Reasons to Use Stacking Chairs in your Interior

If you hold events, then finding space to accommodate all of the necessary chairs can often be a problem. Traditional chairs take up a lot of space and storing them effectively can be an issue. The good news is that stacking chairs provide a simple space-saving option can any venue can take advantage of.

The many benefits of stacking chairs

It’s fair to say that traditional chairs are bulky and awkward whereas stacking chairs are easy to bring out and put away at a moment’s notice. Often traditional chairs are hard to move from their original position, and even if you’re able to, there’s no point because they still take up the same amount of space no matter where you place them. On the contrary, stacking chairs are designed to be moved and stack on top of each other to save space. Here are a few more ways that your venue could benefit from stacking chairs.

Efficient storage

When stacking chairs aren’t being used for your guests to sit, you’re able to stack them vertically, meaning they take up less floor or cupboard space than traditional chairs. This is one of the main reasons that café owners, in particular, are drawn to them.


While the majority of chairs only have one use for the place where you’re using them, stacking chairs can be used practically anywhere for any purpose. For instance, they can be used for filling a conference hall, setting up a wedding reception, or for additional seating in a café or restaurant. This versatility is what makes stacking chairs so popular.

Cost effective

Stacking chairs are normally made from lightweight materials which typically costs less to manufacture than for chairs that are designed to remain where they’re put. In addition, these types of chairs are usually sold in bulk which means that the more you purchase, the cheaper they cost per unit. Because of this factor, stacking chairs are one of the most cost-effective seating options on the market.


One of the most prominent benefits of stacking chairs is the ease with which they can be moved from one place to another. Usually weighing far less than other types of chairs, it only requires one member of your staff to move them.


Stacking chairs are made of durable materials which are designed to last for many years. They are meant to be moved around a lot and are usually made of simple components which can withstand this type of handling.


Unlike folding chairs, stacking chairs are equally as comfortable as traditional chairs and you’re unlikely to receive any complaints from people sitting on them for long periods of time.  


When it comes to stacking chairs there are a wealth of styles, materials, and colours to choose from. They can be selected to suit your venue and your theme or décor. Many of the designs look good in any type of setting.

Make the most of stacking chairs

No matter what type of venue, if you have a large number of people all wanting to sit down together, then stacking chairs offer the perfect solution, ensuring everyone is comfortable and allowing you to get on with the matter at hand.

Easy to transport, quick to set up and quick to put away, they’re invaluable to anyone looking to host a number of events.

At Café Furniture Brisbane we stock a wide variety of stacking chairs so why not browse our online store or visit our Brisbane showroom to take a closer look for yourself? Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be able to answer your questions and give you any advice that you need.