How to Attract 4 Different Types of Customers to Your Café

When you own a café you naturally encounter plenty of different types of customers from all cultures, professions, and walks of life. But how do you ensure that the right type of customers come back time and time again creating a thriving hub within your café? We’re going to discuss 4 main types of customers and give you some hints and tips on ways you can make them become regulars, so pull up a seat and let’s get started.

Rush hour regulars

Most people have a set routine and make the same journey most days on their way to work. In doing so they probably pass a lot of cafes and may have tried most of them. So how do you make sure yours stands out from the rest? For this group of customers it’s all about the product, the service, and the décor. They’re quite likely looking for a perfect cup of coffee and a little bit of peace and quiet before beginning a hectic day at the office.

People like to be made to feel special, so make a point of chatting to your regulars and learning how they like their coffee. This way you’re already ahead of the game. Over time you’ll discover whether they prefer a takeway service or want to sit in and enjoy their drink. Either way, it’s imperative to make sure they’re served speedily and efficiently and that your café furniture is comfortable and practical.

Flexi workers

These are the people who steer away from 9-5 office hours and rather than work from home prefer to work from cafes and other co-working spaces.  Make sure you have a powerful internet and plenty of outlets for phones and computers. While you’re sure to have plenty of healthy food and drink options, why not consider offering a loyalty card for those that spend longer periods of time at your café on numerous occasions?

Be sure to have plenty of comfortable chairs that offer support for the back as well as tables that are large enough to accommodate papers and other items. In addition, offer some tub chairs or sofas for them to relax in kick back in.


Cafes offer the perfect escape for women on maternity leave or parents with young children, looking for a place to meet up with their friends and escape the same four walls of home. If your regulars fit into this group then make sure your café provides all that they need. We’re thinking tub chairs, sofas, and low tables as well as highchairs for little ones. It’s also a good idea to incorporate a space where kids can sit and read, play with Lego, or colour in pictures. You could also consider offering child friendly foods and portions. Make families feel welcome and they’ll keep coming back.


It’s inevitable that people passing by will drop in for a coffee and you may never see them again. However, if you’re in a spot that is highly occupied by cafes then it’s worth bearing the following in mind –

  • Ensure your exterior stands out for all the right reasons with decent signage, clean windows, tidy outdoor areas, and black boards advertising your offerings. Make sure you café furniture is in good condition so that customers are tempted inside.
  • Think also about your online presence as often people will research your café before deciding whether to visit. Have a clear website and social media pages promoting all that you provide. Make sure it’s constantly updated and represents your brand.

So, as you can see, there is plenty you can do to attract different types of customers and keep them coming back for more. Just be aware of who your customers are and then you’ll learn the best way of getting them through your doors.

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