4 Great Ways That Your Café Can Maintain Customer Footfall and Attract New Business

cafeDo you dream of running a busy café that maintains a constant flow of customers? Maybe you already do, but if so, there’s always room for improvement. With this in mind, here are four great ways that you can retain your initial customer base while reaching out to new clientèle at the same time.

Change your menu

One thing that puts people off from returning time after time is when the menu never changes. Once a customer has sampled pretty much everything on the menu, there’s no real reason for them to keep coming back. Serving great coffee alone doesn’t always keep customers returning but a simple good quality menu that changes on a regular basis just might. Try putting on some breakfast specials or seasonal winter warmers to entice people in during the quieter times. In the summer why not invent some sexy salads or low fat wraps to leave people wanting to sample more. Whatever you decide, change it up a little!

Great service

The backbone of any business is great customer service. If you can get this part right, then people will forgive you if the coffee isn’t piping hot or they have to wait to be seated. There’s a lot to be said for a service with a smile and in these days of online reviews and fierce competition, there’s no room for bad customer service. Try engaging more with customers and do whatever it takes to make them feel special. That’s a sure fire way to get your customers returning, week after week.

Add a social aspect

One thing that successful café’s do is to encourage social interaction. Where you can, why not add a sofa and a coffee table? If you have more space, how about a separate chill-out area with books and newspapers. Customers who feel more relaxed are subsequently going to extend their stay with another round of cappuccino’s or drinks, so avoid this at your peril.

Great furniture

Finally, you can serve the best coffee in the world, but if the furniture is uncomfortable, your clientèle isn’t going to hang around. Great furniture doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, but it is worth checking out reviews on furniture that you like.

So here you have it! Four great ways that you can increase customer footfall while keeping your regular clientèle too. Here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane we can certainly help by supplying you with great café furniture. With a wide range of quality commercial tables and chairs in a variety of styles, designs and materials we have everything you need right here! Visit the website or contact us on 07 3205 1616 for further details.

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