Utilising Your Space To Provide Seasonal Activities

aerial photo of people on bar

Entertainment in the restaurant/cafe sector comes in various shapes & sizes but comes with one consistent element, which is excitement. 

Providing seasonal fun activities in your restaurant/cafe gives customers enough reasons to stay longer than just your delicious meals and excellent customer service.

Although holidays are tasking, it is also a profitable time for restaurants; developing exciting and fun seasonal activities in your space ahead of time is vital if you want your business to thrive this festive season.

Here are some seasonal activities to help your restaurant stand out and keep everywhere lively. Hosting events and activities in your space will attract potential customers and inspire more visits from old customers. 

Seasonal Activity Ideas To Utilise The Space

  1. Host Themed Events: Try out these fun ideas if you choose to host themed events;
  • Invest in art. 

One popular event is Paint and Sip; why not try it this Christmas? Serve mocktails, appetisers, and drinks while customers paint. Ensure to have an art instructor present to direct them.

  • Age Based Events.

Have a night out just for millennials or seniors-only special lunch/dinner. This event depends mainly on the demographic your restaurants serve. Age-based events are a fun way to bring in prospective customers. 

  • Decade Night.

Your restaurant can throw a themed night party for a particular decade. Decorate a part of your restaurant and play music from the 80s or 90s, then ask customers to drop by in attires from that era. 

Game Night.

Have a trivia night where you offer board or card games. 

2. Wine Or Beer Tasting.

Your restaurant can partner with a local brewery or winery to offer free tastings of a few of their finest bottles of wine or beer. 

If you want to gain more profit for your restaurant through this event, serve a special menu of your mouth-watering meals to pair with the wine. 

3. Host Cooking Classes.

This event is one activity that your customers will love. Use your in-house chef/cook to teach interested customers how to prepare signature dishes for their families while they order drinks.  

4. Live Entertainment.

From stand-up comedy to live music by local artists, have an open mic night where customers show off their skills. 

Choose two or three nights for comedy night, poetry night, rap battle night, and other ideas you might have. 

5. Host Craft Workshops.

Pottery pop-ups are gaining popularity, making craft night a splendid holiday event idea. The good news is you can host the event yourself; all you need is a staff who’s skilled in craft.

You can go further by partnering with any local craft business in your community. Some crafts include candle or soap making, jewellery making, painting coffee cups & beer mugs. 

On A Final Note.

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