand all the rigours of a bustling cafe.

Basically, there are two main choices for your tabletops – solid wood and particleboard surrounded with a melamine or laminate face. Don’t be concerned that the latter may not be sufficiently durable, because that is simply not the case. Our Isotop table tops, for example, are amongst the most durable cafe table tops that you’ll ever find and have the look of a wooden top at a fraction of the price.

Heat resistance

Do you really need tables that are heat resistant? When it comes to wooden table tops or laminate ones, while they can withstand warm plates, as a rule of thumb if the late is too hot to be held in your hands then it’s too hot to place straight onto your table tops. Wooden table tops may be hardwearing and durable but they will mark if you put something down on them that is too hot. If you don’t want to use tablecloths then we suggest that you use placemats on your table surfaces.

The exception to this is our Isotop table tops which are able to withstand plates straight from the oven and which can also withstand damage from smouldering cigarettes.


Another consideration is the cleaning of your table tops. If you have a high turnover then you want tables that can be quickly wiped clean in between customers with nothing more than a damp cloth and gentle cleansing spray. While this works well with laminate and Isotop table tops, the same can’t be said for wooden table tops which may require regular staining and varnish to help them avoid marks and stains from regular use.

If you’re in need of new cafe table tops then look no further than Cafe Furniture Brisbane. We stock a wide range of table tops in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns and colours. Best of all, they’re currently discounted by 20% so you can save yourself some money too. Why not browse our online store or visit our showroom in Brendale to check them out for yourself?