Easter Menu

Easter – One of the most celebrated holidays in the world and one of the top 5 holidays for restaurants is around the corner; this means you must prepare your restaurant for this period as many people love to eat out on these special days. 

Like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, Easter is an excellent chance to surprise and connect with your loyal and prospective customers.

Easter Menu Ideas

1. Incorporate Easter Restaurant Specials Into Your Restaurant Menu.

When creating your restaurant’s easter menu, add a few easter specials. Below are a few you can choose from;

Main Course Ideas For Easter: Cauliflower piccata, glazed baked ham, garlic shrimp skewers, shepherd’s pie, lamb chops, etc.

Appetisers To Try Out: parmesan bread bites, spinach puffs, paska bread, hot cross buns, etc.

Drinks: peachy brunch juice, lemon lavender mocktail, limoncello mojito, etc.

Dessert: easter egg cheesecake, simnel cake, egg brownies, etc.

2. Use Meat As The Main Dish.

Many easter menus include meat as the main dish. There are a variety to choose from;

Lamb: it is popular for its symbolism and the variety of ways to prepare it. You can season and prepare a rack of lamb, lamb tenderloin, leg of lamb, etc.

Roast beef: roast beef is another favourite you can serve with ham at your restaurant or home.

Roasted Turkey or chicken: for a mouth-watering chicken or turkey, add fresh herbs like thyme, sage, rosemary, oregano, and parsley. You can save the juices to prepare a delicious gravy.

Salmon: is an excellent alternative to meat; you can slowly roast it in your oven or pan-fry it.

Ham: is also the family’s favourite. You can cook a honey-glazed ham for your customers or friends and families.

3. Capitalise On Good Friday.

Good Friday traditionally involves a lot of fish consumption, giving room for a seafood menu. For Christians, it’s a day when many abstain from eating meat, making fish a better and more popular option.

4. Offer Afternoon Teas.

If you want to keep your restaurant busy on midafternoons, then offer afternoon teas during Easter. Prepare the items early so your staff can efficiently serve guests, allowing the chefs to prepare for the evening dining.

5. Offer a Mouth-Watering Easter Sunday Menu.

Easter Sunday is an opportunity for your restaurant to showcase its creativity and class.  To make your menu attractive, add roast veggies like carrots, roasted garlic, and beetroot to your Easter roast.

6. Weekend Buzz In Bars and Pubs.

The weekend attracts more drinkers into your bar or pub, so offer bar snacks and small plates to customers, promoting your space to become pleasant and welcoming. 

For your bar section, offer themed cocktails to your customers as it adds a festive touch to your drink and beverage menu.

On A Final Note;

If you want your restaurant to have massive sales during easter, ensure to incorporate these Easter menu ideas mentioned above. Implementing these ideas enhances the dining experience of your existing and potential customers during Easter. 

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