6 Items That Every Coffee Aficionado Has Just Got To Own

coffee afficionadoHave you ever wondered how you can reproduce your favourite cup of coffee house coffee in your own home? Well, with the right equipment of course! With this in mind, here’s a quick run down of the latest must have gadgets that every coffee aficionado needs.

Coffee grinder

Great coffee starts with the beans. How you mix, measure, and grind them makes a huge difference to the taste. Did you know for instance that to get the best tasting coffee, beans should be smashed and not cut. So purchasing a grinder with a carbon steel bur makes the grounds uniform to deliver a great taste.

Brewing cone

Brewing cones are fabulous if you want a great tasting coffee, any time of the day. Simply place the cone on top of your cup, fill it with grounds, pour on the water and let the magic happen.

A digital kettle

Did you know that boiling your kettle to 90°C instead of 95°C makes a huge improvement to the flavour of your coffee,so why not purchase a digital temperature controlled kettle. It gives you full control and allows you to control the temperature of your water down to a fraction of a degree.

French Press

If you love your coffee thick and full bodied then a French press or cafetière is an essential item. By suspending grounds in water it creates a sort of soup, developing a fuller bodied, intense coffee flavour.

Electronic scale

To make the perfect coffee consistently, you’ve got to be accurate with your measurements. What better way to do this than with a set of accurate electronic scales capable of registering tiny amounts.

Coffee filters

Not the sexiest tool in the coffee drinkers arsenal granted, but a necessary one at that. Filters are essential for helping you extract the full flavour from your coffee grounds, so make sure you buy quality.

So there you have it 6 of the best coffee gadgets that will help you replicate that perfect cup of coffee just like your favourite coffee house.

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