How To Fit Low Stools Into Your Next Cafe Makeover

Low stools have gained in popularity in cafes and bars all over Australia and besides looking cute, they’re surprisingly versatile. We love ’em and once you’ve read this blog and discovered ways of using them in your venue, then we’re pretty sure you’ll love them too. With that in mind here’s 5 great ways to use low stools.

Sociable tables

If you’re one of the cafes embracing the communal table style of dining out, then low stools are perfect for you. Low stools have a casual look and feel to them, which is really what communal tables are about – casual dining with friends and/or strangers. Not just that, have you ever tried to scramble over a bench seat in a short skirt and heels…… Placing low stools around communal tables makes it easier for people to leave the table and for others to take their place. What’s more they take away the bulk of a large table making the area seem more spacious.

Multi-use spaces

One of the best things about low stools is that you can use them within a variety of areas in your cafe to suit the needs of your customers. Low stools are much smaller in stature than chairs and because they’re lightweight it’s easier to move them round without with the minimum of fuss.

High traffic areas

Low stools are often placed around small bistro tables and this is usually a sign that you’re not intended to hang around too long. This makes them ideal for waiting areas if perhaps you operate a take-away service. Customers can be directed to a designated area where they can take a seat while they wait. Their small footprint makes them less invasive than larger chairs, and is ideal for anyone wanting just to pick up a coffee and not intending on staying longer than they need.

Less visually distracting

If you’ve commissioned a gorgeous piece of artwork for a statement wall in your venue then larger chairs and furniture can distract from customers being able to appreciate it in its entirety. Low stools allow your guests to concentrate on the finer details of your artwork while all the time being seated.

Adds personality

Finally, low stools can be used to add personality to what would otherwise be a bland, neutral space. Typically they cost less than most other furniture and it’s amazing how a bold splash of colour from a few low stools can totally transform the look and mood of this space.

At Cafe Furniture Brisbane we’ve got plenty of low stools to feast your eyes on and in a great range of colours and materials too. Why not browse our online store, download our latest furniture catalogue, or pop into our showroom to take a look for yourself. Low stools are a fun way to give your venue a quick makeover and as we’ve shown they’re incredibly versatile too.