4 Things to Bear In Mind When Buying Bar Tables

bar tables

Bar tables are a major investment in your business. Consequently. It’s important to make sure you tick every box to get quality, attractive tables that will last for many years to come. Here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane, we have a great selection of bar tables and matching stools and chairs to make it easy for you.

When searching for bar tables don’t forget to take into account the following

  • Height
  • Shape
  • Finish
  • Durability

We’ll now talk about each point in turn so you know why to bear these points in mind and the benefit of doing so.

Bar table height

Here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane our chairs, stools and bar tables come in standardised heights so that any combination of tall bar table and tall stool or table and chair work together. However, if you are buying chairs to match existing tables, then you’ll need to take some measurements to ensure that the chairs fit perfectly beneath the table and there is sufficient room for people’s legs.

What about bar table shape?

Square or rectangular bar tables are the most popular choice for the simple reason that they can be pushed together to accommodate larger groups. However, round bar tables are great for squeezing into those awkward nooks and crannies and when paired with stools, are a great way of maximising your floor space. With several of our chair options having matching stools, you can mix and match your furniture seamlessly.

Perfect the look with a quality finish

Our Isotop bar tables are sleek and stylish and come in a wide range of shapes sizes and finishes. Wooden table tops look warm and welcoming and within our range you’ll find dark walnut, oak, maple and shesman timber, to name but a few. Other table top choices include finishes designed to look like granite, marble or even cement.


No matter what style of bar table you choose, it needs to withstand frequent use from customers who may not treat it in the same way as they do their furniture at home. Our Isotop table tops are super strong and can withstand stains, heat, and scratches. With a laminate coating they’re super easy to keep clean and thanks to their UV resistance, can be used outdoors too. We also stock a wide range of table bases all designed to fit our table tops.

Find your perfect bar tables today

Why not browse our online store or visit our Brisbane showroom to see our furniture up close. Meanwhile, if you need more information about any of our products please don’t hesitate to contact us.