How To Care For Your Wood Cafe Furniture Using Simple Steps

db-sh-sWood has been used in furniture making for many centuries and even today it remains an integral material in this process. Walk into any cafe and you’re likely to find wooden cafe furniture in some form or another. Whether it’s wooden tables, bar stools, or cafe chairs it can really make your cafe design sing; that said it needs to be cared for correctly. With this in mind, just how do you look after your wooden cafe furniture so that it withstands the test of time? Here are some pointers that you may want to follow.

Keep away from any heat source

Heat and wooden furniture aren’t a great combination. In fact heat can dry out the natural oils found in wood and can cause it to shrink, crack, and warp. Therefore avoid placing your wooden furniture too near open fireplaces, heat vents, or prolonged direct sunlight.

Don’t waste money on using oils and polishes

Commercial grade wooden furniture has already been treated. This means that oils and polishes won’t enrich the wood. Because the wood has been sealed, any oils or polishes simply won’t penetrate it. Instead any chips or scratches can be carefully removed using a wood felt tip marker or similar coloured shoe polish.

Use soap and water

The best way to keep your wooden furniture clean is to use a mild dish soap or hand soap and water. Use warm water sparingly to remove grease stains and marks and wipe the soap off with a damp cloth. Never use any chemicals that you wouldn’t use on your own hands as it’s way too abrasive for the wood and is likely to do more damage than good.

Soft paste wax

To keep the shine, invest in a good quality soft paste wax. Just apply sparingly, wait 5-10 minutes and buff off with a dry cloth to restore the original shine once again.

Keep out of direct light when not in use

When not in use, try storing your wooden cafe furniture out of direct sunlight. Even the temperature through a window on a hot summer’s day can reach over 25°C and prolonged access to it can cause your wooden furniture to lose it’s sheen. So when you close up, keep your windows closed to avoid direct sunlight.

Even if you follow just one or two of these pointers, you’re likely to prolong the life and improve the condition of your wooden cafe furniture by a considerable amount and when first impressions count, then it could be advice worth following.

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