4 Cafe Chairs Your Customers Will Love

Cafes have to cater to a variety of customers from young professionals to families and freelancers to seniors so having a choice of cafe chairs is vital. While more people are grabbing a coffee and having it on the go, it’s even more important to tempt customers inside and entice them to stay longer. One way of doing this is to provide a variety of chairs. Here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane, we have a wide range of options to ensure every type of customer is catered for while still adhering to your cafe’s theme and décor, whether that is rustic and cosy, industrial, or sleek and modern. With many years of experience in selling commercial furniture, we’ve put together a quick guide for choosing cafe chairs that your customers will love

Comfortable Arm Chairs

Tub chairs are a great way to ensure customer comfort and provide more support and structure than a squashy sofa. They also enable families to spread out and get youngsters settled on chairs that are comfortable to stop them from fidgeting. Our stylish tub chair is covered in black charcoal fabric which is easy to clean and maintain. The colour can be paired with any of our tables and will suit most decors

Stools for a quick cafe break

Many customers enter cafes on their own and are looking to have a quick coffee and a snack during their lunch break or while they’re waiting for the train, and stools are perfect for them. Having stools lined up beneath a counter gives people plenty of room to have a drink and some food, peruse their phone, or even do some work, without taking up a whole table. Placing these stools along the side of a window wall, for example, creates an illusion of space and is more pleasant than sitting facing a blank wall.

Side chairs

Simple side chairs take up less space than armchairs and provide a more formal option while still keeping a relaxed friendly vibe. Our ladder back cafe chairs make an excellent choice and because they have matching stools, you can use them to maintain flow in your cafe. They are also upholstered with a vinyl padded seat which makes them more comfortable and easier to clean.

Outdoor cafe chairs

Making use of any outdoor space is key to being able to accommodate more customers particularly with the current COVID situation. It pays to choose outdoor chairs that are designed for outdoor use and as such will withstand the harsh Australia climate without incurring any damage. Polypropylene chairs make a good choice for those on a tight budget and come in many designs and colours. You may also like our Parisian chairs which give a touch of French flair and can be used indoors too.

Whatever style of cafe chairs you opt for, we have a wide range to suit any requirement and at affordable prices.

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