When Is A Good Time To Set Up For The Holiday Season

green Christmas tree

The right time to kick off the holiday season decor for your restaurant is a month or a few weeks before Christmas. 

This proactive approach ensures that come the holiday season, your restaurant/cafe already radiates festive and holiday exuberance.

Customers enter any space with seasonal warmth and an unforgettable dining experience. In this holiday season, starting early ensures your restaurant shines, and the best way to prepare is by setting up a festive atmosphere.

You can start by adding Christmas trees and wreaths, putting up holiday lighting, treats,  freshly baked cookies, or playing holiday music in the background.

All these create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for customers to feel at home. 

How To Set Up For The Holiday Season 

The holiday and Christmas period are excellent chances to attract more patrons to your restaurant, cafe, or bar and boost profits. If you want your business to thrive during this holiday season, incorporate these ideas in your business place;

1. Hire Extra Staff.

Being adequately staffed is vital to a delightsome customer experience. Plan for the holiday season by hiring and training new employees because this festive season brings in a much bigger crowd. 

So, it’s advisable to start planning for your seasonal hire; you’ll want to ensure that you have enough staffing to handle orders from customers. Staff to hire include hosts & hostesses, kitchen staff runners, professional chefs, and cooks.  

You can attract workers by promoting job opportunities on your website or your social media handles; you can also reach out to college students and seasonal workers.

Furthermore, ensure to keep your staff healthy and efficient; when your restaurant or cafe is adequately staffed, schedule longer breaks so your team can re-energize and recuperate for the next surge of customer orders.

2. Develop A Holiday Menu.

Nothing excites your customers more than new menu options. Offering your customers restaurant specials is an excellent way to celebrate seasonal flavours.

You can add gingerbread or mince pies on the dessert menus and roasted turkey on the Christmas menu. Customers always love the opportunity to try something new, delicious, and exclusive.

Start now to build your holiday menu and ensure to inform your staff of the holiday specials- telling them provides a smooth transition for your staff and customers. 

Add seasonal drinks to your menu, like apple spice cocktail or peppermint mocha martini. 

3. Create A Festive Atmosphere.

Create an atmosphere for festivity this holiday season. First, decorate your restaurant and cafe with a new look for the holiday; purchase a Christmas tree or pull out the old one, if any.

Set up the lighting and put up warm and welcoming signs. Spice up your restaurant menu by adding Christmas-type imagery into your menu, logo, door and Windows signs, etc., then play holiday or Christmas songs to put everyone in the festive mood.

Feel free to choose from genres like old-school funk, pop, jazz, etc. Ensure the holiday music appeals to your atmosphere. 

Also, you can solicit a volunteer to lead a decorating committee for the season; some employees love to decorate, so let their creativity shine.

Allow customers and their kids to help hang a few decorations around the restaurant or trinkets on the Christmas tree.

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