Add Some Colour with Our Replica Tolix Chairs

Have you been considering adding some much-needed colour to your café for a while now? Well, the good news is that our replica Tolix chairs are available in a wide range of gorgeous shades and hues.

With the latest addition of antique metallic colours, including copper, gold and silver we now have a whopping 11 colour options for you to choose from. With sale prices as low as $36 per chair for some of the range, not only is this a popular and iconic item of furniture, but it’s a budget friendly option too.

These colourful additions to our Tolix range come at a time when many cafes are switching from dark, industrial decors which have been popular in recent years to more natural atmospheres with splashes of vibrant colour. Colour palettes are bright and paired with textures such as wood and rattan to give a warm, welcoming vibe.

What is our Tolix replica chair?

It takes its inspiration from the famous Tolix chair designed by Xavier Pauchard in the 1930’s. Designed out of a need for cheap practical furniture, it was soon to be found in Paris in all the bars and clubs, in hospitals, and even in schools. At one point, breweries were even giving the Tolix chair away when a bar decided to stock their beer.

In the years following its creation, Pauchard tweaked the design so it was lighter and stackable. It’s timeless design means it’s still hugely popular the world over.

Features of our replica Tolix chair

  • Manufactured in the same way as the original from strong, durable steel
  • Stackable up to 10 chairs
  • Rubber gliders to protect your floor from being scratched
  • Finished with powder coated paint which offers protection and durability
  • Available in different styles such as with timber seats or vinyl cushions
  • Available in metallic shades as well as black, white, apple green, sky blue, yellow, red, and orange

Stools to match

Stools are extremely useful in café settings and look wonderful lined up beneath counters or grouped around bar chairs. Customers love a choice of seating and they’ll love our replica Tolix stools, too.

Available in 3 heights, small, medium, and tall, these versatile stools are available in a variety of colours to complement our Tolix chairs.

Try using them as an accent colour to liven up a bland palette or choose black and white chairs to create a feeling of drama. Alternatively, why not have some fun and pick out 3 or 4 colours from our Tolix chairs and place them around simple wooden tables for a look that’s colourful and inviting.