How To Get A Booth and Table Combo Right

cafe booth seatingMost of us love cafes and bars with booths and usually they’re the first type of seating to get fully occupied. However having the right booth and table design can be an important factor when considering both customer comfort and ease of access for waiters and waitresses. In short, a cafe needs to have the correct booth specifications, accurate measurements, and the right type of table to get the most from their booth seating.

Leave enough gut space

Gut space is important since it’s a term used to describe the space between the top edge of the table and where a customer’s back meets the back of the booth seat. It’s important to make sure that this isn’t too narrow as customers who feel cramped may well get up and leave. Generally you need to leave around 16 to 20 inches but you can leave a little more to allow for easier movement.

The good news about booth seating is that estimates say that a 4 seater booth is likely to take up around 1.93 to 2.25 square metres whereas open seating can take between 3.32 to 3.54 square metres. As such it can be seen that booth seating is a great way of maximising floor space, getting more bums on seats, and ultimately increasing your revenue.

Consider using radius corners

Radius or rounded corners on your cafe table are a great match with a booth since it makes your cafe user friendly and comfortable for customers. Because there are no sharp edges customers won’t be bumping into unforgiving edges which may bruise their legs and make it a hassle to squeeze into a booth. It may seem a small touch, but trust us it makes all the difference.

Choose the right base

In a cafe setting it’s essential to use the proper table base for restaurant seating that works. To give your customers more space and comfort, it’s a good idea to use a cantilever base. Not only do they offer great support for a loaded table, but they also provide plenty of customer leg space. This type of base also makes it easier for restaurant staff to clean the booth ready for the next customers.

The benefits of booth seating are plentiful and if you can mix and match these with other types of seating, not only will you be catering for a wider range of clientele, but you’ll be taking full advantage of your available floor space. Follow the tips above to make sure that your booth seating is comfortable and offers a welcoming intimate area for small groups to sit together.

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