3 Cafe Furniture Trends That Are Worth Following

We’ve put together our pick of cafe furniture trends that balance the old and new together to create a cafe vibe that is welcoming and comfortable. Furthermore, they bring a look that when done well is worthy of any Instagram shot and in this modern day and age, that’s what really counts if you want […]

Tabletops For Cafes and Restaurants – 5 Tips For Choosing Them

Choosing high-quality tabletops for cafes and restaurants is important because the overall décor of your venue helps create the mood and ambience of your space. The style of your tabletops can impact whether your venue feels like a high-end establishment, boutique-style eatery, or casual and relaxed bistro. Your main goal is to identify the type […]

Cafe Furniture – How to Clean and Maintain It

It’s not just your awesome coffee and pastries that keep customers coming back. It’s the welcoming ambience and clean well-maintained cafe furniture that’s important too. Cafes are places where we spend time catching up with friends, holding impromptu business meetings, and sharing meals together and these experiences can be marred by the cleanliness of a […]