Attract New Customers With Innovative Technology

AirchargeHow many times has a customer in your café asked you if they could use one of your plug sockets to charge their phone. Well okay, so at least they’ve had the decency to ask, but it does create a bit of a dilemma. You can either say yes and then worry about the fact that your customers are using free electricity, or you can say no and risk losing them as a customer. Either way, it’s not the best scenario. The good news is that a new and innovative wireless phone charging unit is making waves that just might stop this problem once and for all.

The Aircharge phone charger uses what’s known as QI wireless charging technology. A magnetic field built into the charger transfers power automatically to a receiver built into your phone. This means no wires, no cables and no plug sockets. What’s more the sleek, flat, round design means that they can be placed on café tables or even built into them without taking up too much valuable space. In addition, it’s inoffensive design allows it to blend in effortlessly with virtually any design, style or theme.

Isn’t it just a fad?

Well no, not exactly! McDonalds has already bought into the idea and has rolled it out in a few hundred of their restaurants throughout the world. In addition luxury German car manufacturer Mercedes Benz is already drawing up plans to incorporate it into its next set of vehicles. Just as free Wi-Fi in café’s is now available everywhere, it’s strongly believed that the Aircharge phone charger will give café owners the opportunity to offer their customers every comfort of home.

Of course from a customer’s point of view, just imagine that they’re walking past your establishment and they suddenly notice that their phone is running out of power. They see that you have an ‘aircharge’ sign up, so they call into your café to charge their phone. While they’re waiting for it to charge they order a cup of coffee and something to eat. That’s one customer you might not have expected, but by providing a combination of convenience and great tasting coffee, it makes your establishment stand out from the crowd.

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