Tips On Choosing Cafe Bar Stools

Jax stoolBar stools are a great item of furniture to have in your cafe because they are extremely versatile. Not only do they help to maximise your floor space by slotting into areas where it’s difficult to fit a chair but they also add variety to your seating choices, which is something that your customers will appreciate.

Nowadays cafes are used as makeshift offices, a place to meeting friends, a casual place in which to hold a business meeting, and more besides. It makes sense therefore that a cafe needs to offer a variety of seating to suit individual needs.

Bar stools are perfect for informal gatherings and for lone diners to sit without taking up the space of a table intended for 4. Because they come in a variety of heights and styles, there’s a stool for every occasion and every location. So how do you know which stools to choose for your cafe? Let’s take a look:

Getting the size right

Stools typically come in three main sizes, small, medium, and tall. The small stools stand at around 45 cms in height and are perfect for pairing with a standard cafe table. Medium stools stand at around 65-70cm and are suitable for use with a counter. Tall stools measure in at around 75-80 cms from the seat to the ground and are for use with lofty bar tables.

What style should you choose?

Once you’ve worked out the height you need then it’s time to think about the style. Really this is a matter of personal preference but you could start by deciding whether you want your stool to have a back or not and whether or not you would like it to swivel. Once this is decided you need to choose between modern or traditional. This is likely to be determined by the style of your cafe.

What should it be made from?

Stools come in a wide range of materials including wood, steel, chrome, and rattan. Wood is a good choice but it may require some maintenance such as staining once a year, particularly if they’re used outside. Steel is another good option since it’s a lightweight material which is easy to move around, and yet it’s very durable. If the steel is powder coated then you’ll find that you’ve got a rainbow of colours and finishes to choose from, so you can easily match them to your décor.


If your stool is upholstered then make sure that the fabric is washable or that it can be easily wiped free of stains. Vinyl is a useful covering for stool seats as it can be quickly wiped down, making it low in maintenance.

Once you’ve worked your way through the various options to narrow down your search then it should be far easier to find the perfect bar stools for your cafe. Here at Cafe Furniture Brisbane we’ve got plenty of stools for you to choose from, including our latest addition, the Jax stool. This simplistic stool has clean cut lines and a strong boxy shape. With an integrated foot rest and a well padded seat, it makes for a comfortable seating experience, that easy on the eye and low maintenance too.

Why not browse our online store or visit our Brendale warehouse so see the products for yourself. If you need any help or information then please just give us a call on (07) 3205 1616.