Tips for Furnishing a Coffee House That Will Inspire You

tips for furnishing a coffee house

Small spaces like coffee houses can be chaos when it comes to deciding on the furniture. It can leave you with a headache that not even a mug of steaming coffee and a chocolate muffin will fix. But it doesn’t have to be this way. A coffee house has a special ambience and with some of our tips for furnishing a coffee house, getting it right is so much easier

So without further ado, here are some tips for furnishing a coffee house 2021

Pick a style and stick to it

Whether you decide to go rustic and traditional, sleek and contemporary or a mix of both, made a decision right from the beginning and stick to it. Making a mood board can help you to visualise your ideas and Pinterest is overflowing with coffee house design ideas. Knowing what style you want will help to narrow down your search for furniture.

Have an assortment of seating

Every coffee house needs tables and chairs but be sure to cater to all types of customers when choosing your pieces. Simple dining chairs are perfect for customers wanting to grab a quick bite whereas tub chairs are more suited to the business professional wanting to catch up with the latest news on his smartphone.

Don’t clutter up the space

It’s tempting to try and squeeze in as many tables and chairs as possible but this will only clutter your space and lead to a claustrophobic atmosphere that will drive your customers away. Booth seating is a good choice if you’re short of space and lend a feeling of privacy that your customers will love.

Tips for furnishing a coffee house – same colour same style

One way to create a casual yet cohesive look is to choose 2 chair styles in the same colour and alternate them at your tables. Perhaps choose one style for your larger tables and the other style of chair for small tables.

Add a touch of glamour

Don’t be scared to inject a touch of glamour into your cafe interior. Upholstered chairs work brilliantly in cafes and aren’t just reserved for fine dining establishments. If you’re going to style your cafe with upholstered chairs keep your tables plain and simple to avoid overpowering the look.

Add a wow factor  

One of our top tips for furnishing a coffee house is to give your customers a wow factor that they can talk about when they’re queuing to be served. This could be a statement velvet chair or a unique vintage find on hour walls that your competitors will never be able to replicate

Accessories are everything

Put your own stamp on your coffee house by adding small touches that represent you. Perhaps a shelf for your collection of teapotsor some colourful cushions for your chairs. Adding items that tell a story or make a cafe feel like a home from home always works a treat.

So there you have it … our top tips for furnishing a coffee house. Here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane, we have a large selection of cafe furniture – table and chairs – stools and ottomans enabling you to mix and match and get creative.