Fix Wobbly Tables Forever – FLAT Technology Table Bases

fix wobbly tables

If there’s one thing that drives many people insane it’s an unsteady cafe table. I mean, seriously, why do I always find myself at the receiving end of a wobbly cafe table? I really have no wish for my coffee to end up in my lap, nor do I want to hold on to the table to stop it from wobbling as sip my drink. Thank heavens for this quick and easy way to fix wobbly tables – FLAT technology.

What is FLAT technology?

It’s an amazing technology that can fix wobbly tables instantly and also makes it far easier to align tables together when you’re setting up for a group booking. The FLAT technology works by pumping hydraulic fluid through a series of small tubes that are cleverly hidden inside the table base itself. It responds by automatically adjusting the feet of the table base to ensure that the table is standing even, no matter what the surface. It then locks the feet into place and there they remain until the table is moved. It couldn’t be simpler and saves your team from spending their time on their hands and knees trying to level a wobbly table with a beer mat.

The great news is that we’re authorised dealers and can provide a wide range of FLAT table bases to meet your needs. From a decorative cast iron Paris base to a space-saving modern chrome folding design and everything in between, there’s a FLAT base to suit all tabletops and all budgets.

Even better …..

For customers who don’t want to go to the expense of purchasing new table bases to fix their wobbly tables, we also stock FLAT equalisers. These fit an existing table base and stabilise tables on an uneven surface, putting an end to wobbly cafe or restaurant tables for good. All it takes to trigger the FLAT technology is a light tap of your hand on top of the table. Simply unscrew your existing table feet and replace them with FLAT equalisers.

Our customers are so pleased with FLAT technology. It enables them to focus on providing good customer service without worrying about unsteady tables.

If you’d like to find out more about how FLAT technology can fix your wobbly tables, then get in touch with the team at Cafe Furniture Brisbane. Should you require new cafe furniture then we can help with that too. We stock an extensive range of cafe tables, chairs, and stools all at affordable prices.

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