8 Of The Best Cafe Furniture Tips and Ideas

Cafe furniture is arguably one of your most important considerations because:

  1. It sets the tone of your cafe

  2. It plays an important role in determining the ‘flow’ of your customers and your staff

  3. If your furniture is uncomfortable customers will not come back

We’ve put together some ideas to help you decide what kind of cafe furniture you need and where to put it.

Do not cram your customers in

If there’s one thing we learned simply from visiting numerous cafes, no-one likes to feel hemmed in. It can be tempting to squeeze another couple of tables in so you can cater for more people but it’s a big mistake to do so. Tables that are too close together make it difficult for waiting staff to move freely between tables and it also makes customers feel that everything they’re saying can be overheard.

Consider a communal table or booths

This leads on from the point above. If you’re looking to maximise your floor space then installing booths or using one or more communal tables could be a solution. Booths take up less space than tables and chairs and give your customers a feeling of privacy. Communal tables work really well alongside private tables for 2 and 4 people. They offer variety and options for your customers whether it be a solo diner, small group, or large party. Millennials in particular love the social buzz that’s created by communal seating.

Adding a carpet or rug gives a homely feel

Modern-day cafes can be extremely noisy places owing to their hard, reflective surfaces. If you have a communal table then why not place a rug beneath it to ‘centre’ it in the room and reduce your noise levels?

Avoid straight rows of furniture

Mixing up your tables and chairs makes for interesting seating arrangements and is more pleasing to the eye. You can also change the look and feel of your cafe by changing your furniture around periodically. Straight rows of tables and chairs, on the other hand, feel more like a prison visiting room and really isn’t very appealing.

Your furniture doesn’t all have to match

Unlike the coffee and restaurant chains, there is no need to fill your interior with matching furniture. Indeed, utilising a mix of styles and colours will give your cafe more personality, and a natural, homely feel. Be careful, however, to ensure that your colours complement each other and don’t clash as this could give your customers a headache:-)

Always buy commercial furniture

It can be tempting to choose domestic furniture as in most cases it’s cheaper. However, this is false economy since it won’t be as durable or long-lasting as commercial furniture which has passed a series of extensive tests to make sure that it’s fit for purpose.

Use any space outside your cafe

If your cafe has pavement space at the front then take advantage of it to advertise your brand and tempt passers-by. People love nothing better than sitting outside watching the world go by and the sight of a few customers sitting enjoying themselves will soon encourage others to join them.

Have fun

Above all have fun when decorating your cafe and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. A cafe that has been lovingly furnished and is full of character will stand out from others in the crowd.

At Cafe Furniture Brisbane we stock a wide range of cafe furniture from traditional to contemporary and in a variety of styles, materials, and colours. Why not visit our showroom to see for yourself or browse our online store?

How to Get Your Cafe Ready For Summer

Well, Spring has finally arrived and we’re well on the way to Summer. This can be a difficult time for cafes with only limited outdoor seating, or none at all, as most customers enjoy sitting outside taking in the sunshine, which can leave empty cafes all over Brisbane.

So the question is how can you still attract customers to your cafe despite the sun? We’ve put together a few tips to get your cafe ready for the summer by tweaking your menu in order to maximise your profits.

Summer drinks

Milkshakes and frappes are massively in demand in the summer months but do require a commercial blender to get those lush frothy results. Frappe mix can be a little expensive if you don’t offer them as standard so it may be a better option to serve a variety of milkshakes instead. Roband milkshakes mixers are one of the best on the market for giving perfect results every time.

Other drink options include:

Iced coffee

These can be created quite simply by pouring espresso and cold milk over ice or you can go to town and add a scoop of ice cream which can be blended like a milkshake before pouring over the ice. You can also ring the changes with coffee syrups and different flavours of ice creams, eliminating the need for any expensive mixes. What’s more you can charge more for these than your normal lattes, meaning that they’re good for your bottom line.

Fruit smoothies

These delicious drinks are really popular and healthy too and can be made in a variety of ways using fresh fruit, milk, yoghurts, oats, and ice. Whatever method you decide upon, make sure you promote their health benefits like crazy.

Iced Tea

Iced tea is refreshing and with a little imagination, you can play around with flavours, types of tea, and herbals which will have customers coming back for more. One way to make iced tea is with syrup, cold water and heaps of ice. However, you can also brew up multiple tea bags in a small amount of hot water and top with ice and water. It’s an extremely cost-effective drink to make and you can also charge more than for a regular cup of tea:)

Most importantly, be sure to offer all of your summer drinks in a takeaway form so that customers can enjoy them on the hop. By introducing some stylish summer crockery and new exciting flavours, your cafe will soon be heaving with summer customers.

Summer Snacks

Less is definitely more when it comes to summer snacks. Generally speaking, people don’t want heavy cakes at this time of the year especially if they’ve ordered a calorific milkshake. You might want to tweak your snacks and make your menu lighter with less chocolate which only melts anyway! Try and include a few unique offerings which other cafes don’t have on their menus.

Good quality ice cream desserts and sorbets will make your cafe a summer destination and help to increase the spend per head. Try swapping out the cakes in your cabinets for lighter products such as cheesecakes and flapjacks.

Finally, salads are a great thing to add to your menu but make sure they aren’t boring. Try using pasta, couscous, seeds, and exotic dressings and promote them as takeaway options too. Customers will be keen to purchase these and eat them in the park during their lunch break.

Hopefully, these tips have given you a few ideas for attracting new customers during the summer. Meanwhile, if you do have a terrace then now’s the time to jazz it up for the months ahead. We’re offering 10% off all our polypropylene chairs so there’s never been a better time to update your cafe furniture.