3 Cafe Furniture Trends That Are Worth Following

cafe furniture trends

We’ve put together our pick of cafe furniture trends that balance the old and new together to create a cafe vibe that is welcoming and comfortable. Furthermore, they bring a look that when done well is worthy of any Instagram shot and in this modern day and age, that’s what really counts if you want to get customers through your doors.

These top cafe furniture trends will help you achieve the right balance style and comfort which will keep customers coming back for more. So what are they? Read on and you’ll discover 3 cafe furniture trends that you’ll definitely want to consider incorporating into your cafe interior.

Timber furniture with a rustic industrial vibe

Timber furniture has long been a mainstay of cafe life largely due to its versatility both in appearance and function. It brings out a natural feel that makes it a great complement to industrial design.

Industrial design itself encompasses cast iron, pipework, and brick walls for a look that’s simultaneously modern and rustic.

Tolix chairs fit perfectly into this cafe furniture trend – particularly metal Tolix chairs that have warm timber seats. We’re also loving hairpin chairs and stools with their quirky legs that are shaped just like a hair accessory.

Cafe Furniture Trends – Communal furniture

The rise of communal dining aligns with the trend for open uncluttered spaces ad allows cafes and restaurants to maximise their floor spaces and create more of a social vibe.

Millennials, especially like communal dining since it addresses their love of socialising while grazing over extended periods of time.

Naturally not all of your customers will want to sit at a large table with a group of people they don’t know, so it makes sense to offer an alternative by way of traditional table and chair sets or even booths.

Mixed furniture

Mixed furniture is one of the cafe furniture trends from the past that is definitely back – or did it ever go away? It’s a simple concept that entails mixing and matching furniture in such a way that it looks funky and fresh yet whimsical and homely.

The key here is not to go too crazy or you’ll create a look that is chaotic. Instead, we suggest keeping your tables one design and either mixing and matching chairs by way of colour or style.

For instance, consider using just blue chairs but in a variety of styles. Alternatively, use the same style of chairs throughout, but pick 2 or 3 colours to place around your tables. If you opt for this method of mixed furniture, then keep your wall colour neutral.

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