3 Reasons Why You Should Revamp Your Café Furniture

Okay so 2017 is here with a vengeance and this is the time that most people seek a fresh start, make changes, and generally take action. This applies to your café, restaurant, or bistro. If you feel your venue is looking a bit tired and jaded, then you might want to take action by revamping your café furniture. In most aspects of life, ringing in the changes can make a radical difference, but if you’re unsure whether this should apply to your café furniture then here are 3 reasons that just might convince you.

New furniture, new cafe

You might not be convinced that something as simple as changing your table tops or rearranging your café seating can make a whole world of difference but it’s true. There are a huge number of furniture styles, designs, and materials to choose from so you can be as radical or as subtle as you like. Simply swapping a few chairs for bar stools can really open up the space, add another dimension, and/or give the appearance of a new café. Add a lick of paint, and you have that new café feel for a fraction of the cost. What’s more, a revamped premises has the ability to create a buzz amongst your customers especially if they like it, and as a result word of mouth can spread, and before you know it you’re getting busier.

Increases your bottom line

It might be that your old furniture isn’t making the best use of space and as a result your seating capacity is limited. By investing in new café furniture, you can utilise that alcove or increase your seating capacity without overcrowding your floor space. Consider mixing tables to seat two, three, and four people. Maybe add some booth seating or bar stools or have a designated snug area where customers can come to relax (and drink coffee of course). Whatever you decide, choose furniture that maximises your floor area and ultimately gets more bottoms on seats. Speaking of bottoms – get your seating and table configuration right and your bottom line profit will increase.

Seating for everyone

They say ‘You can’t please all of the people all of the time‘, but in the café trade that’s what you need to do. By swapping your old tables and chairs for the odd sofa or armchair, or creating more floor space by utilising smaller compact seating and tables, you’ll be opening up your café to people of all ages. Older people for example may prefer the comfort of a snug armchair while younger people may prefer booth seating. Busy mothers can now get better access with pushchairs in tow because you’ve opened up your floor space. Either way, by simply revamping your café furniture you’re appealing to a greater range of people.

The good news is that swapping the old for the new doesn’t have to cost the earth as there are some great bargains to be had; but it can make a huge difference to the continuing success of your business. If you feel it’s about time you rang in the changes, how about starting with your café furniture?

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