Cabaret Chairs – 5 Top Reasons Your Cafe Needs them

cabaret chairs

When you’re searching for cafe chairs, you need chairs that have proven to be long-lasting and durable and can withstand all the daily rigours of a busy cafe environment. Taking their inspiration from the No. 18 chair designed by Michael Thonet, our steel cabaret chairs fit the bill perfectly.

About cabaret chairs

The No 18 chair was the chair that made Bentwood famous. Also known as the Viennese chair, it was designed by Michael Thonet for the Bentwood factory. He had perfected the art of steaming wood to make it soft in order that it could be bent into the curves that are synonymous with Bentwood furniture. Once the wood had cooled down and hardened it remained in place and revolutionised the design of chairs at that time. The chair became even more of a best seller when it was featured in the 1972 musical drama film ‘Cabaret’ which featured Lisa Minnelli using it as a prop in a dance routine and also became known as the Cabaret chair.

The cabaret chairs for sale at Cafe Furniture Brisbane are manufactured from steel which gives them a modern twist and provide many benefits.

Cabaret Chairs – 5 reasons your cafe needs them

Durability – Our No. 18 cabaret chairs mimic the design of the original but are made from steel instead. Powder-coated to protect them from scratches and marks, they will retain their glossy good looks for years to come. For added reassurance, these chairs have passed the strict guidelines recommended by the AFRDI which means they have been put through their paces and passed with flying colours.

Strength – Steel is super strong which is just what you need for cafe chairs that are sat on regularly by people of all sizes. Furthermore, steel is lightweight which means it’s easy to move from one place to another to meet the needs of your business and without risking injury to your staff.

Colours – We understand that people like choices and currently our cabaret chairs are available in black, white, red, yellow, and forest green. Why not use a mixture of colours to zone your cafe or simply to add a pop of colour?

Easy maintenance – As a busy cafe owner, the last thing you need is to spend hours maintaining your chairs, especially if you have several. Our cabaret chairs are easy to maintain and are supplied ready assembled. Because the frame is welded, there’s no danger of nuts and bolts loosening. All you need do is dust your chairs or wipe them over with a damp cloth to remove any spills and leave them to air-dry. Simple!

They look fabulous – The final benefit is that our cabaret chairs look fabulous and priced at less than $70, they offer terrific value for money too. With their sumptuous curves and their slender legs, they ooze style and sophistication. In addition, they have stood the test of time and that’s further proof of a good design.

At Cafe Furniture Brisbane we stock a wide range of cafe chairs to suit all tastes and budgets. Why not browse our online store or come and try them out yourself at our Brisbane showroom. You won’t be disappointed.