Sometimes Smaller Is Best

When it comes to choosing cafe tables most cafe owners tend to ignore the small 600mm table in favour of its larger counterparts for the simple fact that it can seat more people. We guess the reasoning behind this decision is that more people equals more profits, but larger tables don’t always equate to this. You see, the 600mm table may be small, it may only seat two people, but it has something the larger tables don’t have and that’s versatility.

Fits awkward spaces

Few cafes have perfectly square or round dining spaces – in fact many of them have spaces which are quite irregular in shape, often with recesses and awkward corners, or narrowing down at one end. If you were to try and fill these spaces with just one size of table, say 700mm then there would be several areas where it would be impossible to fit a table in – leading to wasted space and less potential to accommodate more customers. A 600mm round table on the other hand, fits effortlessly into small recesses and awkward corners fitting in sole diners and couples and maximising your floor space so that you can seat even more people. As you know, more seats on bums means more sales and an increase in revenue – now that’s got to be a good thing, right?

Frees up larger tables

Small bistro tables such as our 600mm tables do a great job of freeing up larger tables which are intended for 4 people yet in many cases are taken by 1 or 2 people, for the simple reason there is no other choice. Most people don’t like to eat with strangers which means your table for 4 is only being used for 2 or less people a lot of the time. By mixing table sizes you have greater capacity to cater for individuals, couples, and groups, thereby increasing your turnover.

Perfect for pavement dining

Small tables are also perfect for pavement dining since they are small and compact and take up far less space than a big table. In addition, it’s easy to push 2 or more small tables together if needs be to make up a table that is large enough for a group.

Far from boring

Our small tables come in a wide variety of colours and wood patterns making them sufficiently versatile to fit into the majority of decors and themes. What’s more they can be marched with stools or chairs to create a mix of casual and more formal dining spaces. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they’re also weatherproof, and scratch and heat resistant. Low maintenance and light enough to move around with ease, our 600mm tables deserve a place in all cafes and bistros.

Are you ready to shop 600mm tables yet?

At Cafe Furniture Brisbane we stock a wide range of 600mm tables so why not consider how they could fit into your cafe. You’ll be surprised at just how useful they really are.