Setting up business can be an expensive past-time and one which can consume most of your hard-earned capital. We recognise this is a major problem which is why we’re pleased to offer our customers a solution with our unique Rent-Try-Buy financing scheme which offers total flexibility and freedom
Silver Chef provides a great solutions for businesses looking to acquire their hospitality equipment using a finance scheme. Their innovative solutions not only helps a business keep its options open but also allows them to grow by preserving their capital. For the past twenty years Silver Chef has been offering smart and flexible solutions to businesses looking to finance their hospitality equipment. This innovative scheme allows you to save your capital instead of investing in assets which fast depreciate in value.
So how does it work?
Rent-Try-Buy is a rental solution and not a fixed lease. The equipment you’ve chosen is purchased from an authorised HED (hospitality equipment dealer) by Silver Chef. They then draw up a rental agreement between you and silver Chef. The equipment is bought at the price that you agree with the dealer.
Reasons to use Silver Chef
Rental equipment can be purchased at any time during the first twelve months and you’ll receive a rental rebate of 75% (ex GST).
If for whatever reason you no longer require the equipment at the end of the twelve month lease agreement, then it can be returned.
Alternatively, you can continue to lease your equipment and we’ll continue to reduce your purchase price.
If you decide that your business has outgrown your original choice of equipment, then you also have the option of up-grading.