How To Love Low Stools And Where To Use Them

As I was wondering what to post on the blog this morning a thought suddenly floated into my mind about low stools. I don’t know why, but it did! Anyway I was wondering whether cafe owners actually know where and how to use low stools, only I’ve noticed a lack of them in many of the cafes that I frequent. So I’ve put together 5 ways you can utilise the humble low stool into your venue.

1.Place them round your communal tables

There’s no denying that communal dining tables are growing in popularity, but one thing I hate is the way that so often they’re paired with bulky benches that you have to climb over if there are people already seated. Instead why not replace benches with small stools. Not only do they give a person easier access to their own individual seat but in addition they tend to make the table feel more spacious and are far easier to move around for cleaning. Minus backrests they feel less formal and encourage interaction among diners – which surely is their purpose?

2. Ideal for multi-use areas

Cafes often have areas which are intended for different uses and whereas it’s harder to move bulky chairs around, it’s a doddle to pick up low stools and place them where the needs of your customers determine.

3. Great for high traffic areas

Low bar stools are often paired with small bistro tables subtly indicating to customers that these are intended for a relatively short sit time. It’s a good idea to place these in areas close to the door for people wanting to have a quick coffee, then get up and dash. This kind of convenience seating could also be placed near the point where customers order take-outs so they have somewhere to sit for a short while. Less invasive and extremely functional, most cafes have a need for this type of seating combo.

4. Less visually distracting

There’s a trend for bold graphics on walls which personally I love to see in a cafe, however often chair backs can be distracting. By using low stools, customers can sit and take in the artwork on the walls and the feast of subtle designs that all add to the overall vision without anything hampering the design.

5 Add personality to neutral spaces

Generally speaking low stools are less expensive than chairs and bar stools because of  their small stature. Since they come in some bold colours they can make quite a statement. Try using them in neutral spaces to add a splash of colour or to breathe new life into a space that is awkward and uninviting. One of favourite low stools for adding colour is our replica Tolix stool which can also double as a small casual table if you place a tray on it.

Here at Cafe Furniture we’ve got plenty of low stools to choose from, including our industrial inspired Detroit adjustable stools and our quirky Hairpin stool. Another great little stool is the Latte which comes in black or red and has a removable lid allowing you to use the inside for storage. It’s currently on sale, so you could save yourself some money too.