Discovering The Real Benefits Of Plastic Chairs – They’re Not As Uninspiring As You Think!

Stephanie chair in greenInitially when we think of plastic chairs it immediately conjures up visions of those battleship grey monstrosities that we used to have to endure sitting on when we were at school. It might be fair to say then that plastic chairs are probably the last thing you’d consider putting in your cafe, restaurant, or bistro to give your customers a warm and friendly environment in which to drink, eat and relax. However with modern-day poly-propylene chairs that’s exactly what’s happening. Here’s why…

They’re durable

If they’re tough enough for a classroom of kids, they’re certainly good enough for a bustling cafe. The truth is that modern-day commercial quality polypropylene furniture is built to withstand spills, stains, oils, hot drinks, and greases, so they’re ideal for any venue as they really don’t take much looking after.

They’re incredibly practical

How many times have you had to move your furniture around to cater for busy periods? If the answer is “more times than you care to mention” then you’ll wish your furniture was lightweight. That’s exactly what you get with when you embrace polypropylene seating. Not only are they robust and easy to clean, they’re also lightweight. In fact many have carrying handles as a built in design function. In addition most polypropylene chairs are designed to be stackable, so they’re perfect for those with smaller storage areas.

Funky designs

If you think back to the plastic chairs of old, it’s fair to say that they were pretty uninspiring to look at, but not any more! Instead designers have really pushed the boat out in terms of funky designs. Now not only are they designed with comfort in mind but also they come in some great colours too. Burnt oranges, sunburst yellow and shocking pinks really can make for an interesting interior. While fabulous curves and sharp angles make for some eye-catching shapes.


Perhaps the most appealing aspect of polypropylene furniture is the cost. More often than not they’re considerably cheaper than other furniture composites and because of this, you can get a lot of bang for your buck. This is great news for any venue starting out or any one looking to refurb on a budget without losing that customer appeal.

So there you have it, the best that plastic chairs have to offer! If you’d like to find out more about embracing plastic in your venue then check out our website here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane. We have a wide range of polypropylene furniture to choose from, and at great prices too. Alternatively if you can’t find what you’re looking for then speak to our friendly team on 07 3205 1616 to find out more.

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