Reasons to Use Cabaret Chairs in Your Café

cabaret chairs

Whether you’re starting out from scratch or looking to upgrade your café chairs, our cabaret chairs take some beating.

Taking their inspiration from the Michael Thonet No.18 chair, these gorgeous chairs are sure to add the wow factor in your dining space.

About cabaret chairs

The No.18 Viennese chair, as it was known, was designed and manufactured for the Bentwood company using a method of steaming wood to make it sufficiently pliable that it could be bent into the glorious curves that Bentwood chairs are famous for. Once the wood cooled down and hardened it retained the shape it had been bent into.

The chair became known as the cabaret chair when Lisa Minnelli was featured dancing around it provocatively in the 1972 American musical drama film Cabaret.

Our cabaret chairs are a modern twist of the original being made from powder-coated steel and provide many benefits to café owners, in particular.

Cabaret chairs – The Benefits


Being manufactured from steel means that these chairs are extremely durable and will last for many years to come. Not just that, they are also lightweight and can be easily moved from one position to another to suit your business needs. If you like to change your seating plan on a regular basis, then lightweight, easy to move chairs are an absolute must.


Steel is extremely strong which when you consider the variety of different sized people that enter your café, is very important since they need to be able to accommodate heavy and light weights, on a frequent basis. In actual fact, our cabaret chairs are AFRDI approved, which means they have passed rigorous safety and strength tests, so you can be assured you are making a good investment and they won’t let you down.


It’s always nice to have a choice of colours when purchasing café chairs so it’s good to know that these chairs are available in green, red, black, white, and yellow. Whether you’re wanting to inject colour into a bland palette or looking to create a monochrome design with black and white, our cabaret chairs offer that versatility.

Easy maintenance

A busy café owner can struggle with furniture that needs a lot of maintenance. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with our cabaret chairs. With no assembly required and having welded joints instead of nuts and bolts which can come loose, maintenance is a breeze. All that’s required to keep them clean and free from dust and spills is a quick wipe over with a damp cloth and a mild cleansing agent.

They look amazing

The last benefit of our cabaret chairs is that they look amazing. With their curved backrests and slender legs, they ooze elegance. Furthermore, this design has stood the test of time and shows no signs of going anywhere. Compare this fact to a trendy chair which could go out of fashion in less than 6 months.

If you’re still sitting on the fence, then how about the fact that for the month of November our cabaret chairs have been discounted to a price of just $54! You need to hurry though since these chairs are flying off our shelves.