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Top Tips When Buying Commercial Furniture

At Café Furniture Brisbane we’re dedicated to helping you choose the best pieces of furniture for your café, whether that be a tub chair, bar stool or communal dining table. Whatever you’re seeking it’s essential that to compliments the look and feel of your establishment. With years of experience within the industry we’ve put together […]

5 Reasons Social Media is Essential for Your Café

Whether it’s to gain more follows or increase customer engagement, businesses are finding ways that social media can contribute to their growth and success. Social media provides cafes, bars, and restaurants with another way of getting their name out there and creating their own brand personality. Here are 5 reasons why social media is essential […]

Why Is Replica Furniture A Good Idea for Cafes?

Replica furniture has grown in popularity over the last few years partly because of an increased interest in interior décor both within the hospitality industry and at home. However, replica furniture does have its own qualities which makes it a worthwhile investment for those looking to open a new café or give theirs a makeover. […]

8 Of The Best Cafe Furniture Tips and Ideas

Cafe furniture is arguably one of your most important considerations because: It sets the tone of your cafe It plays an important role in determining the ‘flow’ of your customers and your staff If your furniture is uncomfortable customers will not come back We’ve put together some ideas to help you decide what kind of […]