3 Reasons That Customers Prefer Booths

Many cafes and restaurants prefer to offer their customers a choice of seating options including chairs, bar stools, and booths. They also often feature a variety of table sizes and heights. This all contributes to ensuring your customers have a positive experience when they come to your café. Why is it, though, that many customers prefer booths over other styles of seating?

But before we go into the whys and wherefores, what exactly is a booth?

In café or restaurant terms it’s a type of bench seat which comes in a variety of lengths and configurations to seat several people at a time. Booths are typically made from wood with vinyl upholstery covering padded seats, which makes them extremely comfortable, and similar to sitting on a sofa. Many people find them to be more comfortable than chairs.

It’s unusual for cafes or restaurants to provide just booth seating because having a variety of other table and chair options gives more flexibility, and not every customer wants to sit in a booth.

When customers make a beeline for booths it’s usually for the following 3 reasons:

  1. Privacy – Booths are usually partially enclosed and offer more privacy than when sitting at a table on a chair. Booths can lessen the noise so that it’s easier to hold a conversation. Other customers like the intimate feeling of a booth and being able to sit that much closer to their friends and family. Families, in particular feel they have more control over young children when they’re within the confinements of a booth.
  2. Comfort – The next reason for choosing booths is for the comfort they offer. Since most booths are designed on similar lines to a sofa, customers enjoy sitting on a padded seat with a comfortable padded back rest as well. Also, some customers may feel more secure sitting in a booth because they can place items like handbags on the seat right next to them.
  3. Convenience– Customers often choose booths because of the fact that they are tucked away from the hustle and bustle of serving staff moving in between tables and customers pulling out their chairs as they come and go. If they’re sitting on the inside of the booth, then usually the waiter or waitress serves from one side only, so there is minimum disturbance should they be sitting trying to do some work in relative peace and quiet.

In general, booths make customers feel more relaxed and at home by having their own private space. If you’re on a date or you’re meeting a client, then a booth is always the best choice for the occasion. The main thing to consider is that your customers want to enjoy a positive experience which goes beyond the food and drink served.


All You Need To Know About Buying Eco Friendly Furniture

Due to the increased awareness of caring for our environment in whatever way we can, eco friendly products have altered the way we think, from the foods we choose to eat, the products we buy, and even to the furniture we choose. As the interest in sustainability continues to increase, we’ve put together a few tips to filling your café or bar with furniture that’s kind for the environment.

Where to start?

Before setting out on your eco-friendly furniture search, you’ll need to do a little research. Nowadays, it’s easy to spot sustainable furniture since companies state the source of their materials. To make better informed choices, however, we suggest that you find out more about what the various certificates mean as well as carrying out a little research into the background of the supplier or store, where you’re getting your furniture from.

Buy local

Eco-friendly doesn’t automatically have to mean buying brand new. Using second hand furniture to furnish your café or bar, means less new resources are being utilised. You can always give your furniture a lick of paint or reupholster it, to match the décor or theme of your venue.

Choose recycled materials

The list of recycled materials is expanding. This means you’ll find more furniture being made from materials such as cork, flax, rubber and straw. Once these materials have reached the end of their life span, it’s possible for innovative designers to recycle them into new and exciting types of furniture, helping to avoid the growing amount of landfill waste.

Repair it

People often overlook the durability of quality products. For instance, if a solid oak table can be repaired, then there’s less chance of it ending up in the landfill. As well as lowering your carbon footprint, you’re also saving some extra money by not replacing yet another item of furniture.

What about when you’re finished with your furniture, what should you do?
As you’re well aware trends and tastes come and go, and what you once loved may suddenly not fill you with joy like it used to. That doesn’t mean other people won’t fall in love with it as you did. While it sounds obvious, by recycling your unwanted furniture, it keeps the cycle flowing and helps keep the environment more sustainable.

At Café Furniture Brisbane our sustainably sourced wood products are clearly marked with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo to enable you to identify it quickly.

Add Some Colour with Our Replica Tolix Chairs

Have you been considering adding some much-needed colour to your café for a while now? Well, the good news is that our replica Tolix chairs are available in a wide range of gorgeous shades and hues.

With the latest addition of antique metallic colours, including copper, gold and silver we now have a whopping 11 colour options for you to choose from. With sale prices as low as $36 per chair for some of the range, not only is this a popular and iconic item of furniture, but it’s a budget friendly option too.

These colourful additions to our Tolix range come at a time when many cafes are switching from dark, industrial decors which have been popular in recent years to more natural atmospheres with splashes of vibrant colour. Colour palettes are bright and paired with textures such as wood and rattan to give a warm, welcoming vibe.

What is our Tolix replica chair?

It takes its inspiration from the famous Tolix chair designed by Xavier Pauchard in the 1930’s. Designed out of a need for cheap practical furniture, it was soon to be found in Paris in all the bars and clubs, in hospitals, and even in schools. At one point, breweries were even giving the Tolix chair away when a bar decided to stock their beer.

In the years following its creation, Pauchard tweaked the design so it was lighter and stackable. It’s timeless design means it’s still hugely popular the world over.

Features of our replica Tolix chair

  • Manufactured in the same way as the original from strong, durable steel
  • Stackable up to 10 chairs
  • Rubber gliders to protect your floor from being scratched
  • Finished with powder coated paint which offers protection and durability
  • Available in different styles such as with timber seats or vinyl cushions
  • Available in metallic shades as well as black, white, apple green, sky blue, yellow, red, and orange

Stools to match

Stools are extremely useful in café settings and look wonderful lined up beneath counters or grouped around bar chairs. Customers love a choice of seating and they’ll love our replica Tolix stools, too.

Available in 3 heights, small, medium, and tall, these versatile stools are available in a variety of colours to complement our Tolix chairs.

Try using them as an accent colour to liven up a bland palette or choose black and white chairs to create a feeling of drama. Alternatively, why not have some fun and pick out 3 or 4 colours from our Tolix chairs and place them around simple wooden tables for a look that’s colourful and inviting.




4 Unique Chairs to Buy for Your Café

Even though you may have thought there were more than enough coffee shops and cafes in Brisbane, still more keep popping up. As such, it’s becoming increasingly harder for café owners to differentiate their café from the competition.

Quirky menus, specialist coffees, and an original interior are all sure-fire ways of making your café stand out from the others, but it’s equally important not to underestimate the role your furniture can play in creating a warm and welcoming ambience which entices customers to return time and time again.

In this post we’ve put together 4 unique chair options for your café to help you stand it out.

Bronx Chair in Black

This sleek contemporary chair has a minimalist sleigh style frame in black which is crafted from steel for added durability. It contrasts particularly well with the reclaimed natural oak back and seat which gives an attractive timber look, that is so much on trend right now. The slightly curved seat back ensures your customers remain comfortably seated throughout their duration while sliders under the feet prevent any damage occurring to the floor. The chair is also stackable and easy to clean, making it perfect for busy cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Hairpin Chair in Black

Hairpin furniture is enjoying a revival both commercially and in the home. It’s one of our favourite styles and we just can’t get enough of it. The hairpin chair was originally designed by Henry P Glass and was a true war time invention, created out of war time spirit. It was popular because it used less materials to make while retaining the strength of a traditional leg. Our hairpin chair boasts a timber seat and a black powder coated steel frame. It’s perfect for slotting into an industrial theme, mid century modern setting, or even a contemporary interior, such is its versatility. It even stacks for convenient storage.

Resin Cross Back Chair in White

If you’re looking for a simple white café chair which can be used indoors and outside, then it has to be the resin cross back chair in white. This stylish chair oozes sophistication with its rounded seat and crossed slants to support the back. It’s made from polypropylene with steel rods inside for added durability. Lightweight easy to clean, and perfect for creating a seamless flow from one area of your café to another, it’s a great little chair.

Ladder back stool in dark walnut with caramel cushion

They say it’s always best to offer your customers a variety of seating which is why we’ve chosen this classic ladder-back stool in dark walnut wood with a warm caramel cushion. This tall bar stool is perfect for lining up beneath counters or for grouping around bar tables set around the corners of your dining area. Robust, and sturdy, it’s the perfect seat for solo diners wanting to interact with the bar person rather than be stuck in a corner out of sight. The stool is easy to maintain since the vinyl cushion can be quickly wiped free of any stains and the stool is light enough to be moved from one area to another as the needs of your business dictate.

Buying the right café furniture

If you’re looking to make your café stand out for the crowd, Café Furniture Brisbane has an extensive range of traditional, contemporary, and unique chairs, stools, and tables for you to browse. Why not look online or visit our showroom to see for yourself.


Discover the Benefits of Our Parisian Chairs

One look at our Parisian chairs and you’re instantly transported to Paris. Inspired by the iconic café chairs you see lining every pavement in what is one of our favourite cities, our French-style chairs are chic, stylish, and beautiful.

With so many cafes to visit in Brisbane, café goers can afford to be picky, which is why it pays to stand out from the crowd by offering something different, whether that be food, drinks, or stylish furniture.

Our range of Parisian café chairs are oozing with personality and charm and we defy anyone to walk past them and not be tempted to pull up a seat. But what are the benefits of these chairs? Well, let’s take a closer look.

Benefits of Parisian Café Chairs

  • Strong and durable – Truly authentic Parisian chairs would have featured wooden or metal frames with seats woven from natural materials such as reeds, seagrass, bamboo, willow, and cane. Unfortunately, these types of organic materials don’t fair very well in harsh weather conditions and tend to crack, splinter, or rot. The Parisian chairs featured on our site are manufactured with tubular metal frames, powder coated to simulate bamboo and wrapped with nylon rattan to replicate a wicker style woven pattern. Designed to withstand hot sunshine, winds, and rain, these chairs are durable and resilient to the elements
  • Light weight and stackable – Tubular steel frames give strength without making the chairs heavy. This means they’re easy to move around, enabling you to move chairs from one place to another with ease to meet customer demands. Even better, you’ll be pleased to know that they stack for convenient storage. So, if your storage space is limited, these chairs could be a great fit for you.
  • Easy maintenance – As a busy café owner you don’t want too much of your time taken up with maintaining your furniture. Fortunately, our Parisian chairs are easy to clean simply by wiping them over with a damp cloth and a mild non-abrasive cleaning agent. As a quick tip, you could always line them up on your outdoor terrace, hose them down with water, and leave them to dry in the hot sunshine.
  • Comfort – If your customers are comfortable there is every chance that they’ll stay for longer and even order extra drinks and food. Naturally this means increased revenue and larger profits for your business. Our Parisian chairs feature a generous seat and supportive back rest. In addition, elastic strapping beneath the seats adds additional cushioning for customer comfort.
  • Stylish and versatile – With a choice of colours, dramatic chevron or checker board effects, as well as a more simplistic black textaline mesh design, our Parisian chairs fit easily into most decors and themes.
  • Indoor/outdoor use – Finally, our Parisian chairs are intended for indoor and outdoor use which allows you to provide a seamless flow from one area of your café to another.

Love the look?

If you love the look of our Parisian chairs, then there’s no better time to purchase them. We’re currently running a discount of 10% off all styles, but hurry, the offer ends at the end of February.

At Café Furniture Brisbane we stock a wide range of commercial café chairs so why not download our 2019 furniture catalogue and get inspired or visit our new showroom to view our furniture first-hand? Our friendly team are always on hand to help to answer any questions and help with your buying decision.


Why Are Tolix Chairs So Popular?

Who would ever have guessed that the following its debut in the mid-1930s the Tolix chair would become so popular that it’s still widely used today in cafes, bars, and bistros? What was it secret and why is it still so popular? Let’s take a quick peek at the story behind this iconic piece of furniture.

The history of Tolix

The story starts in 1880 with the birth of Xavier Pauchard in Le Morvan, France, a place more renown for its wood than its steel. Yet, despite this, both Xavier’s family were a generation of zinc roofers.

In 1907 Xavier stumbled upon the idea of dipping sheet metal into molten zinc to galvanise it and protect it from corrosion and 10 years later he started up a factory producing household items from steel. Eventually, he registered his trademark symbol as Tolix, a name which is recognised globally today.

The classic Tolix chair which is hugely popular in cafes and retro establishments was designed in 1934 and was intended for outdoor use, hence the holes in the seat which were for drainage should it rain. However, cafe owners complained that the chairs didn’t stack properly and Pauchard was forced to tweak his design a little. By 1956 the Tolix chair, as we know it today, was created and with a slimmer frame, it was possible to stack the chairs 25 high, with a combined height of 2,3 metres.

They were immensely popular in French cafes and bars and were often given away by breweries in return for a bar stocking the brewery’s beer, and in addition, they were used in schools, factories, and hospitals. Its popularity was such that in 2006 it was exhibited in the Georges Pompidou Centre and in the Amsterdam Design Centre. The Tolix brand is still going strong today and is made in one of the original Tolix factories.

But why is it so popular?

This classic chair owes its popularity to a winning combination of design and function. Manufactured from a single sheet of metal it was intended to last longer than wooden furniture and be easier to maintain. Strong and durable it can be used both indoors and outside and with its timeless design, it will never go out of fashion.

While you can still track down original Tolix chairs they are likely to set you back a lot of dollars which is why At Cafe Furniture Brisbane we stock a selection of replica Tolix chairs. Manufactured in the same way as the originals, they come a wide range of funky colours from metallics to warm colours like burnt orange and red, as well as the obligatory black or white. Lightweight and stackable they make the ideal choice for any cafe or bar owner.

Why not take a look at them in our online store or visit our showroom in Brisbane to see them close-up?

We Love Yellow Cafe Chairs How About You?

We’ve posted numerous articles over the past few months about chairs but today we want to concentrate on one of our favourite colours for the summer – yellow!

Our Favourite Yellow Cafe Chairs

Nothing epitomises summer more than the colour yellow – it’s the colour of the sun, for one thing! Ranging from bright marigold yellow through to the soft buttery shades of yellow – vibrancy, warmth, and joy are at the core of these sumptuous hues.

Here are 3 of our favourite yellow cafe chairs together with a few tips on ways you could use them in your cafe.

No. 18 Steel Cabaret chair in matte yellow

There’s something about this chair that just makes us smile. Designed for interior use it’s manufactured from steel and powder coated in a glorious bright yellow paint. While the style is classic Thonet, the use of steel elevates it to a different dimension. It’s perfect for a contemporary twist on industrial design since it adds a bold splash of colour in what is usually a grey palette and with its circular seat and sinuous curves, it softens hard lines. When paired with rich timber table tops, however, you can also use this chair to create an environment that feels warm and homely. This chair also evokes a feeling of sunshine on the dullest winter morning, so bring it on we say!

The Specta chair in yellow

If you’re looking to brighten up an outdoor dining area then look no further than the Specta chair in yellow. Manufactured from durable polypropylene which is weatherproof and UV treated it’s got summer written all over it. Try pairing it with stainless steel table tops and colourful parasols for a look that will dazzle passers by and tempt them to take a seat and order a drink of something cool. Alternatively, for a real traffic stopper why not pair them with jet black tables and add in some green foliage to soften the look.

Student chair in yellow

If the previous yellow chairs were a little too much in your face then for something totally different how about our Student Chair in yellow? Designed for indoor use this chair utilises more of a buttermilk yellow frame with a timber back and timber waterfall style seat. This chair looks fabulous grouped around timber communal tables to lend what is undeniably a casual informal approach to dining. You could also pair it with individual timber top tables with a backdrop of white walls and whitewashed boards on the floor which would be great for a beachside feel.

So what colour do you crave?

At Cafe Furniture Brisbane you’ll find a wide range of cafe chairs in an assortment of gorgeous colours and attractive styles. Why not browse our onsite store for inspiration or visit our showroom where you can try out your favourite chairs for comfort.

This Summer’s “Must-Have” Cafe Chair

We’re so excited because we believe we’ve found the ‘must have’ cafe chair for this summer season and even better, we’ve got it in stock and ready for you to buy and get ahead of the game.

Welcome to the Belle chair

This stylish chair is made from polypropylene and before you start muttering that you really don’t like plastic chairs, take a closer look and we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Manufactured using a single mould injection method this chair is made from molten resin which is poured into a mould which means there are no unsightly seams which can weaken the structure or feel uncomfortable if a person’s body comes into contact with them. The Belle chair also has several other benefits, including:

  • Indoor/outdoor use – One of the benefits of this chair is that it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use which if you use it this way, means you can create a seamless flow from one area of your cafe to another and also helps to grow your brand.

  • Lightweight – We’ve already mentioned that the lack of seams makes the chair stronger but in addition, it’s also lightweight which means it can be moved easily from place to place to meet your business needs.

  • Weather resistant – Another advantage of the Belle chair is that the polypropylene has been UV treated so the colours won’t fade in the sun nor will the chair warp or crack in the heat. On the flip side, the material is also waterproof so if your chairs are left outside throughout the year, there’s no way they will split, rot, or rust.

  • Fully assembled and stackable – The Belle chair requires no assembly which means we can deliver them to your door and you can use them right away! What’s more, these chairs are stackable which speeds up the process of clearing away at the end of a busy day and is ideal if your storage space is limited.

  • Easy maintenance – Cafe chairs are in regular use but the good thing about the Belle chair is that it is very low maintenance. All you need do to keep them looking pristine is to wipe them down with a damp cloth and mild cleanser to remove any dirt, dust, or stains.

  • Classic design – It’s all well and good to follow fashion but as trends come and go you can find yourself having to replace furniture sooner than you would have liked because it suddenly seems outdated. The good thing about the Belle chair is its classic design which literally will fit into any décor or theme. It features a slatted back, generously proportioned seat, and slim tapered legs.

What do we like most about this cafe chair?

Quite simply we love the great choice of colours. The Belle chair is available to buy in the more conservative colours of black, charcoal, white and latte as well as more vibrant shades which include red, orange, blue, and green. Perfect for mixing and matching with your existing cafe furniture. It also comes with or without arms, adding to its versatility.

Looking for A Great Cafe Chair?

Choosing your cafe furniture is probably one of your most important decisions since your choice can make or break your business. Cafe-goers can afford to be picky since there is so much competition and while a tasty cup of coffee is important, so too is the furniture a customer has to sit on.

Timeless design

If a good chair design can be judged by time then Michael Thonet’s No. 18 chair has to be considered as one of Europe’s most popular chairs with a design that has remained the same for over 100 years and which is still made today in one of the existing Thonet factories in Europe.

Thonet chairs have been in existence since the 19th century with Bentwood furniture being a great example of what can be achieved through design. The very shape of it symbolises and expresses the process of manufacturing which lays behind it. The No. 18 chair, also referred to as the Viennese cafe chair, used a simple process of steaming wood in order to bend and shape it into the sinuous curves which make up Bentwood chairs.

Popular for the masses

In essence, the chair was born out of frugality. In 1876 Thonet wanted to make a chair that everyone would be able to benefit from. Technically the chair was extremely simple being made from just 6 pieces of wood which were steam-bent and secured in place with hardened resin. The chairs were quick and easy to produce, strong and durable, and easy to transport in large quantities. Instead of just the wealthy owning chairs, suddenly this chair was available to the masses. While the chair enjoyed great success, its popularity waned, particularly after the 1st and 2nd World Wars when Austria, the country of manufacture, was unable to carry on churning out the numbers they had been doing. That coupled with a trend for modern furniture saw a decline in the number of No. 18 chairs available. However, this all changed with the turn of the 21st century and in 1972 it was Lisa Minnelli who bought life back to this forgotten chair when she was seen dancing provocatively around it in the 1972 film ‘Cabaret’ during her Mein Herr routine. Suddenly the demand for all things retro, including the Viennese cafe chair went through the roof – Bentwood was back!

A modern twist

Our No. 18 steel cabaret chair puts a modern spin on the iconic chair of the 19th century, being made from steel rather than wood and finished with a powder coating to make it stronger than ever. Available in a range of gorgeous colours including black, white, yellow, forest green and red, there’s sure to be a cabaret chair to suit your venue. Lightweight and readily assembled they’re the perfect choices for cafes and with their timeless design, you won’t find them going out of fashion in six months time! Better still, we’re currently running a cabaret chair sale, but hurry because they’re flying off the shelves.

Hate Plastic Chairs? 5 Reasons to Change Your Mind

With summer in full swing here in Brisbane outdoor patios are full of happy smiling people enjoying the warmth and the sunshine over a cup of coffee and a delicious muffin. Now is definitely time to get a piece of the action and if you’re not utilising any spare outdoor space then you’re surely missing a trick.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to set up an outdoor area, especially if you take advantage of any sales or promotions that furniture retailers are currently offering. At the moment we’ve got a 10% discount offer on all of our plastic or polypropylene chairs, with the exception of the Specta chair. Perhaps you haven’t considered using plastic chairs before, because let’s face it, they did once have a bit of a stigma and were considered cheap and tacky. Today, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth and if you haven’t checked out plastic chairs recently, then you will be pleasantly surprised.

Today’s polypropylene chairs come in a wide range of exciting styles and colours, and even better they’re extremely affordable. So that said, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of plastic chairs.

Lots of options

Plastic chairs come in a huge range of styles and colours, so whether your tastes are classic or modern, you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy. If you like a traditional chair then you might be interested in our Belle chair which comes in serene colours of latte, charcoal, black, white, plus red for that extra pop of colour. You can also choose this chair with or without arms to give you even more options. If you’re after something a little more eye-catching and funky, then our Grace chair fits the bill perfectly. The cut out back rest adds interest and with vivid shades of blue, green, and red as well as black, white, and charcoal, it’s sure to cut a dash on any outdoor dining area.

Easy to clean

With kids around, and a few accident prone adults, it’s hardly surprising that spillages occur, so it’s good to know that plastic chairs make easy work of cleaning up. There is no damaged fabric to worry about, and all it takes is a quick wipe over with a damp cloth and non abrasive cleansing agent to keep your chairs looking as good as new.

Lightweight and stackable

Another benefit of plastic chairs is that they are light and easy to move around to fit in with your customers. If an extra couple of people arrive, it’s easy to ‘borrow’ plastic chairs from a neighbouring table. In addition, because most our plastic chairs stack on top of each other, they’re ideal if your storage space is limited.

Durable and weather resistant

The great thing about polypropylene chairs is that they’re mostly made by injecting the resin into a pre-fabricated mould. This means that there are no seams or joints to worry about cracking or splitting, and is why so many different styles can be easily manufactured. In addition, the plastic is designed not to fade, and it won’t crack, warp, or rot, even in the harsh Australian climate.


As already mentioned, polypropylene chairs are extremely affordable with our lowest priced chair currently selling for just over $35. What’s more, some of our plastic chairs such as the Ribbon and Stephanie chair, are designer replicas, so if you like all things designer but tend to shy away because of price, then these could be a great alternative.

So throw up a few tables and parasols, invest in some polypropylene chairs, and make use of that outdoor space while you can. Here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane we stock a wide range of cafe furniture so why not download our 2018 catalogue, browse our online store or visit our showroom in Brendale to check it out yourself.