Booth Seating in Brisbane – A Great Solution For Small Restaurants

booth seating

Whether it’s a family treat, a romantic dinner, or a party celebration nothing enhances the look and feel of a restaurant than booth seating.

Taking its inspiration from the British who preferred private parties in opera house and churches and box seating for families, booth seating in restaurants made its first appearance towards the end of the 18th century.

The use of booth seating in restaurants gave friends, families, and even business associates privacy from other diners as well as shielding them from hustle and bustle on the restaurant floor.

Booth seating remains a firm favourite with restauranteurs for the value they provide and because they’re well-loved by their customers.

Designed to withstand wear tear, reasons to consider booth seating in your restaurant include:

  • Comfort – Booth seating is typically well padded with a high back and plush seating. For this reason, it provides exceptional comfort and support for customers. Add to this the fact that comfortable customers are likely to stay longer and order more drinks, and who wouldn’t want to install them and increase revenue?
  • Privacy – Several factors make booth seating more private than standard table and chairs. For instance, the majority of them have high backs and usually, one end of the booth is positioned against a wall, providing an independent sound-proofing system. Diners get to enjoy more privacy without prying eyes and noise disturbance. Parents also benefit from booth seating as they can seat small children on the inside, preventing them from getting down from the tables and escaping.
  • Space – Booth seating offers a more flexible dining space for groups of friends or families. Most booths will accommodate several people squeezed together with sharing platters spread across the surface of the table. They’re also an ideal choice if you’re working and need space for your laptop and documents and want to lay your coat on the seat beside you.
  • Less traffic – Well-positioned booth seating enables restaurant owners to separate diners in a busy restaurant and enables waiting staff to manoeuvre more freely and serve customers faster without the need to squeeze around patrons and in between tables.

If you’re convinced that you need booth seating check out our options and create the cosy vibe that diners love.

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