Choosing Garden Furniture – Top Tips

choosing garden furniture

Covid-19 and social distancing have caused many of us to spend more time outdoors so when choosing garden furniture that suits your garden and depending, of course, on how you want to use your garden, getting it right is critical.

Garden furniture sets

First things first, before choosing garden furniture you need to consider how you use your garden. Do you like to eat meals alfresco or have BBQs? Perhaps you like to hold garden parties or maybe you view your garden as a place to relax and be by yourself.

If you enjoy eating outside and like to have friends or family around, then investing in a garden furniture set is a great idea. Ultimately, if you want to have a table outside then a garden set is an obvious choice. Matching furniture will make your garden look more stylish and when the furniture matches rather than having several styles that clash, it looks less cluttered too.

Choosing garden furniture – keep it flexible

If you enjoying hosting impromptu BBQs and get-togethers, choosing garden furniture that is flexible is a must. Chairs and tables that stack are easy to move and store. Also they enable you to set up chairs around a table or all around the garden as they are lightweight. You can also squeeze several stackable chairs into a relatively small storage space.

Choosing a style of garden furniture

The style of garden furniture you choose can also contribute to the overall design of your garden, even if you only have a few chairs.

If you prefer a rustic look, wicker and nylon rattan furniture is a good way to make your garden appear more sophisticated and yet feel homely.

Metal furniture is a great way to create a modern industrial sleek look.

You can even combine the two looks with furniture made using wood and metal.

Whatever style you choose, getting garden furniture will encourage you to use your garden more, especially in a time when it’s more difficult to go outdoors.

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