Cafe Tables and Chairs – Is Colour Really That Important?

colourful specta chairsYou may already know that certain colours represent different moods but did you know that it can affect how you feel too? For example the colour blue isn’t widely used in café’s or restaurants because bizarrely, it’s supposed to be an appetite suppressant. Whether that’s true or not I’m not entirely sure, however when it comes to finding the right colour tables and chairs for your establishment, the colour you choose just might be more important than you think. Let’s take a closer look.


In the same way that vast swathes of blue suppress your appetite, primary colours including red and yellow tend to have the opposite effect and induce appetite. For this reason large restaurant chains such as Mcdonalds use red and yellow in many of their thousands of premises. This doesn’t mean that you have to paint entire swathes of walls yellow and buy quantities or crimson red furniture (not unless you want to of course), however by picking out particular accents in these colours, it’s said to produce the same effect. Try chrome chairs for example set against red table tops. Or how about dark mahogany tables with accents of red and yellow in the form of table settings or seating cushions. Alternatively yellow polypropylene chairs against crisp white tables on an outside terrace will give you an amazing pop of colour.

Purples and Blacks

Purple or shades of it is certainly the ‘in’ colour right now and goes so well with black. Both have a cutting edge contemporary feel which when used together can create a chic modern feel that can really look amazing A word of warning however – do use them sparingly otherwise it can make the venue appear dark and dingy. This I’m guessing isn’t the look you really want to create.

Brown’s, Greys, and Creams

These colours may seem a little drab but they’re earth colours so they’re considered calming and soothing. As a result people immediately feel relaxed when they walk in. These neutral hues can also take strong splashes of accent colours giving the cafe owner much flexibility in design. This is why they’re frequently used. For instance wooden cafe seating or tables in walnut or mahogany can give a venue a rich sumptuous feel when paired with rich cream walls. Alternatively light ash furniture set against the backdrop of light grey walls gives a modern contemporary beach side feel. Throw in accent colours of pistachio and mauve and you have a cool twist on a Miami Beach look.

As you can see colours aren’t just about design they also play a big part in mood setting. Thankfully when it comes to purchasing cafe furniture we have a wealth of products available on our website. In fact, with hundreds of styles, designs, materials, and colours to choose from we’re confident you’ll find the right cafe furniture for your venue. If you need further assistance you can always contact us on 07 3205 1616 and our experienced team can help. Alternatively if you’re in the Brendale area of Brisbane why not pop into our showroom and see for yourself first hand.