How Much Does Restaurant Furniture Cost and how Not to Overspend

how much does restaurant furniture cost

How much does restaurant furniture cost is a question you probably want answering if you’re in the throes of setting up a new restaurant. The short answer is that it all depends on the type of furniture you’re buying, how much, and where you’re buying it from. While we know this isn’t much help to you, it’s true to say that restaurant furniture costs vary widely and to stay within your budget you’re going to have to make some smart decisions.

How much does restaurant furniture cost?

According to website you can expect to pay on average $40,000 for tables and chairs alone and $115,655 for bar and kitchen equipment. That’s a huge cost particularly when you factor in other expenses such as rental and payroll.

So the question is, how can you get the look and style that you have in mind without spending any more than you have to?

From table tops to table bases and chairs to stools the key is choosing the right supplier and the right type of products. With a spot of resourcefulness and research, you may be able to save yourself thousands of dollars, even tens of thousands of dollars without compromising on quality and style.  

Here are some top tips for finding restaurant furniture for less.

Work with a single supplier

Rather than going from shop to shop to find every item of restaurant furniture on your list it’s best to work with one supplier to see if you can agree a bulk purchase price on your order. Be sure it’s a reputable supplier and check out any testimonials on their website. Online suppliers normally offer the best deals because they don’t have the overheads of a bricks and mortar store but if you can find a supplier that also has a physical showroom, like Cafe Furniture Brisbane, then that’s even better since it takes the guesswork out of ordering.

Know your materials

Naturally, when wondering how much does restaurant furniture cost, you need to consider the material that it’s made from. The right choice of materials is key when buying restaurant furniture since it needs to be able to stand up to frequent use on a daily basis – which is why it’s important to only consider commercial furniture that’s built for the job.

While high-quality materials such as wrought iron and wood may cost you more initially it can save you money over the long term since fewer replacements will be necessary. Another option is to choose alternative materials such as laminate that provide the same look and durability of materials such as wood, granite and marble without the hefty price tag.

Accurately calculate your seating needs

Before purchasing any restaurant furniture make an accurate floor plan using graph paper. This way you can figure out the best seating configuration and work out exactly how much furniture you require to avoid ordering too much or too little.

Keep to your style

Don’t be tempted to settle on furniture that’s not quite right just to save a few bucks. It’s crucial to retain your style and achieve a cohesive look. A reputable supplier should be able to work with you by showing you the best options within the aesthetic you desire and narrowing down from there.

Need some help in choosing the right restaurant furniture for your venue?

We’ve helped hundreds of restaurants and cafes furnish their venues and achieve the desired aesthetic and ambience they want and are happy to answer your questions and suggest options. So getting back to how much does restaurant furniture cost – while we can’t give you an exact figure, we do guarantee the best prices around.

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