Just How Comfortable Is Your Cafe Seating?

comfy cafe chairAs a cafe owner you might well be under the impression that the main emphasis on cafe furniture is all about function and durability rather than comfort. If this is the case then you might want to think again! Although many cafe’s rely on a quick turnover of tables in order to make money, having furniture(or so called 15 minute chairs) that are just comfortable enough for someone to sit for a limited time isn’t the right way to go about it.

If you don’t believe me then Google ‘uncomfortable cafe seating’ and see what comes up. Chances are you’ll see a wealth of customers complaining about just how uncomfortable the seating is/was in a particular establishment. You see, despite the fact that your food and coffee might be great, It won’t cut it if the seating isn’t right. People won’t stick around. True it might put off the growing army of internet based workers who opt to work in coffee shops for 8 hours a day while they purchase one or two coffees in return, but if they’re using social media then word can soon get around pretty quickly that your cafe furniture really sucks. All of a sudden you have next to no customers. The bottom line is that people really do care about what they’re sitting on.

So how then can you make sure you get comfortable seating?

In days of yore it was all relatively easy. You’d drive to your nearest bricks and mortar cafe furniture store and go and try out a couple of pieces just as you would when buying a sofa. If it felt as if you could spend a few hours sunk into it without a care in the world, then you bought it there and then. Simple! Nowadays however online retailers are selling cheaper cafe furniture which has really made your job more difficult. After all, how do you know that what you’re purchasing won’t be like a house-brick when you go to sit on it for the first time?

The answer is to make sure you choose a website with a solid returns policy or alternatively look for a company that has a physical bricks and mortar store as well as an online presence. Anything other than this and you could be asking for trouble. Remember if you don’t want to be plastered all over the internet as the cafe with the seriously uncomfortable furniture, then you’ve simply got to try before you buy.

Fortunately here at Cafe furniture Brisbane we won’t let you suffer with uncomfortable furniture as we have both a wide selection of commercial furniture at our virtual store and a bricks and mortar warehouse where you can try before you buy. Therefore do please do take a look online at cafefurniturebrisbane.com.au. However we also encourage people to visit our Brendale showroom by contacting us on 07 3205 16216

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