Cafe Furniture – How to Clean and Maintain It

cafe furniture

It’s not just your awesome coffee and pastries that keep customers coming back. It’s the welcoming ambience and clean well-maintained cafe furniture that’s important too. Cafes are places where we spend time catching up with friends, holding impromptu business meetings, and sharing meals together and these experiences can be marred by the cleanliness of a venue.

Get it right from the start

Buying the right cafe furniture is essential to ensure that it’s clean and well-maintained. In essence, there are two main factors to bear in mind when purchasing furniture:

Durability – Commercial furniture is designed to be used frequently on a daily basis and is able to withstand the test of time, so always start your search with this durable type of furniture. Buy cafe furniture that is sleek and stylish and will stay clean and comfortable for many years after you have purchased it.

Safety – Safety is paramount when choosing cafe furniture so ensure that the furniture you choose is good quality and meets Australian standards. Our AFRDI furniture, for instance, has passed rigorous testing for safety and durability.

Cleaning and maintaining your furniture

Having invested in the right cafe furniture now’s the time to start thinking about cleaning and maintaining it so it looks its best all of the time. You’ll find a few tips for various categories of furniture below.

Outdoor cafe furniture – Outdoor furniture typically is designed to be waterproof and resistant to UV rays to slow down any fading. Much of this furniture requires little more than a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and mild cleaning agent to remove any dust and dirt. Do this each morning to ensure customers’ clothes don’t get ruined by dirty chairs.

Metal furniture – This is another easy type of cafe furniture to clean using a general all-purpose non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth so as not to scratch the surface. Natural wear and tear is normal in a busy environment, but it helps to re-treat or paint any damaged areas as soon as you spot them to prevent them from further damage or corrosion if they are being used outdoors.

Wooden furniture – Grease and marks can be difficult to remove from wooden furniture and it’s recommended that you use a cleaning agent designed for wood and a soft cloth. Damaged surfaces should be treated or repainted to ensure a clean, smooth finish.

Indoor cafe furniture – This can be subjected to scrapes, knocks, and spills which is why it’s important to choose resilient furniture which withstands a busy environment. Typically this requires less maintenance than outdoor furniture and often a quick dust with a cloth will suffice.

If you need to purchase some new cafe furniture, then we can help. We stock an extensive age of indoor and outdoor cafe furniture in a variety of materials, colours ad finishes. Why not browse our online store or visit our showroom in Brisbane where you can see the quality for yourself.