Isn’t It Time You Invested in Polyprop Chairs for Your Cafe?

Polyprop chairs have to be the most versatile chairs ever. Due to advancements in modern technologies, they bear little resemblance to the old-style plastic chairs that were once considered cheap and tacky. Today’s polypropylene chairs are manufactured from a type of thermoplastic polymer resin and utilise an injection mould procedure that is fast and relatively […]

Parisian Cafe Chairs – Beautiful and Functional

The very sight of our Parisian cafe chairs is sufficient to transport you to Paris. Chic, stylish and beautiful, our French-style chairs are inspired by the multitude of quintessentially French chairs that you see lining the streets of Paris. Brisbane certainly isn’t short of cafes which is why it’s necessary to stand out from the […]

Cabaret Chairs – 5 Top Reasons Your Cafe Needs them

When you’re searching for cafe chairs, you need chairs that have proven to be long-lasting and durable and can withstand all the daily rigours of a busy cafe environment. Taking their inspiration from the No. 18 chair designed by Michael Thonet, our steel cabaret chairs fit the bill perfectly. About cabaret chairs The No 18 […]

Booth Seating in Brisbane – A Great Solution For Small Restaurants

Whether it’s a family treat, a romantic dinner, or a party celebration nothing enhances the look and feel of a restaurant than booth seating. Taking its inspiration from the British who preferred private parties in opera house and churches and box seating for families, booth seating in restaurants made its first appearance towards the end […]